Best Friends turn into best couples (Tashan e ishq) Episode 2


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Recap: mahi and twinkle were excited for yuvi and kunj’s arrival

Taneja mansion
Twinkle and mahi are running around the house trying to make everything perfect for their bestfriends arrival. Finally a taxi hooted outside. YUVI IS HERE DIDI shouted mahi. Then she realised what she said. Ahem I mean yuvi and kunj. Come come she said trying to divert twinkles attention. They ran outside. Kunj stepped out looking hotter than ever. The came out yuvi smiling cutely. Hey baby girls did you miss us said yuvi cheekily. Of Course not well twinkle missed kunj loads but I didn’t miss anyone said mahi. Kunj looks surprised. Oh really? Mahi? Should I mention what u said 2 mins ago to yuvi? She shouted out yuvi is here and I have it in recording, yuvi jiju I mean yuvi should I show it? said twinkle. Didi how dare you?! Go to hell cursed mahi. Then she chased twinkle. Kunj smiled seeing their little nok jhok. Yuvi and him ran after them. Twinkle is hiding in the wardrobe. Then suddenly it opens and she finds Kunj staring directly at her. She gets lost in his beautiful eyes. He gets memorised in her beauty. Kunj! Get lost before mahi comes twinkle whispers. Kunj was about to go when he heard footsteps coming toward there room. Sh**! She’s coming he says to himself. Then all the sudden he jumps into the wardrobe. He covers her mouth. Bewajah from sanam Teri kasam plays. Kunj wh wha what are you doing here she says. Yuhi come and they hear twinj but they pretend like they don’t know they are in the wardrobe. They go out side. Then they look at each and both say idea at the same time. They wink at each other and lock the door. Then mahi turns and is about to fall but yuvi catches her. Sanam re plays

Inside the wardrobe. Come twinki I think they are gone. Twinkle smiles and loves the fact that he called her twinki. They come out and go to open the door but it’s lock. Is yuvi ko toh me! He’s such an idiot. Says Kunj in anger. Hayeeeee he looks so cute when he’s angry thinks twinkle. She stares at him lovingly. Erm hello? Hello twinki you okay? Says Kunj. Hmmmm I’m okay. Well looks like we have no option but to stay here until someone opens the door moans twinkle. So mr cut- I mean mr Sarna you become a lawyer? How cute. How was boarding school? Miss beautiful I know you were going to call me cute. But boarding school was good but I missed you a lot you know? He blurts out then he realised what he said. I mean I miss home. Oh and did you make any girlfriend? Questioned twinkle suspiciously. Yes actually I did. She is called Suman. Infact she is coming tomorrow. You are my bestfriend so I will make sure you are the first one to meet her replies Kunj. Twinkle is very hurt and upset inside but she shows to Kunj that she is very happy. Why babaji? I thought after all these years Kunj won’t forget the promise he made to me.
What is the promise? Who is Suman?
Precap – Suman’s entry. Twinkle gets really jealous. Yuhi plans to separate Kunj and Suman.

Credit to: Mariya

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  1. Hey mariya …..u were 2 gud urs both the epi were awesome & yaa pls post the next soon keep writing

  2. Very well times I luv yuhi more when they try 2 unite twinj

  3. hey mariya u r jus awesome……
    this is a humble request to all fan fiction writers that before they start the episode plz give a short precap of the previous episode…u know it happens sometyms we forget as wat happened before as there r so many ff…so plz plz i request u all to do that…

    1. Sure loveleen I’ll look forward to it

  4. Woow wooow woooow its just superb mariya

  5. wow its superb mariya….

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome Mariya…

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  8. nice one mariya i think kunj playing a prank on twinki isnt it

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    oh dis is superb u are really an excellent writer luv it dear!

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