Bepannaah 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya determined to reopen the case

Bepannaah 26th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya tells Madhu ji that we will talk about it later. She leaves the room.
The doctor instructs the nurse to give another injection after one month. He assures Arjun that his brother would soon be fine. Aditya asks Arjun to sit beside him, and apologizes Arjun. He says he agrees Arjun doesn’t agree to Papa’s ways but this time he is doing it all right. Arjun forbids Aditya to take all these stresses, he only needs to rest for a while. A nurse comes to take Arjun fulfil some formalities.
Mr and Mrs. Siddique were waiting for Zoya. Harsh and Anjana come to them. Anjana apologizes them joining her hands, she had forgotten that Zoya is also their daughter and they must be concerned for her. Zoya’s mother holds Anjana’s hand and says they must leave the past behind.
In the room, Aditya

bends to get a glass of water for himself. Zoya comes helping him and holds his hand with the canula. He smiles that Rahul and Anjali are again friends. Zoya leaves his hand. Aditya says when he said this line to Pooja she was always irritated. He says he is happy that at least they can speak to each other now. Zoya offers him the glass of water he wanted, not wanting to speak about it. Aditya thanks Zoya for all her efforts towards his family. She must have understood that reopening the case would bring no gain to any of them, their families would again be distressed with it. Zoya says she and Aditya will continue doing for a hundred times what they did today; there is surely some connection between them. There was stormy winds outside. Zoya shuts the window panes, then returns and clearly tells Aditya what’s wrong is wrong. He has saved her life more than once, she will also continue doing it; helping him in accident doesn’t show she changed her decision. She won’t break her promise with Madhu ji, this is even a promise to her own self. Whatever happened in the court has burdenized her soul; she has tried to trust her own self the hard way. She can no more surrender in front of her own will. Aditya convinces Zoya that Yash had broken each promise he took for her. Zoya says she also didn’t fulfil her rights. They took all the vows on equal basis; she could never be Yash’s friend and help him in any of her promises with him. She requests Zoya to understand her, only he can do it. Aditya insists no one who is sane can do it. Zoya convince Aditya that this isn’t a personal war. Aditya replies it is personal, his mother would again cry, his father will have to get behind the case to get him freed and his younger brother will have to suffer because of him; only because she stands with his cheater husband. He clarifies he stands with his family and will never let them be a play card again. Zoya nods and walks out of the room.
Outside the room, Zoya finds Harsh and Anjana looking towards her in a state of shock.
Arjun stood at the reception when Noor comes to thank him. He asks what for? She says its because he saved her life. Arjun walks closer and says he can put his life at stake for more than once when its about her. He comes to room door and finds Anjana, Harsh and Aditya discussing about how to convince Zoya. Aditya was worried that this will bring problems to both families. Harsh was sure Zoya can’t prove anything in the court; courts don’t work on emotions. Arjun decides he must give the diary to Zoya.
At home, Waseem asks Zoya how she will prove in court that Yash wasn’t clinically depressed. For him to be proven innocent, she will have to prove that her husband loved someone other than his wife; because only then she can prove Yash couldn’t murder someone whom he dearly loved. If she continue fighting each war of life she might die sooner, some wars in life have to be lost. He convinces her to fight a war for herself if she wish to. Zoya replies that it’s for the first time she is fighting a life for herself. She is aware they will have to prove in court that Yash and Pooja loved each other and wanted to marry each other; he doesn’t recognize how bad she feels even hearing it but she can’t bury Yash’s memories under a lie. She might not forgive Yash ever, but maybe it was because of her mistakes that he couldn’t share the dilemma of his life with her. Nobody is perfect but Yash wasn’t a bad person. She will get the case reopened, and this time no one will be able to stop her.

PRECAP: Aditya gives the diary to Zoya and says it proves Yash and Pooja loved each other dearly. Zoya cried while holding the diary and thinks today she would get the know the reality of Yash and Pooja’s relation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    In today’s episode, I completely agree with Aditya… whatever he said toZoya….
    But I think after reopening the case….we get to know about Poosh’s relationship and death mystery…
    Precap is looking interesting, Zoya will know about Poosh’s relationship..I’m eagerly waiting 4 Poosh scenes…
    And guys I’m going to Delhi…so won’t be able to comment but see you on Monday…

    1. Ooshi

      Will miss you
      Will be Waiting for you

  2. Today’s episode was much better…zoya’s determination to reopen the case is a turning point in this serial…zoya’s will to get a self check is appreciated…Now till truth gets fully revealed Adiya’s relation is going to turn upside down but they will also correct their mistakes…n in the process an unshakable bond will emerge between them…As zoya said this fight is going to be long n adiya’s differences will also intensify but the outcome will be good…
    I am eagerly looking forward to poosh love story as zoya will start reading the diary..☺️

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Neha

      1. Ooshi

        It’s for Neha

  3. So the makers are upto the mystery ..hope they wont drag it much..what will happen between Adiya? Both are having the right reasons if we view the topic from their point of view.
    So finally Zoya got poojas diary!! Hmm…drama ahead..waiting!!!!!

  4. Mona146

    zoya stupidity ki parakasta. ooops

  5. Excellent episode,after a long time.Saw an intense argument between aditya and zoya where both were right at their point.What Zoya said was really deep!,a bit surreal in today’s world.But I hope from tomorrow we will see the essence of bepanah.

  6. I am all with zoya not letting yash getting all the blame but before opening the case she should get proves of what really happened and her with adi’s non involved to their death. If she reopen the case without plans again she and adi will end up in jail and their families will go through hell. After what adi and harsh did for her if she can’t protect them in return at least she should not put them in trouble.
    Other than that, it is natural for zoya to fight for yash truth. He did cheat on her but he also pampered her, fulfilled all her wishes, got into debt for her comfort, was know to be the best husband when he was alive and most importantly she loved him immensely. She wants to return back his good deeds. Zoya is not taking a step to forgive him but forgot him, so she can be in peace with him and herself too. Hope she use her brain and doesn’t create problem for adi in her fight for justice.

  7. Lokesh

    Precap , precap and precap only, the diary.than x sona

  8. Zahra

    Hello Bepannaah Family !!!
    Superb episode !! I’m gonna love upcoming track for sure

    1. Ooshi

      Happy to see u back there Dear

  9. Storyline got slow down ….a bit I think…it didn’t hv tat usual energy…. heavily disappointed on zoya….I think she had lost it….hope this won’t bridge any gap between adiya nd their families

  10. I haven’t watched the episode. I am commenting only on the basis of what I have read. My thoughts might change after seeing the episode but right now I am only writing on basis of written episode.
    Zoya has lost it. She is completely crazy. She is being way too much Sati-Savitri. No one in real life is like that. I completely stand with Adi. And even if zoya wants to find the truth she should first take some pains herself doing some work, and if it is really so suspicious and things are getting out of hand and she has proofs, only then she should reopen the case. She is trying to find a proof that Yash loved Pooja when he was married to her (zoya), and then she says that yash isn’t a bad person. Why doesn’t zoya use her brain. she is becoming a hypocrite.And I am sorry to say, but this episode and last few episodes have been a real disappointment. Actually the whole plot has turned cliche and unreal after entry of Rajveer. Why is bepannah losing its charm? writers please do not turn this serial like other crappy tv serials. Bepannah was actually unique but now it is losing its charm. Many times while watching the episodes new episodes I have felt that this is also turning into the other serials. Adi carrying the bomb outside, zoya locked in water tank, rajveer threatening adi to either save zoya or his family in his cringy and cliche dialouge, rajveer shooting adi, all of this is repetitive like other serials and is becoming crappy. Makers if you are running out of plot, then please stop the telecast of bepannah for one or two weeks or a month at maximum, think and come up with some different and unique plot and then please restart bepannah’s telecast. The main reason for repetitive plots is that writers get very less time to come up with new things. And writing a story is creative work, you cannot continuously come up with interesting scripts. please writers take time and think of some thing creative as I said, or you might end up bringing the dead Poosh back like other serials, for all we know. Take a month’s leave for god’s sake but turn up with something interesting. The audience is patient enough to wait for a month if you promise to show them something new and interesting and unique after this break. And Jennifer has recently won the best actress award, please keep the level up and do not let other people say that this was a coincidence. And please bring some reality in Zoya’s character. She is too good to be real. Or keep that serial finite like 200 episodes at max but please keep the story good till the end. That too, bepannah does not have good TRPs. please do not add insult to injury. If you come up with good story line, its TRP will automatically increase.
    Makers please do something good for god’s sake. Take my advice if you don’t find any other way and take a break. But please come up with something interesting. Bepannah is my favorite show, please do not ruin it.
    All I am asking for is some originality in the story line and Zoya’s character. To be honest, I loved Jennifer’s cruel, scheming and psychopath Maya role much better that too-good-to-be-real Zoya character. Agreed, that beyhadh had some unreal storyline in between but it stayed interesting till the end. Turn Zoya into some gray shades to bring originality to her character. Introduce some intresting, if not real life events. Because I know that good shows may not necessarily have a real life based story, they actually have original and interesting plots, but please bring some reality in Zoya’s character.
    I know my words may hurt some people out there, but please clear up your minds, stay calm and unbiased and then think over it. you will realise that many incidents are matching with those of the other crappy tv serials. And that is what we don’t want, we want original and interesting story.
    This is a request of a true bepannah fan.

    1. I totally agree with the “take a break and come up with a good story” part. You’re right that writers often come up with unreasonable plots because they don’t have enough time. Someone yesterday mentioned that Harshad said they have a solid plan for Bepannaah for 15 months, which I believe, but the problem is that this TRP obsession leads to random changes in the plot (and 99% of the time for the worse). I think they need to get straight to the point, keep the show sharp and interesting, and also start developing Zoya and Aditya’s relationship (like Arnoor) instead of the constant fighting – it’s simply unrealistic and immature for two grown up individuals (who have been cheated on, lost their spouses, been to jail, and generally faced a lot in life) to behave that way.

      1. I agree with both of you. This show started out very promising and has been pretty true to its plot for the most part. But lately, they have started introducing the so called “cliched” scenes and dialogues. Not crisp anymore. I don’t have more to write because both your comments summed it all up. Thank you.

  11. They should change the name of the serial to bachpana and make Zoya the lead. She is like a bad omen. Yash went broke, Aditya has Rajvir after his family… Zoya didnt for once consider that Rajvir is still around and by reopening the case she is reinviting him to destroy Aditya, its fine if she wants to destroy herself.

    1. Hahaha this made me laugh 😛 I agree, she feels bad for the Arora family, but where is her compassion for her own family that raised her, and the family that saved her? One dead person’s justice is not above all the living people’s peace and happiness. I don’t understand Zoya’s philosophy.

  12. Neha1

    Today’s episode best part was Arnoor Patchup…. Noor thanked Arjun for saving her… So, Coffeenawaz and Chocomati are now friends..?? Before AdiYa, I think Arnoor fall in love…

  13. Well..zoya’s character is not childish but deep n righteous..She should reopen the case but also ensure that Adi n his family don’t fall in trouble..n case has to reopen guys to understand poosh death mystery…U know why zoya is looking stupid in the eyes of many now bcos the makers unnecessarily complicated the story by adding ‘Rajvir’ element…The makers should have directly gone to zoya investigating poosh story post her recovery from suicide attempt..mahi falling for Adi, Adiya fake marriage n rajvir framing adiya all that was not needed..

    N makers the jungle n Ramadan track did wonders for bepannah trp..U know why bcos true love was brewing between Adiya..Now again their differences will crop up…We want Adiya love story not all this white noise..

    Well guys poosh story is gonna open up…That indeed is great news…So keep watching the serial n hope for the best…

  14. I agree with u Evelyn this zoya attitude/decision is getting out of line she’s too stubborn I pray she find out d truth soon
    Adi is right I love dat he will stand wit his fam

  15. Diya543

    PRECAP I’m waiting for this for a long time and here it goes.

  16. Wow I have a lot of thoughts after watching the episode.
    The one highlight I thought was Waseem’s advice: If you want to fight, then fight for yourself – exactly. I really don’t understand Zoya’s philosophy…like yes she can move on in life if she finds out the truth…but at the expense of her and Aditya’s family? Not worth it in my opinion. I understand that the makers need to reopen the case for the show to progress, but Zoya should not be the catalyst for that. It makes more sense for the police, Rajvir or even Mahi and Madhu to do that. Right now Zoya’s character comes across as if she doesn’t care about her own family one bit. I mean even Madhuji told her it’s okay if she doesn’t reopen the case, so I don’t know what kind of determination she has that she is hell bent on doing it. Some people above said it’s to repay Yash for all that he did for her, which is fair, but what about all that her parents have done for her? Everything that the Hoodas just did for her? What about the way Mahi betrayed her? Yash is dead – what about the deeds of all the people who are alive and around her? So right now I personally feel Zoya is in the wrong and being completely irrational…at least Aditya wants to support his own family…what kind of girl supports a family that only gave her pain, that too when she knows the consequences will hurt her own family?

    Sorry for the really long post…I just had to express how much Zoya’s thinking does NOT make sense.

  17. And to add to that, I also got really annoyed (not when she told Aditya she was going to reopen the case, that part was expected) when she tried to convince Aditya/guilt trip him that what she was doing was okay. Like hello, you made a choice – clearly the wrong choice – so now don’t try to justify it. She wants to do whatever she wants, and then she also wants everyone around her to understand her choices and support her (suddenly she was like- Aditya mere dost hone ke naate tum samjho and all..) . Matlab ki chit bhi meri pat bhi meri. Not cool.

    Also, finally, the short Arnoor scene was super cute – rooting for them!

  18. I was on the Wikipedia page for Bepannaah and apparently the genre is Romance, Thriller and Mystery.

    There’s a lot of mystery because no one’s solving it, but I don’t see the romance or thrill for miles. This show is becoming more boring by the day, and it makes me sad that it’s not turning out to be what it promised. 🙁

  19. Y is this serial slow
    I love this serial but seriously is dam slow
    Try to make it but fast

  20. Zoya is right and I guess Aditya is right too…But this time they have their own different reasons for their fight..this time its not those nhok-jhoks..its serious…atleast this way, we get to see what in the world happened with Pooja and Yash…

  21. Guys don’t rush it’s not their faults.. trp playingbig roll in all the serials..coz of the trp they are forced to change the story line every week Nd they don’t get enough time to write something creative …first of all tv audience vill not accept the new concept they want pls sas Bahu type concept .most of the youngstrs are watching it in online..dats the reason online trp is high for bepannah.nd the trp goes down continuesly it vill affect the production house Nd channels ..sometimes channels has to take a drastic step to
    Pull off the the end of the day everything is business…

    1. Rina is right…If you look at the list of top 10 serials as per trp most of them are serials with boring repetitive tracks running for years…Bepannah has become a bit boring but it is not repetitive n so far creatives sticking to original story…
      But since this deals with modern age relationships, infidelity n second chances it is not going to get a large fan base like kumkum bhagya , kundali bhagya n naagin 3 ( the top three serials as on date)…But the fact is that these so called top serials are much much much more boring and regressive in content ( sorry not intending to hurt the sentiments of loyal viewers of these serials)… But if bepanah has to survive the tough competition the pace of the narrative has to improve…It can’t afford to move at a snail’s pace like kumkum n kundali bhagya bcos it has a much smaller fan base…n romantic angle between the leads is what keeps most of the serials going so makers have to start that first n parallely solve poosh death mystery…
      Zoya is probably dumb but Pragya, Preeta, Naira n Ishita are dumber but luckier than Zoya..

      1. Neha1

        Exactly, completely agree with you Riya n Arch… Coz I had watched Yhm, Kkb and Kundali bhagya but stopped watching them for atleast 1yrs ago, coz they’re just dragging the show for years….And these show has huge fan following bcoz of the starcast and their Onscreen Chemistry…but has repetitive story of uniting or Seperation of the lead pairs with leap….And coming to Bepanaah, Starcast is nice, story is good but had no love story of lead pairs in the show and the mystery is also not revealed… and as we know that top Trp rated shows timing, specially 9-10p.m time slot is for kkb and kb, so bcoz of that Bepanaah was watched by viewers in online or they watch repeat telecast… which will effect the Trp of bepanaah.

      2. Neha1

        So, I Request to all Bepanaah Fan’s…? plz watch Bepanaah in it’s original time…instead watching online…. Also request to the makers that bepanaah already completed 70 episodes… it’s high time to bring AdiYa closer…show some Romantic angle between the leads…and also don’t spoil Zoya’s character like jagatmata like–Ishita, Pragya in YHM,kkb…etc…!
        Don’t ruin the story, bring some interesting twists in Bepanaah… so that show hold audience’s interests…!

  22. Spoiler alert : As Zoya reads Pooja’s diary she comes to know that Pooja was planning to buy a property for Yash and herself..So she calls up Arjun and both go to the broker’s office but are stunned to see Aditya there…
    Well sounds exciting !!! This spoiler is from Twitter so likely to be true..☺️

  23. Now I am kind of guessing further story…It would be Adi-Harsh Vs Zoya-Arjun in the court and Arjun will win the case n this would be the first loss for Harsh…But this courtroom scene still has time to come…

  24. Fenil

    Hello Bepannah Family !!
    Fantastic Episode !!
    Zoya and Adi’s point of view about case and its side effect r correct …like to watch this current track..lets see how Zoya handle herself and complete things which she didn’t do when Yash was alive..precap is interesting !!

  25. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Totally agreed with Aditya. Totally agreed with Wasim! Any normal person will never understand zoya’s logic for reopening the court-case! Anyways exited for Yash and Pooja story!

  26. Today it feels like total crap.. except the ArNoor Part..

  27. Well well well…Two big spoilers have come up on Twitter:-
    1. Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child. Adi is shocked n Zoya requests him to submit the pregnancy reports in court.
    2. Pooja was wanting to buy a property for herself and Yash (probably from the 5 crores she took from Adi)

    1. Ooshi

      So much shocking so it concludes they were having affair

  28. Ooshi

    Nothing is completely wrong
    It’s our thinking which makes something wrong or right
    To me both r right

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