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Now lets get started with part one
It’s a sunny morning. A college is shown. It’s a huge building with greenery around.Students are roaming around chatting happily with each other as it was their first day in college after their 2 month long vacation.
A girl is seen running in the college. She is wearing a blue jeans , red kurta, and a black scarf around her neck and flipflops on her feet carrying a side bag.
She stops hearing that voice and turns. Her face is shown. She has a beautiful face. A boy comes in front of her. He is wearing a jeans and a t-shirt on which was written MR. HANDSOME
TOASTY : What the hell yaar…why did u call me ? I was in a hurry as I have to go to the admin office. It would be closed soon.
BOY: Leave all that .Do u know that u are again late.She will kill u
TOASTY : OH CRAP … could I forget. That hitler ki amma will kill me.Kya yaar tej couldn’t u remind me about the practice.
TEJ: She messaged u yesterday ki we will reach our college early today as we were comimg after 2 months to college so we need to practice for our coming event.
TOASTY : I didn’t see it
TEJ: She was so mad at u
TOASTY: am so sry lets not waste any more time and lets go. But do u know where she is?
TEJ:She was in the canteen with me. But now I don’t know where she is now
TOASTY:I know………….she usually goes to that one place only to vent out her madness.
TEJ: are haan…. Music room…….her favourite guitar
They went towards the music room
The camera moves forward and stops in front of a room (yaaa u people guessed right the music room).Some sound is comimg from the room…….singing of a girl.The back of a girl is shown. She is wearing a long green skirt and a yellow cut sleeves top with a short multicoloured jacket type thing on top.She has curly jet black hair which was kept open. She was singing a song……..
Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Katra, katra lamho ko diye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh

Chali re, chali re
Junoon ko liye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiyaaa re
Jiya jiya re jiya re…

Make the way for Akira…
Pop it up, move aside she is here
Hey get up everybody wanna be her
Wanna see her, she is Akira

Chhote chhote lamho ko teetli jaise pakdo toh
Haathon mein rang reh jaata hai
Pankho se jab chhodo toh
Waqt chalta hai
Waqt ka magar rang utarta hai Akira
Udte udte phir ek lamha maine pakad liya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho

Make the way for Akira…

Halke halke pardo mein
Muskurana achha lagta hai
Roshni jo deta ho toh
Dil jalana achha lagta hai
Ek pal sahi, umr bhar isey sath rakhna Akira
Zindagi se phir ek waada maine kar liya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho

Chali re, chali re Junoon ko liye
Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
Khudi se maine ishq kiya re

Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re
Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya oh ho
Tej and Toasty enter the room .Toasty fearfully but softly calls out…….SHONAAA
The girl stops singing and her eyes are shown . Her coal black eyes became big and a smirk came on her pink lips.
She turns around and her face is shown ( am not going to describe her as we all know that she is very beautiful……I know a small word to describe her but moving on……..)
TOASTY: shona am so sorry wo act…..
SHONA: Its SWARA for u from now on
TOASTY:shona atleast listen to me yaar
SWARA: kaha naa its swara for u
TEJ: shona uski baat to sun le
SWARA: TEJ tu beech mein mat bol
TOASTY:sho…..swara please yaar
SWARA: nooo enough is enough now. You always come late for practice and then give lame excuses. DON’T TALK TO ME
Swara was hell angry.Tears started brimming out of toasty’s eyes and she bent her head low. It was the first time that Swara had shouted on her.Suddenly she heard someone’s laughter.She was confused and looked up
She was shocked to see Swara and Tej laughing.Both were laughing out loud holding their stomach
Swara: kya yaar toasty tera toh LOL ho gaya
Tej: haan shona. Look at her face. It has become laal laal tamatar
TOASTY: what are u both saying???TUM log mera Mazak udaa rahe ho???
Swara:kya yaar tu roz late aati haur ham tere saath ittu saa Mazak bhi nh kar sakte??
TOASTY: u GUYS WERE making fun of me???
TEJ:what did u think? shona jo ek chuhe se darti hai who tere upar jo ek haathi hai…..uspe chillaegi???LOL
TOASTY: so it was your joke. But it wasn’t a joke for me.I really thought that you people were angry on me and will not talk to me. Its not done swara…
SWARA: first of all its shona for u not swara and second it was a joke not a big deal yaar
SWARA: accha naa……
TEJ:sorry toasty it was a harmless joke
SWARA: Ab maaf bhi karde yaaraaa
TOASTY: chal maaf kiya. But you also pardon me .I promise that I will not come late from tomorrow
SWARA: chod naa…..raat gayi baat gayi
They hug each other
TEJ: Raat??? Abhi toh din bhi nahi gaya aur tu raat ke jaane ki baat kar rahi h?? Tu sathhiyaa gayi hai kya?
SWANYA : Tujhe toh abhi batate hai ki kaun sathhiya gaya h
And the trio started running swanya to catch tej and he to save his garden from the two .HAHAHAHA

Toasty and Tej are played by Aishwarya Sakhuja and Ravi Dubey
if u people want me to change them tell me.
and please comment. its my first ever try at writing an ff so tell me if its good or bad.


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