Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldiers are taking Devi, Sushim, Ashoka and Vit away when Kaurvaki pretends to fall. She takes the sword from one of the soldiers and shouts Jai Janani. Ashoka also makes use of the chance and kills all those soldiers.

Sushim comes in courtroom. He smiles looking at the throne. Ma, your sacrifice dint go in vain. Today I am where you wanted to see me. No one can stop me from sitting on this seat. I am undefeatable. Chakravartin Samrat Sushim! He laughs out loud.

Vit asks Ashoka to kill Sushim not just for those who died but for those who are alive too. If he gets to live then he will insult everyone, and the name of our Mother and Guru’s. It will be a stain on their name.

Kaurvaki says this is not the time to give up but to retort. Devi reminds Ashoka how he was always given chances so he can stand for his motherland. Acharya RG asks them all to shift to a safer location. Soldiers take position to arrest Ashoka and his allies. Ashoka and everyone stop in their tracks upon noticing soldiers. Ashoka goes in another direction while Acharya RG goes in another and Devi, Vit and Kaurvaki head to another side. Soldiers find Ashoka but make way for him. He walks away safely.

Soldiers surround Devi, Vit and Kaurvaki.

Sushim says my mother and father died on the same day. It proves their love. He couldn’t bear losing her so he died too. They will be buried royally but only after I kill Ashoka. A soldier informs him that Ashoka managed to flee. Other soldiers bring Devi, Vit and Kaurvaki. Sushim gets happy. I wont have to try to look for Ashoka now. He will come here himself. He would never want to his beloved Kaurvaki to be dead or lose his brother. Devi shouts at him that he is only inviting his death. Chand Ashoka’s parents are not in this world anymore to bind him. He is free now. You think you are the devil but you forget that everyone is alike before Mahadev. You will get punished for your sins! sushim tells her to be quiet. I can shut you right away if I want to. You are too proud of him. I will prove it to you and everyone today that Ashoka cannot escape me.

He orders soldiers to cover all the exit areas. Find Ashoka anyhow.

Ashoka is shocked not to see Devi, Vit and Kaurvaki. He asks Acharya RG how he could leave them behind. You promised to take care of them. What happened? They hear the sound of bell. Sushim shouts Ashoka. He has tied and chained Vit, Kaurvaki and Devi on the edge of balcony. I never thought you will run like this leaving your loved ones behind. I have them with me. Come and see. You couldn’t save your mother, your father. Save them atleast. I give you last chance to save them before sunrise or entire Magadh will witness their death. He tortures Kaurvaki.

Ashoka stands helpless as Acharya RG continuously stops him from going outside. Vit, Devi and Kaurvaki chant Janani shloka.

Ashoka thinks of his parents. Till when will my loved ones have to die because of my motive of United India? Till when will I be tested? It will be disrespect to them if I give up but till when I can keep fighting! I am in a fix. I will be remembered as someone who sacrificed his loved ones to live for another few days. How will I build a peaceful India then? I cannot let Vit die by Sushim’s hands or let Devi get insulted by Sushim’s hands. I promised Ma I will take care of them. I wont let Sushim disrespect Kaurvaki. It is time today. If I am chosen by fate then it will guide me too. He begins to go when he comes face to face with Mahamatya. mahamatya adds that he would need him to kill Sushim.

Sushim comes to his mother’s room. He thinks of all the hard work his mother put in.

Mahamatya says he is the devil who Siamak and his army couldn’t kill. Ashoka says whoever has taken birth has to die. Sushim’s death would also be marked. He must have some weakness. Mahamatya nods. He has one weakness. Fire is the only element which Sushim cannot win over!

Ashoka points his sword at Mahamatya. Why you want to help me in killing Sushim? He was best for you. You wanted to make him Samrat. Mahamatya accepts his mistake. I have understood today that Acharya Chanakya was right. He could foresee future while I was selfish. He supported you and I supported Sushim. Guru Chanakya made you a diamond from dirt. I supported Sushim thinking him to be diamond when he was a stone. You were ready to sacrifice your life to fulfil your Guru’s dream. Sushim was eager to kill me to reach his dream. I vowed to not help Sushim and escaped from there. I dint let Sushim find out I am still alive. I thought to leave everything behind and go to Himalaya and spend an ordinary life. Ashoka is curious to know why he came back then. We lost father. Sushim has all rights. I am just a defeated man. Mahamatya says you only lost one fight. There is still one hope left for your victory. I am sure you will win but for that you will have to trust me. You will have to do as I say. Acharya RG says Guru used to say you can feed milk to snake but it will end up biting you only. Mahamatya adds that he also said everyone should get one chance to repent. Will history always remember me as the one who supported his wrong disciple but who also tried to make a constructive change? He folds his hands before Ashoka. You have taken many risks. Take one my trusting me too, for the last time please!

Sushim is getting restless. Why are you (Ashoka) so late? We are waiting for you here. What’s more important for you than them? He holds VIt’s neck angrily. Devi and Kaurvaki get tensed.

Ashoka plans his next move. You will have to dig a deep pit with the help of citizens. It will be layered with burning shards which will be covered well. I will challenge Sushim to cross the pit to come to me. Acharya RG asks Ashoka why Sushim will come here. He has already kept Devi, Vit and Kaurvaki as bait. Mahamatya offers to bring him here. Maybe this is why I was made his Guru. I very well know how to make him agree to something to which he says no to.

Sushim asks VIt why his brother dint come till now. Call out to him. Ask him to save you. He wont come this way. Ashoka wont come till he hears your painful plea. He is about to hit Vit when Mahamatya stops him. Everyone looks at Mahamatya in surprise / confusion.

Precap: Sushim tells Ashoka he wont spare him. I will give you more painful death than your mother. You could neither save her nor would you be able to save your motherland. Ashoka runs towards him angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thanks pooja di for the update
    How r u di??.Ashoka is going to end soon so. Sad.but in the spoiler they say Ashoka killed kvk but according to history kvk was his wife Director kar kya raha hain by the way thanks di for the update

    1. Pooja

      You’re most welcome Samyukta 🙂
      I am good dear. How are you? I did not read or see the spoiler yet. Are you sure it says Ashoka killed Kaurvaki? :O Hope it isn’t true..

    2. Will u give the updated for chandra nandini as well?
      coz we love ur narration.pooja di dont say no to this.

    3. Ikr the new Promo shows Kvk killed by Ashoka’s hand but I think it might be someone else
      They get married and cause of that marriage Jaganath gets angry has a War
      Gratz your 1st

    4. Ok but the kvk is shown fighting with ashoka and according to spoiler Devi would be pregnant with ashoka second child and finally sushim is going to die.but there may the possibility that lord 7naruto may be true

  2. Thilini Vasana

    ?? Ops…..what happens to Sushim?? Is Mahamathya telling the truth………oh…..however Ashoka saves Vit,,,,,,kaurvaki…..&Devi…..
    Where is the kaurvaki’s brother virat……will he entire????

  3. sushims count down starts such a beast he is 3days to go

  4. What will happen to Jaganathan

    1. He’s gonna Die

  5. Sanjeevani Rathore

    yaar CAS k khatam hone se pehle aakhirkar us naalayak director and writer ne apne mann ki baat keh hi daali “CHAKRAVARTIN SUSHIM SAMRAT” waao,a big round of applause for these donkeys… 😉

    1. Tiyasa

      Agreed to u

  6. After so many episodes, looks like the dorector is in a hurry to somehow complete d story. Can anyone pls tel me approx when the serial is goin to end?

    1. This month or Early November I guess

    2. Tiyasa

      7 oct 2016….I think as that day is final epi

  7. thank you

  8. Yes,the spoiler says that ashoka will kill kvk!but It cant be bcoz kvk’s pota was the nxt sameat after ashoka means(tivala’s son),(tivala was kvk’s son)..but how..the director has really gone mad if he kills kvk by ashoka’s hand!!..BUT I dont know How the director does nt k n ow a general thing..that kvk was ashoka s 2 wife!..really very sad..I thought It could have been a happy ending but NO!!

    1. Which spoiler?? Pls tell me the name of any spoiler of ashoka

  9. Buri haalat hai ye director kar kya raha hai three days me kaling war kaise dikhaiye ga aur kab sushim marega

  10. let sushim dream for the last time he does not not even know that his death ( ashoka) is roaming around him only i hope ashoka does not give him any easy death he should give him the same painful death just like the way he has given to kichak

  11. S.Ravi Prakash

    Dear Sus, it has been clearly shown after yesterday’s episode that on 7th October will be the final episode of CAS.So on 7th the serial is coming to an end. Perhaps some of us will miss the serial, which was very good at the beginning & for the last one year or so, we felt the story was off-line regarding historical facts, & went very low regarding script, direction,etc. How ever, the written updates were excellent, & we are thankful to Pooja di for the same. It was always enjoying to go through the comments.

  12. Director of the Ashok is completely stupid, to not show the most imprtant part of Ashok’s life.
    Shame on him.

    Dave dutta


  13. Why there are no repeats of chakravartin ashok samrat?

  14. Wow thanks for such an entertaining story. I will never forget Ashoka Samrat. CHEERS INDIAN TELEVISION with such an epic drama.yours truly African citizen. Thank u again.Adiao…..

  15. devaki ganesan

    When I see Dish program, it shows CAS continuing to next week. I hope they show the Kalinga war and end of the worst character Jagannath. What happened to Sushim’s devoted wife Chanda? Poojaji thanks for your excellent and prompt updates.



    1. Aditi

      mahindra and sangamitra are devi’s children

    2. Why do you say that?

  17. i just dont understand one thing why ashoka is trusting mahamadhya again when he knows that he is also the killer of chanakya i hope ashoka and radhagupt are just pretending to trust him in order to trap and kill sushim and yes mahamadhya should also be killed by ashoka as he is also magadhs traitor

  18. Nice Epi, At Last Director Going To Kil Sushima Acordng To Real History By Faling Him To A False Pit With Chacol Or Fire..Thanks For That.Acordng To Spoiler Thrdy Devi Is Ready For Her 2nd Child That Mean Sangamitha.On Frdy Ashoka Invade Kalinga & It Mentin Of Kiling Kauvaki,,it Is Imposible Becuse Kavaki Is Nt Frm Royal Linage She Is A Fisherman Daughter & In The Hstry It Never Mentin Kalinga Was Rule By A Queen.And Names Of Kings Who Participate Fr Kalinga War Is Nt Mentin Clearly.In Thrdy Spoler Ashoka Invade Chanda’s Kingdm Also.I Thnk It Drama Wil End Up Showing Ashoka Wil United Whole India Under One Flag.Bt I Am Doudtng Whether It Show Trnsformatin Of Ashoka To The Dharmashoka After Kalinga War After Hearng Dhama Frm Nigrodha Samanera???Plz Show That & End The Drama By Sendng Budhsm To 9 Countries In 2nd Dharma Sanghti.

  19. History lover

    …..And do just to kaurwaki also, as she was the 2nd queen of ashoka and mother of one time heir apparent Tivala. A serial should have a happy ending rather than killing of his own lover by him. That stupid ending is not matched with the history as well as not good for mere fictional drama,

    1. Kvk’s son was tivala n his son was someone who was the next samrat after ashoka•so kvk should not be murdered like this in the kalingA war by ashoka!!its enough of the director!!**bad ending**

    2. Right Richie 33…I also heard the Sam..the director doesn’t know a simple thing..he must search in internet he could find everything..although I have not searched much but he should as he is making a television program!!..stupid director!!? very disappointed if ashwaki is not after Ashok who will be the nxt samrat if the director had been given some more tym to finish this serial??Mahendra??never!?

    3. History lover

      Yes , it is said dasaratha Maurya is a son of Tivala and next to him ,samprati Maurya was a son of kunala.

  20. radha krushna nayak

    No comment left for this illiterate Director and Writer who has named the serial as CAS but showed their own story. History has been distorted everywhere. Hence to me Director/ Channel should not named this serial as CAS rather something else. Thank to God the serial is going to end without any end. As I said earlier the portryal of Kalinga King as Jagannath is wrong and history does not say so. There was no king in Kalinga/Odisha named Jagannath because this is the name of Lord Jagannath. So this bogus writer without knowing any thing has written the matter and greedy Director for the sake of good earning made the serial.

  21. Tiyasa

    Why CAS ending so soon ???? very sad….

  22. Maharani advaita

    I think it will have season 2 where it will show their childrens life and life after kalinga war . Ab dekhte hai kya hota hai

  23. History lover

    From the very beginning , they messed up the history. Prince ashoka was born in royal palace ,and grown up in the palace, but not his mother’s place. He was not banished in his childhood, but as an adult. He was there in ujjiani as pranthapal, not as a banished person. There he met Devi and married her with love . But Devi had not lived in Pataliputra as bindusara not allowed .Thereafter only he met Kaurvaki a commoner.deaths of Chanakya, Dharma and bindusara, all are not matched with history. And they have messed the Greek history also, Helena loved Indian dance and music, she was not an enemy . Nicetor and his son had a cordial relation ship with India, after Helena’s marriage .Greek king was never killed in India! And it is very sad to see this greatest emperor shown as a week failed,unlucky and foolish end person, in this serial it seems susheem is more wiser than ashoka. On the other hand impractical scenes ,black magics and dragging fictions like gondana, deduct the value of serial.

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