You belong with me – ThaHaan fan fiction (Episode 4)


Pandey Niwas :

The whole family had gathered on the dinning table for breakfast…. It was the auspicious occasion of Holi! everyone was smiling and happy…. the family laughed and smiled together over breakfast. Thapki was melancholic, she was going to leave all of them tomorrow… she was going to take away their happiness and leave them forever. Thapki was lost in her thoughts when Dadi shook her and said “where are you lost? In whose thoughts???” Thapki quickly sat straight and stammered… ” a..a…a. no…. nothing dadi!”
” ok then. I have some work for you… will you do it my child?” Dadi asked requesting “of course yes… w…w..what do i have to do?” Thapki asked ” On this day of Holi I’ve decided to invite few of our close relatives…. So i want you to cook today! take help from anyone you wish to… is this ok Thapki or am I burdening you?” Dadi asked doubtfully…. “obviously not Dadi… tell me what would our guests like to eat” Thapki replied with a smile “whatever you would like to make you make it my child…” saying this Dadi left

Thapki’s heart began to ache she was going to leave dadi tomorrow then why on earth was she behaving like this as if she was going to stay here forever ….. now she can’t even go back and tell dadi that she didn’t want to cook… her life was so not right.

Kitchen : Suman and Preeti had gone out to set the tables and look after the arrangement Thapki was alone in the kitchen chopping onions… Tears continuously flowing down her eyes..not because of the onions… She was an expert in hiding her sorrows. Bihaan walked around and his gaze fell on her crying in the kitchen and chopping onions with her cut finger…. He went inside immediately. He grabbed her hand and wound the unwrapped band aid carefully back about her finger… His hand went involuntary up her face and stopped near her hazel eyes to wipe away her tears…. His hands gave her relief and it was only him that could take away all her pain… She realized what she was doing she was loosing control, she quickly pushed his hand away ” There was no need to wipe them I’m not crying it’s the onions… And as for the band aid i can help myself” she retorted with a scorn. Her words were cold.. He was sad and she very well realized that through his eyes.. He was very easy to read he must have been the most simplified human Thapki had ever met…. “I didn’t mean that.. I i i mean s ss sorry u should not have yelled” she replied with shameful face. “It’s alright … I guess you don’t need my help” he was about to leave…. “Bihaan… I i i need your help… ” she spoke under an impulsive “for what” Bihaan asked… “Can you help me with the chopping there’s a lot to be done and it’s impossible to do it alone” she requested “such a small thing, niw see Bihaan ka kamal!” He ran back inside to help her. He never failed to make her laugh….

They got busy in chopping, boiling , cooking ,etc. Thapki asked Bihaan to knead the flour for chapatis…. Bihaan being completely clueless about this started kneading. It was past fifteen minutes and Bihaan had still not given her the dough she went to him to checkout what was he exactly doing…. To her meer surprise Bihaan had spoiled all his clothes, the dough was ro sticky and some was even all over his face “BIHAAN!!!!!” Thapki screamed in irritation “What have you done… You just doubled up my work if u didn’t know how to knead dough why didn’t speak then!” Thapki had lost her cool now looking at the mess he’d made… ” what can i do… I really wanted to help. See first i added flour then water but then i added more flour and then some more water and then i thought i need more flour so i added it.. But it became dry so i decided some more water is needed , when i was pouring water by mistake the whole tumbler spilled and the dough bevame sticky!! ” he explained his whole story …. “Oh Bihaan!” Thapki went near him and wiped his face lovingly with her duppatta “it’s ok Bihaan.. You go now I’ll clean all this up” saying this she started cleaning the floor and the mess and Bihaan left… “Bihaan you’ve always been there… You make me smile if i had a wish to make there’d be nothing more I’d ask for than your happiness..” Saying this she burst into tears….

Well this is part 4 and I’m really sorry that i couldn’t post on time since my net wasn’t working and i have exams…. So the next part will showcase holi… So be excited I’ll write better in the next part 🙂

Credit to: Cutecupcake

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