agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 12)

Mantu is hugging amaya. She feels peace in his arms.
Mantu: i am so sorry because of me you had to open your past chapters. Amaya breaks the hug.
Amaya wipes her tears. You wanted to know about my past. But why?
Mantu: i don’t know. I was concerned about you. Your hand injury and then your anti- depression pills.
Amaya: anti- depression?
Mantu: i had seen it in your bag when you asked me to pass me your phone.
Amaya: ohhk. She composses herself. Shall we go?
Mantu: yeah. Will you promise me something?
Amaya: first tell. I will think and tell.

Mantu: will you stop taking those pills?
Amaya: then you will have to see me depressed all the time.
Mantu: isn’t there any other way to keep you away from those?
Amaya: right now no. But i will try to avoid them as many as i can.
Mantu: good. Then.
Suddenly only it starts thundering.
Amaya holds mantu’s hand with fear.
Mantu’s phone rings. Amaya leaves his hand.
Mantu: yeah baby. I’ll come back soon. Just double lock the door. Don’t open it to anyone. When i come I’ll give you a call.
He cuts the call.
Amaya: you should not be possesive about your girlfriend.
Mantu: yeah right. Wait a minute. Girlfriend?

Amaya: yeah girlfriend. Who you call baby all the time and she calls you most of the time.
Mantu: she’s not my girlfriend. Infact she’s my lil sis. That’s why i am always worried about her.
Amaya: and all this while i thought you were dominating and a liar.
Mantu: that’s why you were calling me a liar.
Amaya: actually yeah.
On the other hand.
Rey is at amaya’s place. Kriya comes out after having a wash.
Rey: where amaya has reached. The weather is becoming bad.
Kriya: yeah. She will come soon.
The lights go off.
Rey becomes restless. Rey: kriya..
Kriya: hmmm
Rey: please put on the lights. Its not time to play pranks.
Kriya: shut up rey. I am sitting here only. Why would i play pranks? The lights have gone.
Rey: please do something. Kriya please get a candle. He says breathing heavily.
Kriya goes out: rey the entire neighbour hood does not have lights.
Rey: why did you go out? Come here.
Kriya put on torch light on him. He’s fully sweating.
Kriya: what’s happening to you? Are you okay?
Rey: just do something.
Kriya: rey calm down. Why are you gettinv restless?
Rey: no i can’t something is going to happen. I’ll will fall. I’ll die.
Kriya: don’t panic rey. Calm down. Lights will come soon.
Rey starts getting panic attacks he starts breathing heavily.
Kriya: rey?? Calm down. She gets a glass of water and gives him. Rey have this.
Rey takes it and shivers. He breaks the glass.

Kriya: rey? Calm down. She rubs his back and holds his hand. Rey calm down. I’ll go and call the electricity department.
Rey: no don’t go anywhere.
Kriya: ohhk. She sits beside him. He hugs her in fear.

Amaya the weather is becoming bad. We should go before it rains.
Mantu: yeah . Go safely .
Amaya: you too , take care.
Mantu smiles. Amaya: hey mantu please don’t tell rey and kriya about this.
Mantu: but rey knows about this na?
Amaya: he knows only about my depression pills. My past only you and kezar knows.
Mantu: i won’t let anyone know about you. I promise.
Amaya: ohhk good. Bye take care.

They both leave.
Rey on the other hand is unconcious and has hugged kriya.
Kriya tries to remove his hand but he has hugged her tightly. Kriya wonders what’s wrong with him. After sometime the lights come but rey is still unconcious. Kriya makes him sleep on the sofa and waits for amaya to come.
Amaya enters.
Amaya: what happened to him?
Kriya: don’t know lights went of and suddenly he started panicking.
Amaya: he went to sleep?
Kriya: yeah. He felt unconcious.
Amaya: good he is sleeping. Actually he’s highly clastophobic.
Kriya: clastophobic?

Amaya: yeah. Phobia of darkness and he feels congested with closed places and crowd around him. Even if lights go ofc for few seconds he gets panic attacks.
Kriya : that’s why he was panicking. But then he felt unconcious.
Amaya: no don’t worry. He will be alright.
Let him sleep here. You go and sleep.
Kriya: ohhk.
Kriya goes to her room. She tries to sleep but doesn’t get. She thinks about rey. I never thought he would be so clastophobic. All the time he’s in that fun mood may be because he doesn’t like sympathy from others. He never told me about his fear.
Amaya to herself. First time a part from chotu i told this to someone else. I feel so releaved. I think i really needed someone to share my feeling with. I hope he doesn’t break my trust. But why only mantu? I mean i never told rey about this though he was so close to me. May be because of i did not need his attention or is it something else? What ever it is i should not this frienship break.

Mantu also is in thoughts. Amaya had not told this to anyone. I should not let anyone know about this or she will again ignore me. Did i want to know her past only because of ignorance or i was concerned about her? No i was just concerned about her. I can’t think of her in that way. This might end our friendship.
So guys hows it? I know it is short. Please bare with me for today. I am busy as its good friday today and have to prepare for easter also. Hope you like it. Please do share your views. Kindly comment.

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