Beintehaa 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Beintehaa 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 24th February 2014 Written Update

Zain is getting ready to go to office. Aaliya taunts him with a song “chota bacha jaan ke humko naa samjhana re.” He then changes his dress. She sings “ladka bada anjaana hai” song. He then changes and wears formal blazer suit. He tries to wear the tie, but unable. Aaliya comes and helps him. He snatches the tie, but she tries again. He then finally throws the tie and goes. Aaliya says she likes taunting him and says all the best for his office’s first day. She goes behind him.

Surayya comes and says it would have been good if he would have told her about him going to office, but she heard it from Usman saheb. She is happy that her son is going to office. Surayya then asks Aaliya that Shabana didnt teach her anything. If husband goes to office for the first time, he has to

be fed sweets.

Surayya then feeds kheer to Zain. He eats and praises chand bibi. Zain goes. Aaliya then says she prepared that sweet and asked Chand khala to give it to you as it is mother’s right to feed sweet to her son. She does not want to take her right. Surayya says not to talk about rights to her, she knows there is nothing between her and Zain than staying in a 4-walled room. She is just a guest here, she can’t take her right. Aaliya gets sad hearing that.

Nafisa’s daughters are playing in the room. They pick Shaziya’s necklace and break it. Shaziya comes and scolds them. She tries to slap them, but Aaliya comes and stops her. Shaziya says she has to teach lesson to them, it was very precious necklace. Shaziya then scolds Aaliya to interfere in her matter and asks if her parents taught her that. Aaliya asks not to bring her parents in between. Shaziya says they are not worth it. Shaziya says her parents sent her to Abdulla family forcefully. Aaliya says she was always in Abdulla family, this nikha just changed the relations. She then says she must know better as she forced herself in this family. Shaziya shouts and asks her to be in limits, she does not have any value in Zain’s life.

she knows Zain didn’t even think her as wife. Aaliya says it is her fate and life and will handle it but warns her not to misbehave with children. She takes children. Just the Gowhar comes. Aaliya greets her salaam and says she saw her somewhere. Gowhar gets tensed. Children ask Aaliya to come now and she goes, but is still confused. Gowhar meets Shaziya and they smile.

zain is trying to work in office, but couldn’t. He is bored. He sees the watch and says it is just 20 minutes since he came. His staff Rotith comes and says he will be under him. He asks which department he will handle. He says he does not know. He says Usman sir asked him to ask Zain which department he wants to handle. Zain then remembers Aaliya’s words, she taunting him that he must not be good at studies. Zain asks her to stay of of it, but he remember her telling he was good at maths. He then asks Rohit to send accounts related files. Zain then says now he will show Aaliya how good he is at accounts.

Shaziya is complaining about Aaliya to Gowhar. Gowhar says she will teach Aaliya lesson. Shaziya says she wants Aaliya to be out of this house. Gowhar assures her they both will get her out.

Fahad comes and asks Zain how is his first day. Zain says he is checking accounts. Fahad gets tensed and asks Zain to leave this and come for lunch with him. Zain remembers Aaliya’s words about lunch at 1:30 p.m. Zain says he will have lunch at 1:30 p.m.

Aaliya is teaching kids. She sees a mobile phone with mall’s video and sees Gowhar adding watch in her purse. She remembers it was Gowhar who did it. Nafisa comes enquiring about phone. She sees phone in Aaliya’s hands, snatches it and says thanks to Aaliya. Aaliya asks how did she get mall’s video in her mobile. Nafisa scolds her to check that video. Aaliya insists and asks how did she get this video. Nafisa says she got that video from an unknown number. She kept quiet as Gowhar is Shaziya’s sister. She then says both sisters are very cruel and to be careful. She requests not to discuss about this video to anyone, else everybody will scold her. She gets happy in mind that Aaliya saw that video. Aaliya assures her she won’t tell it to anybody. She says it is important for her to know the secret behind this video. Nafisa gives her children’s promises and asks Aaliya not to tell it to anyone and to leave it now itself. She says Shaziya ruined her house and Gowhar is eyeing on Aaliya’s house.

Precap: Aaliya sees her marriage pic with Zain. She goes to his office with lunch box. Zain says it is five star hotel and why did she bring food there. He asks if she started loving him..

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