Behind the screen – MANYASA ( part 2 )


Behind the screen – MANYASA
hii guys thanks for the comments..i really love you all for making me feel happy….pls comment will be really really helpful for us…and suhana swthrt..ts just because of u…thank you..finally v done t..hope our thinking win their hearts too 
here it goes…

at the shooting spot
jigyasa : so wat are u doing
manish : doing auto mobile engg in jaipur
jigyasa : oh great
manish : u
jigyasa : doing arts in delhi
manish: oh it would b tougher for u to continue ur studies na
jigyasa : i am doing it in correspondence
manish : tat sounds better
jigyasa : can i call u mann…

manish : suree zeee
jigyasa : zee ??matlab
manish : even i am finding t difficult to call by your full name
they both smiles at each other
director comes to the spot
dir : oh then u became friends in a short time
they both sees and smiles
dir : ok lets start na
he calls everyone there and introudces them personally and also the character what they are doing in the serial…

dir : its our first day..can we start t
jigyasa : can we take a group pic first
jigyasa gives her camera to the nearby person
everyone stands in a row some of them sits..jigyasa stands near manish…
the person clicks the pic
dir : ok start…t first scene is the introduction scene of manish…
jigyasa and the others sits in the chairs nearby…
manish goes to the spot…

dir : is everything ready…start rolling
manish closes his eyes..he was in the bike..he is entering to the house
dir : action
manish opens his eyes and enters in to the home…he removes his helmet and walks with a style…jigyasa stares at him and smiles…( thinks – wow he is acting like a hero…he doesnt get tensed even after seeing lots of people…i dont think i will do justice to my role )
the mother character of manish comes out from the house and do aarati for him… they conversed a little
dir : cuttt
dir : well done manish goplani..u nailed t
manish comes and sits beside jigyasa
jigyasa : u done it really well
manish : thank you zee
dir : jigyasa come its ur turn
jigyasa heart beats faster..she slowly goes to the spot…the director asked her to get in to car…she sits in the car
dir : i know u gone wt t script but i want to tell u..after i tell action..just come out of the car with an attitude bcoz ur coming from america as per t story..u need to be so rigid…ur parents ll come and welcome u..this is wat the scene..are u okay
jigyasa : yes sirrr
dir : start rolling….action
jigyasa comes out from the car and sees everyone and gets panic and cries…
dir : cut t..wat happened to u..why are u crying..
jigyasa : i am sorry i was very tensed
dir : go and take rest…u have to do t in t next shot well ( says in a rigid manner )
jigyasa comes and sits…everyone started to laugh at her..
namish : jigyasa wooow..u nailed it
ziya : shut up namish
namish : see ziya…we are going to be t lead by our acting…
ziya : why cant u shup up namish…her first show..jigyasa u will do it..don worry..take some time to relieve first

ziya hugs her…
dir : ziya and namish come on…
they both left t place
manish sees everything and looks at her
jigyasa turns and sees him…why dont u tell anything
manish : u will become a good actress in t future for sure
jigyasa : are u kidding me
manish : no absolutely not…if u cry ur face bcomes soo innocent…thats the most important thing need for an actress..
jigyasa smiles
manish : zee…i know its ur first show..ur panic..don let t fear spoil ur talent..don see t as a character..just live in t..u will do well
jigyasa : thank you manish
manish smiles
dir : are u ready jigyasa
jigyasa : yes sir

jigyasa goes for the shot..she sits in the car and closes her eyes and thinks herself as that character and opens her eyes…
dir : wowww jigyasa..veryy good beta u done t well..
jigyasa : thank you sir
jigyasa searches for manish..manish was talking with ziya..jigyasa joins with them
manish : hey zee how u done t
jigyasa : ya good mann
ziya : waah…u just using nickname tat too in a short time
manish smiles
ziya : then call me wit a nick name too
jigyasa gets annoyed
manish : ur name is already short and sweet

ziya : u know manish my friends used to call me zee…so if u call her like tat..i ll get disturbed na
jigyasa gets irritated ( mind voice – wat is her prblm..why is deciding these things )
manish : but i dont knw…i just wanted to call her by tat name
ziya : then i guess i will turn first…bcoz i already used to t
jigyasa : can we eat
manish : ya zee..i am too hungry
ziya : yaa yaa come

jigyasa : call namish too ziya
ziya : Pls Pls i want to eat peacefully dont call him
jigyasa and manish smiles
they both ate the food..ziya starts to tell about her roles in the previous serials as she is experienced…jigyasa and manish listens to her
dir : jigyasa u need to go t nxt building for the next 4 days for shoot..ter is a seperate director ther..u dont have any scenes wit manish and ziya ok…so after eating pls come ther
jigyasa gets upset…as she is not gng to see manish for the next few days
ziya : oh oly we started to speak..we will miss you jigyasa
manish stares at jigyasa

jigyasa leaves the place..
ziya continues her story…manish too gts upset for dir decision
it was a hectic day…they shooted till 7 o clock…
dir : its enough for today..u guys can leav..guys pls come on time
everyone bids bye and left the place…
manish takes his bike and started to move
jigyasa was waiting outside
manish sees her and comes towards her
manish : zee wat are u doing
jigyasa : waiting for the cab

manish : did u called him
jigyasa : he is not answering my call
manish : wer is ur home
jigyasa tells the address
manish : its near my home only
jigyasa : oh
manish ( why cant she ask me a lift )
jigyasa ( why cant he ask me to come wit him )
they both stares
finally jigyasa asked
jigyasa : can u drop me
manish : ( smiles ) sure
jigyasa sits on t bike..bihaan smiles
the bike started to move
manish drives slowly
jigyasa : it fast
manish : i thought u will get scared
jigyasa : i love t mann
manish drives fastly
ziya sees manish and jigyasa going in a bike and gets irritated
ziya : idiot ( how can she use him jus like tat..she is so clever )
they reached jigyasa home

jigyasa mom waited ter
jig mom : why are u soo late
jigyasa : ter is heavy work today
jigyasa introduces manish to her
jig mom : oh you are the one…
manish : matlab
jig mom : nothin beta..hw was ur day

manish : good aunty
jig mom : come inside na..
manish : its getting late..maa would be waiting for me..i will come for another day..bye zee
jigyasa : bye mann thank you
manish smiles
manish left the place
jig mom : he is looking good and talkin nice also….
jigyasa : ya momm ofcourse
jig mom : then y u told like tat
jigyasa : maa..i just got confused between him and someone…the second hero is the one whom i talked about..he s soo nyce
jig mom : now oly i gt relieved
jig mom goes inside…jigyasa sees t direction where he went and smiles

precap : NYD

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