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Scene 1
Dadda says where is the box? Komal says you took the box from me and now you are blaming me. Dadda says you came to my room and took the box while I was asleep. I need that box and I don’t know anything. Mitlesh sees in under dadda’s bed and says I found it. Everyone is dazed. Komal recalls placing it back there. komal says see dadda ji in my stay is bothering you, you can tell me directly I will go from here. Dadda says now I will open the box and see what is inside it. He throws the box on the floor. There are gems and some little toys inside. Komal says you broke my box. Dadda says take your stuff and go to your room. And everyone else too.
Komal collects her stuff and leaves.

Mitlesh says what has happened dadda ji? dadda says go to your room and sleep. Komal

picks her stuff. She smiles at dadda and leaves his room. Mitlesh says dadda what is it? Dada says you dont have age and experience. There is something in that box. Mitlesh says since she is here you have been after that box.
Dadda recalls his men telling him that car saved poonam and guddi. And he saw a box in that car. Dadda says there is this thing mitlesh. I will catch her the day she makes a mistake.

Maya says i am ashamed that a guest in this house is so insulted. Poonam says komal and choti amma must be really hurt. Maya says you are right. I am going to wake soni and pintu. Poonam says in heart everything is messed up. Guddi didn’t inform me about her arrival. The milk is boiling. Lakhan says poonam see it. Her hand burns. Lakhan says show me your hand. He dis her hand in cold water. He says where is your attention all day? Lets put some burn-heal on it. Poonam says it will be okay. I have to work. Lakhan says where is maya bhabhi. Poonam says she is with kids and i am fine now. She tries to pick the saucepan. He says you cant. Its burnt. I will make the tea. Poonam says you? He says yes its not flying a plane? poonam says be careful.
He makes tea poonam watches him. Kojmal is watching them both. Choti amma says komal do you need anything? She says I was going to help Poonam. Choti says yeah sure. Komal asks poonam are you okay? Poonam says yes i am fine.
komal says i will take whatever i want. If you consider me guest then.. poonam says its not like that. Komal says go i will help maya bhabhi.
Maya goes to badi amma. Komal is working in the kitchen. She takes out a bottle and puts it in the tea. Poonam watches her. poonam says what is she mixing in food? Maya asks poonam how is your hand? poonam says fine. Poonam says i heart i have to check before someone eats.

poonam comes and sees everyone eating the food. Dada says this kasuri methi has increased the taste. This is very tasty. Maya says poonam did you add kasuuri methi? Komal says i did. My mom says it increases the taste. poonam says in heart i was doubting for no reason.
Lakhan’s phone rings. poonam thinks its guddi. she comes running and is about to slip. Lakhan holds her. he says where is your mind? Are you worried about something? poonam says guddi has not informed us. lakhan says she is mature, she must be fine. Don’t worry. I will try to gather information dont worry. Take care of yourself. Poonam says thank you. He says for what? she says for taking care. She says do you like poonam? he says i dont pay attention on someone other than you.

At night, komal sees everyone’s room and finds them all asleep. She peeks in dadda’s room. She comes out and calls someone. She says i am in the house. A woman tells her something from the other side.

Precap-lakhan says poonam why are you worried? Poonam says i went to temple. I found bindya’s mom there. I went to bring her water. A woman there was saying burn the haveli. Lakhan says take care, i will handle the rest.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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