Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju mesmerized seeing Nandu. She looks feminine and gorgeous. Everyone smile seeing her. Rambhateri says Sita Mayya is such. Nandu sees mirror and smiles. Rambhateri asks did she get any emotion. She smiles seeing Raju staring at Nandu. Raju asks Rambhateri from where did she get this Sita Mayya. Rambhateri says she is our Nandu. Raju says Nandu…. Rambhateri asks why, did anything happen. Raju asks who Nandu. Dipika says we have just one Nandu in model town. Raju looks at Nandu.

Ishwar too is mesmerized seeing Nandu. The ladies take pics. Raju asks Mishra to take close-ups, eyes are cheating today. Bittoo says Raju can become Salman, if Nandu can become Sita. Raju says I m not less than Salman.

Nandu says I m feeling strange, we will meet later. Raju comes to her and says you are not Nandu. She says I can’t kick anyone in these clothes. He asks who are you and holds her hand. He says I m taking personal interest, there is chance of our setting, if you are not Nandu. She says out setting can’t happen, as I m Nandu and you are Raju. He says Nandu should have fought with me, you are not angry, who are you. She says Nandu. Ishwar says excuse me Raju. He asks Nandu can we practice in these costumes. She says later. Raju asks how did she get sweet, tell your name is Nandini when you dress up like this. Nandu says my name will be Nandu, let me come in my original clothes, then we will do this scene again. Raju says it can’t be Nandu. He scares Ishwar. Ishwar says this is my Ram leela costume, I m Ram. Raju says if Ram is like you, who would save Sita Mayya from Lanka. Mishra and Bittoo laugh. Raju says I heard Ram has control, you are after Nandu.

Bittoo says Ishwar is talking about rehearsals seeing Nandu. Raju asks Mishra about Ramayan, does he look Ram. Ishwar says my dad said Nandu can’t get better Ram than me, I m religious, I go temple and I m not bad, I m best in studies. Raju says good boy Ishwar and pulls his leg. Ishwar says you know everything about me. Raju says I know Ram ji will be different in kalyug Ram leela, as Sita is different too.

Nandu smiles seeing herself and thinks she loves the jewelry and clothes. She asks Raju did he imagine her like this. Raju comes out of curtain and sits. He says I can’t imagine you are Nandu, I think you are Nandini, will you be like this now. She says no, you are not lucky. He makes her sit. She thanks him. She says pure hindi lines, and he gets thinking. They start arguing.

He asks can’t she be like this forever. She says no, till Raju is there in model town. He says it means you have problem with Raju. She says he is Raavan, Sita was helpless infront of him. He says but if Ram ji was with her, she would have not been helpless. She looks at him,

Raju looks on as Ishwar and Nandu practice the lines of Ram leela. He gives her a rose. Raju gets jealous. Nandu thinks Raju was watching and takes the rose. Ishwar puts the rose in her hair. Raju gets angry. Nandu and Ishwar sit and Raju can’t see them behind stairs. He says whats this rehearsals and gets restless. Rambhateri comes and sees Raju restless. Raju says I will complete their Leela now.

Raju comes to them. Rambhateri thinks Nandu’s casting as Sita is for some other Ram. She sees Raju coming. Ram calls out everyone in model town. He says Ram leela will happen in model town, it will be on one condition that Raju Kaushik will be Ram in the Ram leela. Rambhateri and Nandu get surprised. Nandu starts laughing and says see this is biggest joke, Raju will become Ram, we are doing serious rehearsals. Raju says I m serious, I m not joking. Nandu says Ram is final, I did him final. Raju says I m Ram, I did this final. They argue. Nandu says I will not become Sita if Raju becomes Ram. He looks at her.

Rambhateri says if Raju can’t become Ram, this Ram leela can’t happen. She starts leaving from model town. Nandu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…..
    Nandu was looking soooo preety in this look…..

  2. That was good… Specially Raju & Nandu scene. Love their character…

  3. Wow,nandu rocks!!!!
    Raju was getting jealous seeing nandu with someone else lol 🙂

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Plz updates 11 jan episode fast

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