Begusarai 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Komal throws cigarette at curtains, curtains starts burning, Poonam throws fire on it and says to Komal that if your evilness is fire then i am water whose delicateness can blow off any fire, you still have time, control yourself else you will burn to ash like this, Komal smirks.
Komal comes in her room and recalls how Poonam slapped her and challenged her, she gets angry and break things, she says Poonam slapped me? how dare she, she didnt slap me but slapped her fate, she doesnt know anything, she wants to make Bindya good again but now i will put so much hatred in Bindya’s heart that she will destroy everyone and as far as Lakhan is concerned then i am that girl who can melt anyone and Lakhan is no diferent.
Poonam is going, Lakhan stops her by holding her hand, he

looks at her, he asks how ash came on your hand? Poonam says i did dusting thats why, i have to clean much mess even now, she is about to leave but Lakhan says i wanted to say something, he says sorry, Poonam looks at him, Lakhan says i shouted on you today, from the time my father is kidnapped, i am not in my senses, i am sorry.. Poonam stops him by putting finger on his lips, she says you dont need to say sorry, you were helping someone and i blasted at you, i am sorry, Lakha says dont says sorry, i liked it that you love me so much that you want your right over me only, he asks her to not look down and asks her to say something, she thinks that you know whats in my heart so understand even today, Lakhan think your love is my strength, Poonam thinks i pray our love remains same, i am lucky to get you as my life partner, Lakhan thinks that promise me that our love and trust will remain same, Poonam thinks that i promise it will always be same. Lakhan says i brought something for you, he shows her Ghajra, Poonam puts her hair on one shoulder and turns back, Lakhan ties Gajra in her hair, she smiles, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, Poonam looks at him, she hugs him, Lakhan hugs her back and smiles.
Maya is pouring water in glass, Poonam stops her, Maya asks why did she stop her? glass is half empty, Poonam says no glass is half filled, Badi Amma asks what she wants to see? Poonam says its about how we see things, we are just seeing bad things in Bindya thats why she seems bad to us, Maya says Bindya is bad and thats it, Poonam says no Bindya went through alot, this Haveli was hers but she had to become dancer to earn living, Priyom’s love changed her but Dadda did so much wrong with her, what happened we cant change that but we can change future, Badi Amma asks how? Poonam says by giving her one chance, no one is bad but its situation that is bad, Bidya wants to destroy us but we will make her protector of this house, Maya says you want to make her…? Poonam says yes, now we have to see if hunter can hunt her prey or will she fall in love with her prey only?

Scene 2
its morning. Some servants are brought in Haveli, Mitlaish asks what they did? his man says they were doing robbery in Haveli, Mitlsiah says these days everyone is entering Haveli. Badi Amma says to Poonam that we have started game but Bindya has not come, Poonam says she will come. Mitlaish asks his man to throw them in lake after tying a big stone to their body and see that they dont come out as people are getting lives again in this house, servants ask Mitlaish to not do injustice, Mitlaish says this is my final decision, Bindya says you dont have standard to do take decision, Mitlaish says i am Thakur so i will take decisions, Bindya says by sitting on lion’s seat, you will not become lion, your reign has ended, this is not your Begusarai but my begumsarai now, her men points gun at him, Mitlaish leaves seat, Bindya sit on seat and says to servants that you both have done mistake so you will be punished, you both will have to work in factory for one year and if you dont do it then we will not throw you in lake but will shot you in head, servants thank her and leaves. Mitlaish says to Bindya that you must be feeling good but nobody can accept you as queen as you are cheap rated girl, Badi Amma says i accept it, i accept Begusarai as Begumsari, Rekha sys to Komal that how this Badi Amma changed? Badi Amma says to Bindya that no one is bad from birth, you became bad because of your situations and we are responsible for that and as guilt ridden person i accept you as Begumsarai, Bindya says dont act with me, i know you have plans behind all this, Poonam says no we regret our mistake, Bindya says its not you who did mistake but your son has done it and he hasnt accepted me as Begumarai. Badi amma says i dont know about others but i accept you as Queen of Begusarai, i will do your Tilak tomorrow, Bindya is stunned. Mitlaish leaves from there. Mitlaish comes in his room, Maya comes to him, Mitlaish again she will be followed, are you all not ashamed? why are you doing this? Maya says for my kids, this fight has no end, Mitlaish says what kind of Thakurain are you? you want your husband to beg infront of Bindya? Maya says no i want you to give support to Poonam, i request you to be with Poonam, Mitlaish recalls Dadda’s words to use any mean to win this war, he says okay what you want will happen, Maya leaves. Mitlaish says i will become powerful and will fight with Bindya now.
Badi Amma says to Poonam that we did what you wanted but i am afraid what if Bindya takes drastic action? Poonam says we have already lost so we dcant be afraid, Maya says i am with Poonam.

PRECAP- Komal gives letter of Sarkar to bindya. Bindya says my tilak Jashn will be so grand that all will see it. Komal comes to Lakhan and says Bindya is upto something, only you can stop her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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