Tamanna 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara running to her room. She plays some shots and breaks the mirror. Deepak comes to pacify her. He says this is wrong thing of anger, you broke the mirror and you have to clean this, why this anger. Dhara says you are asking this, I got selected in state level team, and that guy decided for me, that I can’t play cricket, I m angry that my family does not get angry on this. He says I will clean this glass. She says I will manage, and reminds him how he stopped her from cleaning glass when she got selected in under 13 cricket team, you told me not to clean glass saying cricketer’s hand should not get cut, I felt so proud that time, now I know my hands are to cook at some home.

He says I have always encouraged you, but I told you that I will leave your hand and other person will hold your hand who will decide for you. She asks why shall I give my hand to someone who stops me from playing cricket. He says I told you this that you may leave cricket. She says you did not say me how it feels to get selected in state level team, you made me one in a thousand and did not say how to get back in thousands, why. He says no, but it was important, some things can be understood on own. He asks her to leave the glass, and wipes her tears. She asks him to go, she does not like to cry infront of him.

He says fine, come there, we will meet on terrace and talk with cool mind, don’t cry now. Baa talks to Deepak and says you did so much for Dhara, you supported her in cricket and now you are asking her to leave cricket. He says Dhara will agree. Baa says yes, but you all won’t be happy, so I told you…. He says atleast she got childhood which she asked for. Baa says she will be happy. Dhara leaves while Baa tries to stop her. Deepak says let her go, she would have gone to stadium, maybe she will forgive us with a big heart. Baa says this is happening for her good. Dhara runs and cries. She stops at some lake.

Deepak hits the ball. Saroj comes to him and finds him sad. You explained her that she will have to leave cricket one day. He says I explained her a lot. She says Mihir is a nice guy. Its night, Deepak and Dhara talk at terrace and he tells her about her childhood. He says I used to say how Baa raised me, I did not say everything, my dad passed away when I was small, Baa raised me with courage, I used to play cricket with passion, you got this passion from me. Baa asked me to study well, I studied well, Baa used to work and I used to talk to her, then on every birthday, she used to gift me cricket things, when I got 16 year old, do you know what she gifted me. FB shows Baa gifting him seasoned ball.

Deepak thanks and hugs Baa. He tells Dhara then when I got 17 year old, I came home and did not see Baa at home, neighbor told me that Baa came for work, I went there and saw Baa grinding chilies. I felt I got 10 years older, I got to know Baa is doing this work since many years and used to come home before I came home from school, then I understood how money came, I locked the cricket things and decided I will not play cricket, I will not let Baa grind chilly and do work, then I got work at some hotel, I worked hard, then I got accountant work, then I managed home, when I gave my gold earrings for Baa with my first earning, I felt like lifting world cup like Kapil Dev.

He says life is bigger game than cricket. Dhara asks why did you leave cricket, for Baa who raised you, shall I leave cricket for the man you don’t know. Deepak says he is nice guy, he said yes knowing you play cricket. She says yes, then he said I can’t play cricket. Deepak says I m ready to fight for you, but after 5-6 years, cricket will be gone and good proposals too, you are top class cricketer, but career of women cricketer will be maximum 10 years, but life is long, I told you what I thought, I will not force you, you think about your whole life and decide. He says when I gave you chocolate and this peppermint, you used to take this one as this stays longer, and chocolate ends soon. He goes. She gets thinking what he said.

Dhara cries seeing her medals and writes a letter. She recalls her childhood.

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    Thanks for fast update. Pls dnt make dhaara out of cricket. she doesnt have saas torture as she is goin to live onl wid her future husband Mihir bt as a girl her career should not end so soon. I don’t like cricket but lik Dhaara, I wil suport any girl who is in this position. Good proposals only bt career for a girl is must. As woman is treated equally with men.
    Hope they make her to play cricket…
    Its nt tat girl’s career end soon

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