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Begusarai 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan says first time I am seeing someone’s gaze is not lowered down even after sin. Poonam says I am also seeing first time that someone loves but doesn’t trust. Priyom says lakhan put the gun down. Lakhan shoves him and says stay away. If anyone comes between I will shoot that person too. Lakhan pulls the trigger. Lakhan shoots but Guddi points his hand sup in the air. Guddi says please don’t do this. she didn’t do any sin. I made the mistake. Poonam says Guddi.. Guddi says this is too much. I have to pay for my sin not you. Everyone is bewildered. Guddi says I went out last night to meet a guy. Poonam came after me to stop me, she lied to all of you to save me. Lakhan says see Guddi tell me what exactly it was. Guddi says there is a guy in my college, he was

after me for a long time. I went to talk to him. Poonam came after me to save me from him. Bindya says those bangle? She says that guy held my hand and poonam was trying to save me. It would have dropped amidst. Mitlesh slaps Guddi. he says you are handling love story in this age. He touched my sister. Did you give him the right? Were we dead? Couldn’t you tell us. Guddi says you would have killed him and I dont want to be someone’s murderer. I have talked to him. He has left the city. Mitlesh says what is his name? He says why didn’t you say that last night? Guddi says poonam thought you will all punish me so she took all the blame on herself. Bindya says this Guddi ruined my whole game. She saved poonam and didn’t even name dolt. The game has not ended. I will find out what happened last night.

Bindya sees poonam’s shadow in the mirror. Poonam says you must be feeling good to be defeated? You tried so hard but what happened? Nothing. I feel so bad for you. she breaks the mirror. Rekha comes and asks what happened? Bindya says Guddi lied and even saved poonam. Rekha says what happened last night? Bindya says that is what I have to know.
Guddi comes to Poonam and says what were you doing? Lakhan would have killed you. Poonam says I would rather die then to see you being punished. Guddi says one day everyone will know. I dont know what to do. I wanna run away. Poonam says running away is not the solution. we have to fight. Guddi says who will we fight? They are all our people. Poonam says we have to fight the evil inside humans not humans. You loved Dolt, that was not a mistake. It was his mistake. Guddi says they always blame the girl. Poonam says I don’t know how will it happen. But we can do something. We have to keep walking without fear. Guddi nods.

Lakhan is drinking and crying. He says wow lakhan. Which mud are you made of? You couldn’t trust a wife who loved you. He said you will punish her. Badi amma comes and stops him. He says you should have stopped me the day I punished her first time.Badi amma says what are you saying? He says this is my punishment for making her cry. Badi amma takes the bottle and says I will hit you with a slipper. He cuts his hand. She dresses his wound. He says my mind doesn’t work when it comes to poonam. Badi amma says this is love. He says this is not love, I fired the gun. What if she had died. I did this with these hands. He hits his hands on floor. Badi amma says atone for your mistake. Love her so much that she forgets all her pain. i have seen so much change in you. This is all because of her love. I know that her love will kill the animal inside you. He says but what i did today, will she love me after all this? Badi amma says a woman’s heart is always made of wax. Poonam proved that she is only yours. You have to break this wall of misunderstanding between you two.
Priyom comes to poonam and says are you okay? She says yes. He says sorry i couldn’t stop lakhan. She says its not your mistake. we went after dolt, and we even saw him returning. If there was some fight why didn’t i hear it.What other guy is she talking about? Please tell me the truth. Poonam says truth is that, we should stay in limits of our relation. Thanks for helping me but I dont need anymore help. She leaves. He says we were friends first. I will find out what you are hiding.

Precap-Poonam says to lakhan you never loved me. Because you trust someone before you love them.I am losing all the hope.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Atlast confusion is sought out…thank god they didn’t dragged it..gud lakhan realise poonam love and will start trusting her?

  2. Good episode.
    Ty Atiba

  3. finally something laakhan will break the wall of misunderstanding.laakhAm are so cute together..

  4. Aahh!!! Finally guddi say something..
    Now it will be more intresting to watch lakhAm gussa gussi..
    LakhAm is d only reason to watch begusarai

  5. its gud now.loving lakhan.

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