sidhant’s pov:-

Moving here and there..i was scared for jasmin..and ofcourse my baby too…
What if..?? i cant think like that..everything will be fine..
Chill sidhant chill..

After around 15 minutes..
The lady doctor came..she had a glint of sadness in her eyes..and they werent looking up..instead they were looking down…

“Wh…what hap– happen doctor…evrything fine na.?”i stuttered as fear took over me…

Then i listened which was totallly not expected..which devasted me..

It w–was…
“Sorry,mr gupta…i couldnt save your baby”
I felll down on my kneees…as tears gushed down my eyes…

“Sidhantt..sidhannnt..!”some1 shouted in my ear..
And in a jerk i opened my eyes…to find jasmin beside me…

Uh-oh..! That was a dream..
A feeling of happiness rushed down my spine..
But what if..
What if this dream of mine will turn true…

“NOOOOOooooooo..!”i shouted as i put my hands on my ears..

“Sid…sidhant”a fearful voice cam out..
I turned to find jasmin..
We are s in our car…mumma,papa n amira are coming from one.n we both in on…

“ okay..?”jasmin asked holdingmy hands while i look at her..

What should i do of these girl..??
I cant repeat my mistake again by torturing her…because of my fears…
And how can i leave her tooo..?
She did a mistake..
She should have tell me na..?
From the morning its happening..
Counting mathematically..
She is having this problem from 6 hourse and 32 minutes..
And she told now..

“Sidhant..i m sorryy..i.i just…thought….um..sorry”she was scared of me..
Oh..! What am i doing..?

“I dint mean to..pls speak up something…i am scared…what if something wr—-”
Before she could complete i took her in a sudden hug..
She was pulled towards my hard chest…
Oh! my heartbeat will be normal…

“Sh….nothing will be wrong…god cant do this again…and with us???no..i’ll not let this happpen…he..has took my child once..and now..if it happen..i..i will not be able to control myself…i.i…i will die.. Jasmin…?”
She immediately stopped me completing this words…and kissed me hard on my was passionate.and a small one..

“Nothing will happen…dont dare to repeat this words..!”

And here we are….at the hospital..before i could reply..

I came out of the care…and jold jas in her arms..
Whatever public will talk or say..
I dont care..
The thing i care now is…my wife n another life in her..

As doctor took her was the worst time..??..
The time had stopped i think..?
Its on 3..that is its still 1:15..when i came was 1:12..
Seriously..after waiting forthis passed only 3 minutes..

When i would be with her…when we would be would fly in sky..and now walking in a hot desert i think…
Too slow man…?

Its time to see the watch again..!
Its 1:17..
I did so much bakbak…and it passed two minutes seriously..?

Hey,sidhant…its scary time..and u are saying all rubbish..calm down…!!
My brain said…to whih i nodded mentallyy..
Yes,it had a point..
I should stop my inner battle i think..
But howww..!???

Lets see the time..!!
Wow..!! Wonderfull
note sarcasm people??

Full 8 minutes passed and they are still doing something..but i dont know nothing..

‘Oooo zalimaa…o zaalimaa…tere ishq me behka pehle se hi..kya use behkaana…ooo zalima…oo zalimaaa..’
Hey,u chucklingheads..
Shut up..
I m not singing..
Its my phone ringing..and its time to pick it up..

But before..!

Yes,u guessedit right..
Oohh thank u for moving bro..!

I answered the phone To listen..

“Jab pyaar kiya to darna kya..jab pyaaa—-”
Before it could continue..
I cut it..
Who the hellwas that..
Its not india….that company would call to waste my time..
Then who..?
Uh- leave it..
Lets see the time..!

Oh great..! Its 1:28…

16 minutes paased they were in huh..!!

Again my phone rang..and this time i cut it..!?
Well..what was that song.?

Jab pyaar kiya to darna kya..?

Hmm…the person would b some songoholic..but who..
I can see the caller id..
But who wants that..
By thinking..the time would pass na..!?
Ha….haa..i know i m intelligent guysss..! focus mr.gupta..
So who can it be.?
Song..? Pyaaar..? Indian song..? Old..?

My inner voice shouted..
Oh yes..budddy u guessed it right..
It would be chudddy pehenne wala buddy..!!?

Holding my phone..i saw the calller id and that was kabir only…
I was about to call him back..but

A straight voice spoke..
I turned..
Oh yes,doctor…finally..!
Ah..! What the time..that she is here..?

Seriously..! pehle pehle pyaaar…u only helped me today killing my time..thank u love..

Hey,shut up..its doctor infront of u sidhant..focus..

“Yes, my wife fine..and…and what– what about m–my chi– child.!”
I stuttered..i can feeel having the horse of my heart running..?

“Check it yourself..!”she moved as gave m order to enter the room..
Taking smalll small big baba steps..
I entered the room..
Oh no.!!
What is happening..?

She– sh– she is cry–crying.?? Why.??
Nooo plsss…

“Jasmin..!! What…wh–what happen why u crying..?”
I asked closing my eyes…not expecting ‘that’ answer..
But it came out somethig diff only..

“Cant i cry..?”
Ohh god..!
I turned towards the doctor..who was standing beside me..

“Mood chill..!”
Mood swings..?
For the first time..i like it..
Ah.! That is okay.!!

“And now toh…she will have double ..!”

Nooo..plsss..i cant handle single..and now double..??
No..! Pls..
But wait..why double.?


“Coz she is—“before she could continue….
Jasmin jumped on me from the bedside..
“Coz i m pregnant with twins..!”she shouted..

“Ok”i replied..
Ohhh wait what..?

“Yes..!”dr replied..
And last thing i heard was amira’s voice
“Aapke ke pyaar ka anjaam??”
And then evrything got blurred..!

She is pregnant with twins..and thats why she was having vaginal bleeding..
Thats not normal to have to evry1..hut ya it can happen..ihad read lastyear..

Welll u all guessed somthig else huh..?
This ff starting was a grey one..and now it will b colourfull..

So how do u guys like it..?
Sidhant’s pov..? Comedy huh..?

Well i just wrote coz..this all pass through mind..when i cant wait.

Hey,u dirty for this reason..for anyothers too..
Hope u like it..

Welll if u did..den tell me..
I would be glad reading it..
And if u want i’ll write another too..!.so what say.??

Sorrry for the late one..!
I m not well guys…
They were asking for these..
And no1 guessed that she was preg withtwins..
Though i did make a mistake in last chapter..i wrote babies..which was notice by my sweetie SHAMMU..
Great huh..
Chalo bye..
Give in ur cmnt..
Thanx to evry1 who did in previous..
All 21 ppls..
And u guys want thinking combo or not..?
U aint respomding there.?
Pls do..!

Well chalo good bye..
See you with next chapter soon..


Bearing what.??
Any guess.?
And what surprise


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  1. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Epi luv it
    Sidhant pov too funny hehe
    Post next soon

    1. Aamu

      Thank u sooo much siddu ki sadia..??
      Glad u liked it

  2. Vags


    Pls post thinking combo also

    1. Aamu

      Thanx dear..will post that sooon…don wrry?

  3. Nice episode ?❤️?
    Kunjpov ???
    Aww sidmin ke twins baby ? ? ❤️❤️?Post soon

    1. Aamu

      Thanx kiyuuuu..!!??
      Next will be by friday or saturday

  4. awsm
    amazing epi

    1. Aamu

      Thanx dear

  5. Presha

    Dream ne toh rula diya tha mujhe…
    Nd kiss was …wah wah….
    Loved it….
    Bearning jasmines tantrums nd mood swings…
    Loved it..
    Love u…

    1. Aamu

      Hehe..thank u preshu..?
      Glad u liked it..
      Love u tooo babe?

  6. Awesome

    1. Aamu

      Thanx pallavi

  7. Sameera

    Hahahaha awesomeeeee…yaar hahaha sidhant pov. ???????…
    Bechare ne kitni bar watch dekhli re ..
    Hahaha so desperate that was the best part of the studies …
    Each n every thing was perfectly written
    Love you post soon. ..

    1. Aamu

      Thank u shammmu re??
      Welll muje b bohot mazaa aya sid ka pov likhne me…?
      Hehe..thank u soo much…
      Love u tooo..?
      Will try to post sooon

  8. realy amazing epi

    1. Aamu

      Thanxx poojaa☺?

  9. as always unexpected twist…
    I’m happy jas is fine..
    time for double celebration…
    bearing..may be sid has to bear all d mood swings of its time for payback..
    sweet torture by jas
    .waiting for that..
    post asap

  10. Aamna_2690

    I am still laughing holding my stomach Aamu??????
    EPISODE was hilarious??
    Just can’t stop laughing?? Bechara Sid????Waiting for jas tantrums????
    Just Loved it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Just toady completed reading previous episodes???
    I just loved this FF???
    Full Pain ; Hatered; Love ; Lust ; Evilness??? Hayee Amazing ???
    Waiting for the Next Episode???
    Post Soon???
    Love U ???????

  11. sry sry thodi late hu lagta h Teri aadat lag gayi ????. ?

    thank god twinkle aur uska baby(sry baby nahi ab to babies h)haan to uske babies sahi h ……… thanks god ko nahi tumko bolna chahiye aamu Ji????
    thanks aamu sab sahi sidmin ke saath????

    awesome amazing superb episode ………sid ke pov amazing & funny ??????????????. ……sidmin ke twins wow

    aaj jayada hi bakbak kr rahi hu na me ?????. kya karu yrr vaise to me bahut bakbak krti hu aur aaj to me happy hu happy nahi very very very happy hu ………

    chalo ab jaldi post krna OK aur HGHTPS bhi jaldi post kr de plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    OK ab bye??????
    luv u soooo sooo sooo much??????????

  12. Anusha

    Hi..My name is Anusha. I’m new to TU. I’m also twinj fan I was sad ki I cant see dem onscreen n later i got in to dis site der r many stories on dem im blessed to read it really u guys are amazing.I took time to read all ff so now commenting really fantastic job guys..keep going and dis one is one of my favourite ff.

    1. Aamu

      Hey,first of all..
      Welcome to our sweet si TU family☺☺..
      And second thank u so much..that u read my work..n liked it..
      Means alot..?
      M really glad that my ff entertaines u….☺

  13. Supriya18d

    luv u
    Kya likha h…
    awsm yaaraaaa

    1. Aamu

      Aww…thank u soooo much..??

      1. Supriya18d

        luv u ?❤

  14. Ayesha51

    HELL SHOCKED LISTENING THIS sry reading this…..!!!!




    meri jaaan kaise likhleti itna achha ….

    are meri SALLLU KI LAWYER tu to great writer hain

    soch kitni uchi hain ????

    humne socha bachha to gaya…??

    aur tune double bonanza de diya ………..TWINS… !!!!!?????

    kya yaar itna achha bbi koi kaise likh sakta hain bhala

    the whole epi was hell shocking…!!!??

    Oh ! meri choco , what a surprise. … !!??????

    meri vanilla
    meri cupcake
    my muffin
    my butterscotch
    my hot chocolate
    my cream
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    love u to the cube of infinity multiplied by the cube of infinity to the power of the cube of infinity ??????❤???????

    Love u till my last breath ????

    muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ??????❤????


  15. Ramya

    Wow yaar amazing aamu
    Mai tho kya kya sochne lagi thi aur kya ho gaya twins great
    Did got double happiness woahhhh
    And did ka pov it was super
    Tujhe pata hai mujhe bhi serious situation mai ajeeb ajeeb cheeze aate hai dimaag mai
    Love you keep smiling

  16. Awwww… ammu yr it was funny… shocking …. superb…. just amazing….
    Luv u…

  17. Verrrrrrrrrry cute and hilarious yaar year I want the next soon if I can

  18. Awsm…
    Just Luvd it…
    Pizzzzz post next asap….
    Sorry for late cmnt….

  19. Baby

    wowooaaa osm ♥
    loved it sooo mch ammiee ♥
    cute n srsly dream gosh….♥
    love u ♥

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