Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 8


Beautiful Nerd Chapter 8

Recap : raglak fight.

In the garden. Ragini was trying hard to stop her tears which were flowing down from her eyes continuously.

Ria gets to know about all the stuff that had happened and searches for ragini and finds her in the garden.

She goes running near her.

Ria : oh toh madam yaha bet ke gangajal baha rahi hain! Hmm…. I get it!

Ragini wipes her tears…

Ragini : oh please… I’m not crying and why would I waste my tears for a stupid fool like that heartless guy… huh

Ria : ragu stop lieing! I can clearly see that you are trying hard to stop your tears!! But…wait… why are you even crying? I mean like you hate that guy lucky… and whenever he used to scold you… you never reacted! And today you… are…crying? Does he matter for you? Do you feel for him? What is going on ragini!!?? Tell me!!

Ragini now controls her tears and her eyes turned red because of the questions ria was asking and she was angry on ria…. wait!! Was she angry on herself because she had no answers for the questions ria asked? Or she had answers but didn’t want to answer…??

Ragini stood up! She was above to walk away… but ria caught her hand..

Ria : ragini!!! I’m asking you something! Jawaab do!!

Ragini jerked ria’s hand away and started speaking… well I should say she started shouting!

Ragini : yes yes yes!! I love laksh!! I love him soo freaking much!!

Ria was shocked. Ragini had those water droplets on her face.

The scene shifts to the library. Everyone were reading their own books and laksh was no where to be seen.

Dev entered the library and saw everything was quite pleasent. He got to know that laksh was in the lab.

Dev ran there to notice laksh working aimlessly with the machines. Dev ran near him and held his shoulders.

Dev : lucky what the hell are you doing man? This is not my lucky! I want my lucky back!! Tu Phir se woh wala laksh mat ban jaa jo tu 1 saal pehle tha! Please yaar? You are listening to me naa? Speak up!!

Laksh jerks him away and starts working with his machines.

Dev holds his arms and slaps laksh. Laksh gets shocked.

Dev : tikhe kya hua bhai!!

Laksh : mujhe kya hua? I’m totally good!

Dev : huh tu jaa aur ragini ko sorry bol!

Laksh : nah! Main nahi bolne wala!

Dev : shut up and go!!

Lucky : arey….

Dev : I said go!!!!

Lucky : okay okay!!

Laksh leaves. Dev starts dancing as laksh was repenting but he didn’t show up!

In the garden……

Ragini : haa I love him! From childhood I love him from the core of my heart! But he hates me because I am not good at studies and I hate flirting and stuff!

Ria : but…. you fight with him?

Ragini : haa woh isliye kyun ki I am helpless! If I go talk with him he won’t even give a damn! And that breaks me! So I better fight with him and ignore him so that he talks with me!

Ria stood there silently.

Ragini : and when he was feeling bad when I was avoiding me when he pulls me closer to himself and when he flirts with me I feel soo happy and I feel if I die also I don’t care!

She starts crying even more harder than before….

Ragini : but….. He hates….. me!

Ria didn’t know what to tell. She stood there shocked.

Then laksh reaches there. He saw ragini crying and was feeling bad somewhere in his heart.

Ragini also noticed him. They both had an eyelock.
(Tu Jaane Na From ajab prem ki gajab kahani plays)

Ragini then realises her position and stood up. She wiped her tears.

She felt that laksh came near her to taunt her. But he came near her to apologise. She didn’t want him to hurt her more so she ran away from there.

Laksh was first shocked and amused but then he too ran behind her.

Ragini was looking back and running and she dashing into a dashing guy and fell down.

Laksh stopped running.

The dashing guy looked at ragini. Ragini too looked at him and was shocked. Slowly she smiled. And he too smiled back.

She stood up in a second and hugged him soo tight that he was about to fall down. He hugged her back. Laksh was shocked and slowly his shocked face turned into an angry young man’s face!

Ragini : oh my god!! Oh my god!! Idiot tu yaha!!

She broke the hug!

Ragini : tu yaha! Stupid! You know how much I missed you!! Gaurav!!

His face was revealed. He was none other than gaurav ragini ‘s childhood friend and her silent lover. No one knows how much gaurav loves ragini. Not even ragini.

Gaurav : I missed you too princess!! Ab se we won’t miss each other! Because main bhi iss college mein padtha hoon! I mean I took admission!

Ragini : omg!! I love you soo much!! Idiot we both will have so much fun! Waise aunty uncle kaise hain?

Gaurav : yep they are good! Okay ab chal mujhe ria se milna!

Devria too come.

Laksh : oh please! Will you guys stop you PDA! IT’S SOO AWKWARD!

Ragini was above to speak up but a girl who was wearing a crop top and skirt came running towards laksh and hugged him from back.

Girl : lucky baby!!

Laksh : kavya??

He smiles and pulls her front and hugs her tight. She too hugs him back. Ragini feels bad as kavya and laksh were in relationship when they were young. Laksh loved kavya more than any other girl and this used to hurt ragini always.

Kavya hates ragini but never showed up. She pretends to like her because she never wanted to fight with her or even keep any relation with her.

Dev : bro! Stop hugging her! It’s looking tooo awkward!

Laksh breaks the hug. And looks at ragini.

Gaurav catches ragini by her shoulders…..

Gaurav : chal yaar! Mujhe ria se milna!

Ragini : hmm..okay!

She fakes a smile and they go near ria… Kavya takes lucky away near a tree.

Recap : laksh to get to know about a biggest secret. Flashback to be revealed. Swara suggest ap ragini for laksh!

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  1. Nice but playing gaurav

    1. Well I didn’t decide it still.

  2. Ruhani

    Omg like seriously ragini loved him infact loves him frm childhood I can’t believe this.. N this idiot laksh is truly an idiot couldn’t recognize that… But I’m glad gaurav came but alas kavya also appeared along with him… Let’s hope laksh realizes his feelings for her… Excited abt the nxt epi

    1. Adhithi

      Yeah ragini does love him. And about laksh realising can’t reveal anything. Thanks for leaving a valuable comment! ??

  3. aww swara is going to make raglak its OK if they fight after marriage next part soon

    1. Adhithi

      Yea will try to update soon.

  4. Akshata

    So ragini loves him from childhood then what about laksh, really want to know laksh’s pov. I would love to see jealous laksh. update soon.

    1. Adhithi

      Yea will try to update soon.

  5. It was a very nice update. Wow Ragini loved Laksh from childhood, that’s so cute. But aww I feel sorry for her cause she acts like she hates him so she can get his attention. Well probably the entry of Gaurav will give Ragini Laksh’s full attention cause of his jealousy and possessiveness. Can’t wait to read more xx

    1. Adhithi

      Well I can’t reveal much but I can say you are close to the story line hut not exactly. Thanks for commenting will post soon.

  6. Pls don’t get thm married so fastly…let thm make each other jealous…let lucky show his anger filled care to rags…btw get epi nd thnks for updating

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      Thanks for commenting

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