IT’S ALMOST ILLEGAL TO LOVE YOU ( Sadda Haq ) Chapter 22- 7 minutes in Heaven

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Chapter 22 – 7 minutes in Heaven.

VidArth s date :

After their romantic dance and their not so romantic fell in the nearby lake, both Parth and Vids where now in each other s arms looking dreamingly at the reflection of the moon in the lake, which gave the surrowndings a hint of misteriousness. Due to the cold wind and the fact that both of them were soached in water, Vids started to tremble a little.

Parth: Baby are u cold ? said Parth while rubbing his hand on her back.

Vids. Yeah, a little.

Parth: Ok baby, lets take u home, i dont want u to catch a cold…..said Parth while trying to get up, but Vids hold him back.

Vids: Noooo, i dont wanna go…i like this place so much and i dont want our date to finish so quickly….im fine Parth…please i dont wanna leave.

Parth: Ok baby we wont leave, but lets just change our clothes, ok ?

Vids: Ok Parth, but how we will change we dont have clothes.

Parth: Dont worry baby, i have some clothes in my car….i ll borrow you a t-shirt and some pants and i ll also change in other clothers…

Vids: Yeeeyyy…that means we are not leaving…come on Parth lets change…said Vids pulling Parth up and almost making him trip.

Parth: Easy baby, easy…

Parth and Vids went to Parth s car where he started to look for some clothes in his bag in the trunk. Parth handed Vids a pair of grey sport pants and a blue t-shirt which was so big and long that will probably reach Vids till her mid thights. Parth took another pair of black sport pants for himself and a white t-shirt which will definitely show up his muscles and his 6 pack abs.

Parth: Baby, u go first and change in the car and i ll wait outside…said Parth pushing Vids a little to the backsit of the car.

Vids stopped a little and then turning to Parth pointed his finger in his chest, poking him a little and looking straight in his eyes, making Parth gulpe in fear, said with a threatening voice…

Vids: Parth…IF by any chance u ll even try to move your eyes over to where im changing….i swear i ll kick u where the sun doesnt shine so hard that your ancestors will feal it…got it baby ? said Vids with a smirk..

Parth: Yes maam…i mean…baby…

Vids: Good boy…now stay here till i change and look around so that noone comes….Parth just noded in respons and Vids got in the backsit of the car to change. Parth was looking here and there so that noone will come and after a couple of minutes Vids got changed and came outside. Parth s clothers were so big for her that his t-shirt looked like a dress on Vids and his pants were reaching the grownd making Vids almost tripping in them.

Parth: Hmmm i like it….you look good in my clothes…said Parth winking…Vids just blushed in respons and playfully punched his shoulder. Parth went in the car to change and now was Vids turn to stay outside. After changing his pants, Parth went outside shirtless with the new t-shirt in his hands. Vids was looking shamlessly at him with widening eyes and
slightly open mouth.

Parth: Take a picture baby, it will last longer…said Parth smirking.

Vids: Shut up and wear your shirt…said Vids blushing.

Parth chuckled a little and wore his shirt, then came and wrapping his arms around Vids waist and placing his chin on the crock of her neck left a small kiss there making Vids shiver a little a the proximity.

Randhir s house:

Sanyu went to Rd s room to change his bandages and dress his woonds but found him sleaping. She tried to wake him up but he was fast asleep. She finding no way to wake him up, started to remove his bandages and dress his woonds with him asleep. She desinfected his woonds from his arms and bandaged them again and now she had to dress his woond from his chest but she had to take his shirt off and he was fast asleep. Having no alternative she took his shirt off by herself and started dressing his woond, after finishing the dressing, she couldnt help but stare at his muscles and abs. She run a finger over his chest and abs and befor she can take her hand from his perfect body, someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

Rd: Like what u see, princess? said Rd smirking…

Sanyu (widening her eyes): U..u..u..u were asleep…h..ow…u got up ?

Rd: Awww i like it when u blush and stammer like this…it means i have an effect on u…said Rd winking…

Sanyu: Ohh please…shut up bad boy…u dont affect me at all…said Sanyu realising herself from his grip.

Rd: Oh really ?! asked Rd while rasing his brow.

Sanyu: Yeah really…mocked Sanyu..

Rd: Ok baby…so lets play a game…shall we ?

Sanyu: What game?

Rd: Well its called 7 minutes in Heaven…and for 7 minutes i am allowed to do with u whatever i want…i can touch u wherever i want, without u running away from me…are u up for it? U said i dont affect u so…??? And i promiss i wont cross my limits…or are u to scared i ll prove that i do have an effect on u ?

Sanyu: Im up for it…bring it on bad boy…and it will be more like 7 minutes in Hell coz im sure u wont affect me…said Sanyu while sending Rd a glare.

Rd: Ok lets see…and to make the game more interesting…whoever loses will have to do whatever the other one says for a whole day…ok?

Sanyu: You re on bad boy…i ll be happy to make u do watever i want for a whole day.

Rd moved closer to Sanyu and placed his hands on her waist pulling her closer. He then rubbed her waist and sides with his palms. Sanyu widened his eyes a little but then composed herself.

Rd: U are keeping yourself tough…feisty…i like it.

Sanyu: I told u that u dont affect me bad boy.

Rd: Will see wild cat…this is just the beginning…whispered Rd in her ear.

Rd moved his hands up her arms and then pulled them down reaching her waist and hips. Sanyu trembled a little.

Rd: Tell me baby…i still dont affect u ?

Sanyu: N..O..said Sanyu stummering.

Rd: I can see it…said Rd chuckling.

Rd pulled Sanyu in his arms and brushed his lips over her jaw and caressed her bare waist with his hands making Sanyu shiver. He moved his lips over her neck and placed a small kiss after leaving a small love bite on her neck in the same place.

Sanyu: Ran…dhirrr!!!

Rd: Yes baby…

Sanyu: Dont stop!!!…said Sanyu while closing her eyes and putting her head on his chest, while Rd started placing wet kisses over her neck and shoulders. They embraced each other in a lovingly hug and stayed that way for a couple of minutes.

Rd: Baby…

Sanyu: Yes…

Rd: U know that means i won the bet. U lost yourself in my embrace befor the 7 minutes ended…

Sanyu: Shit!! said Sanyu while slapping her forhead…ok..ok..bad boy…now dont flatter yourself and tell me what is your punishment ?

Rd: Easy baby…i ll tell u when the right time comes…remember u will have to do whatever i say for a whole day…

Sanyu: Ok..ok…fine…

Rd: Now lets sleep princess…u must be tired.

Sanyu wanted to go and sleep on the couch but Rd stopped her and took her hand. He made her sleep on his bed and covered her with a blanket. He then went to the other side of the bed and slept over the covers so that he will not make Sanyu unconfortable. Soon enough Sanyu slept, while Rd was staring at her beautiful face.

Rd: U are so beautiful and fragile…said Rd while tucking a straind of hair behind her ear….I promis Sanyu i ll always protect u…i will set everything right between us…said Rd while placing his hand on her waist and pulling her into him in a back hug…welcoming a peacefull sleep after a long time.

VidArth s date:

After changing themselves, Parth took Vids again near the lake where he set their date. They finished the dinner and now they were walking on the beach. After a couple of minutes of walking Parth stopped and made Vids look at him. The moonlight was making everything more romantic then never.

Parth: Baby i have a small gift for u…i hope u will like it…said Parth getting a box out of his pochet.

Vids took the box happily and was left spell-bound at seeing the beautiful neckless that Parth gave her. It was a simple white gold neckless with a pandantiv in shape of a rose which had tiny little red diamantes.

Parth: Remember when u called me „beast” and i called u „beauty” ? Well i thought this rose pendant will remember u of our first meeting and our first kiss…u know like the rose from Beauty and The Beast…

Vids: Oh my God, Parth this is so beautiful and it reflects our love story perfectly…said Vids with teary happy eyes…thank u Parth…u are the best boyfriend that someone could ask for…

Parth: Anything for my beauty…said Parth while putting the neckless around Vids neck and then kissing her neck sweetly. They both hugged each other lovingly wealcoming this beautiful feeling…called LOVE…

This is the chapter guys…i hope you all liked it…thank u for reading and see you all soon…


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