A beautiful journey with cherishing moments ||EDKV|| Shot 1

So let’s start with the first update.
Sumo is arranging her books in her school locker humming her favourite songs..

Just then preeti comes running to Sumo..
Preeti: There is a new handsome guy coming to our class.
Sumo:Preeto you know I am not interested in this.
Preeti: He is the only one I find handsome after Push…Preeti stops immediately.

Sumo glares at first but then her face turns into a smile when she understands what she is saying but doesn’t react.
Sumo:I am happy for you …
Preeti: What do you mean??
Sumo:Nothing, It is just that you came in 2nd position.For the first time.
Preeti: Yay,BTW,Which position did you come??
Sumo:Any doubts…
Just then two more friends of Preeti and Sumo come…
Zainab and Aisika:We have a very hot and handsome guy in our class..
I am gonna sit next to him for sure..
Sumo bursts into laughter….
Zainab: What is soo funny??
Sumo:No,nothing… Actually, I few mins back ,Preeti also came and told me the same thing.

The bell for class rings…
All four friends move to the class ..
The principal enters the class
Principal: Here is your new prof for a week..Under the teaching exchange program.
Sumo sees him and goes in a shock…
Sumo whispers Lambu??
Shravan looks around the class but fails to see Suman..
Preeti: I told you he is very handsome right ??
Sumo: Chup Kar
Principal: Under our teacher exchange program we have Mr Shravan Malhotra.. He is a very famous business tycoon and has won many awards at a very young age…
All the girls were ogling at him while Shravan was just smiling..
Preeti, Zainab and Aisika got a shock that he was their professor and not their classmate..
Meanwhile Sumo was beyond shock..Her face had turned pale upon seeing him..
The Principal then calls out for Suman..
Sumo was in her own thoughts when he called her so Preeti shook her.
Sumo:Y..es S..ir
Principal: He is new so can you just show him whatever you have done till now..So he would continue from there.
Sumo frowns in her mind, Why does this happen to me only?
Sumo:Okay sir..
The Principal leaves…
Shravan: In this class, Everyone just introduce yourselves ..
All students get up and introduce themselves well…until it came to Sumo..
She stammered..And the whole class was laughing at her.
She sits down ignoring the class.
Preeti: What is wrong with you?You are the most fluent speaker but today you are like a stammerhead..
Sumo:No it is nothing I am not feeling well.
Preeti: Okay,I think you should go back to the hostel once the bell rings.And call me if anything happens.
Sumo:Okay,here is my engineering n.b Show it to sir on my behalf.
Just then the bell rings..
Preeti: Sumo,Go now.
Sumo moves out of the class while Preeti gives Sumo’s notebook to Shravan.
Shravan finds the handwriting familiar and goes into a flashback.


A girl around 12yrs was running behind a boy around 16…
Girl: Lambu,Give back my diary, it is personal.
Lambu:Well,from today it will no more be personal..
Girl: Give it back.
Lambu:No way,I will only give it after reading it..
After the girl does a lot of begging,he still refuses to give..
The girl falls down screaming after running behind him but Shravan wasn’t paying attention…
Shravan: Sumo,How much Natak would you do??
(yes,the girl is Sumo)
Tears drop out of Sumo’s eyes..
Shravan doesn’t even waste a second and runs to her…
She immediately gets up and takes her diary..
Shravan: Sumo,I hate you..
Just then he notices a paper fallen out of her diary…
He takes it and reads..
It was just a simple story Sumo had written..
Shravan: You got away today,but next time I won’t get fooled…
And yeah, Your handwriting is very beautiful…It reminds of my mom…
Sumo: There will be no second chance Shravan and thanks for your compliment..
End of FB…

Preeti jerks Shravan out of his thoughts..
Preeti: Sir, The n.b
Shravan: Yeah,I will give it to her tomorrow..
Preeti leaves
Shravan is in thoughts and thinks:
Shravan she was your past forget her,as if she remembers you ..
He goes and walks away to the staff room.
Sumo on the other hand is pacing around the room fast….
Sumo thinks… Just forget him..He doesn’t love you or care for you….
He remembers me but hates me…
It is better I ignore him…
Just then,Preeti enters the room..
Sumo:Oh hey, What are you doing here?
Preeti: Sir, has to go somewhere urgently so we don’t have lectures..
Sumo:wow that’s great news..
Shravan was sitting reading her book…but only to show,in his mind he was thinking about her..

His inner thought “Many people in the world can have the same handwriting… She is not your Sumo….If she had been her,she would have have come to you immediately..

Episode ends…

I hope this episode is long…. I decided to post it today because I was free..
Love Anu

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  1. WeirdSister

    What an opening…
    U hve made it interesting from d very first epi..
    Loved it..
    Nd I don’t c u here much these days..I mean on this site..everything okay right??
    Love u loads..
    Take care.
    Nd post damn soon..

  2. Angel20

    The episode was too good?? loved it! Very eager to know about their past?? post the next part soon! And how many parts will it consist of???
    Do post it soon!! Love ya…??❤

  3. Beas

    It’s amazing di. Plz don’t keep us waiting and post ✉ the next part asap.?

  4. Hey Anushika di!!!
    Lovely opening???
    The way you described each scene was???
    If this is the level at the starting itself, no wonder you’ll be having fans mad after you after a few episodes!
    Posts reallyyyy veryyyyy soon!
    Love you!?????

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Nice one .. ??

  6. Ariana

    Anu!!!!!! Brilliant start. My mind is already filled with 10000 questions. It’s so amazing!!!! How can you think so good? U have magic in urself. Stay blessed girl
    Love u sooooooooooo much
    take care

  7. It was a good beginning..
    And the fb part in first episode ..I like it??????

  8. This was amazing. Loved it so much. Post the next part soon. Much love ?
    P.S getting late for tuition so can’t do a longer comment. Sorry.
    Take care ?

  9. superr yrr

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