Balika Vadhu 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anoop talking on phone and says he received the mail. He laughs. Subhadra comes. Anoop says he will increase his salary. Subhadra asks what is the matter? You seem to be happy. Anoop says that one of his client has doubled the order. He thinks to get a office for rent. Subhadra says you can get this entire haveli. She says Alok and Ira are going to Singapore and…….Daddu comes and says he is going with them. Subhadra starts acting and says she was preparing Anoop. Daddu asks her to leave them alone for sometime. Anoop asks so you are also leaving. Daddu says he didn’t want to go, but can’t leave without Shiv here. Anoop says he is also sad about Shiv’s death. He says I can understand Alok’s reason to leave from here. He can’t bear my success. Daddu says I wish

you could understand him, but will not say as you will not listen. Daddu says he will visit him occasionally.

Anoop says you have to come to meet Anandi and kids. Daddu says he is taking Anandi and kids with them. Anoop says he have the right to take care of Shiv’s kids. Daddu asks him not to talk about rights and says his decision is final. He says whereever I goes, Anandi and kids will accompany me. You can show your rights when we are here. Anoop gets sad. Subhadra comes and says she heard everything. Anoop says Papa ji is harsh on me. He is taking my grand children from me. How will Anandi go taking my grand kids. Subhadra asks him to think about his advantage. She says you can rule on this Kesar bagh haveli and will be its sole owner. Anoop gets thinking.

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Kusum calls Jagya and asks about Ganga. Jagya says nobody knows about her. Kusum asks him not to worry and inform her. She thinks Ganga is really lucky to have you as her husband. The girls refuse to eat food. Ganga asks them to eat to have strength so that they can escape. Ganga gets sad. A woman comes to Ganga and introduces herself as Shobha. She says you are new entrants. Ganga asks what do you mean? Shobha says they brought you to do the prostitution. Ganga is shocked.

Khazan ji is in the garden area and hears water flow noise. He sees the pipe getting inside the room and goes in to save Anoop’s things. He wipes the coming water. He keeps the boxes on the safe place. Khazan ji looks at the idol and thinks it is shown on the TV. He assumes that it is stolen one and Anoop might be doing illegal work. He recalls Shiv and Anandi asking him to keep an eye on Anoop’s stuff. He thinks he can’t tell anyone. Anoop comes there and asks Khazan ji what he was doing. Khazan ji says water came inside so I came here. Anoop asks him not to enter this area regardless of the consequences.

Shobha tells Anandi that they kidnap the girl from different part of the city. She says a gang and a politician is running this racket. Ganga is shocked. The girls are shocked too. She says all the rooms here are very luxurious except these two. She says they even send the girls to big cities. Shobha says she was brought from the nearby village one year back. Ganga looks on and says it is very sad. She asks for her help and asks for a way out. Shobha says she would have escape if it was easy to go. Anoop talks to his clients and says he will ship his consignment and mail him. Anandi comes and brings tea for him. Anoop asks her and kids to stay with them. He says I am your father in law and you can’t refuse me. Anandi says yes. Anoop says I know that you are sad after Shiv left. I tried to get close to Shiv, but he left. He says he can forget his pain seeing Shiv’s children growing infront of his eyes. She asks her to rethink about her decision. Anandi says she will decide thinking about Daddu’s wish. She assures him that they will come to meet him frequently. Anoop gets shocked.

Daddu scolds Vinay. Anandi asks what happened. Daddu says Vinay is blaming Anoop for running illegal business. Anandi gets shocked. Khazan ji recalls Anoop warning him and understands everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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