Humsafars 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram asking Sahir what he is hiding as he is not letting him talk to Alvira. Sahir asks him to know the truth and then enquite them. Vikram says he will not ask anything now, but his eyes will be on this room only until he gets the criminal behind bars. Sahir says it is better. Vikram says he is going from the room, but not from the house. He will wait for Alvira to get up and says he will talk to her first. Zaki asks Sahir to rest as he is with Ammi. Sahir says ok and leaves.

Arzoo prays for Alvira’s life. Sahir recalls the incident. Arzoo gets up and says she needs to say something. She says when she came to know that Alvira is not his mum then she started thinking. She says when you needed your family the most, then there was no one for you. She says Vikram said that he has a doubt on Alvira and tells him sorry for doubting her for once. Sahir says relations are made by heart. She didn’t give birth to him, but always supported him whenever needed. She supported me when I was nobody. He says when people used to make fun of me, but Ammi showed faith on me. Whatever I am today is because of her. He wipes her tears and thanks her for talking about her heart talk. Arzoo says it is difficult to say who is more lucky among you and Alvira. They hug each other.

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Vikram talks to Kurti Apa and says he is doubting everyone here. Kurti Apa says will you doubt on your Mami. Vikram says he doesn’t want to doubt on her, but he gets paid for doubting. She says this is not human’s work, but of a Jinnah. Sahir gets a call from Zaki. He tells Arzoo that Alvira gains consciousness. They come to Alvira’s room, but Vikram stops him and says he will talk to her first. Sahir says Ammi is not well and asks him not to question her else he will forget that he is a police man. Sahir comes inside and asks Alvira about the incident. Alvira says she was in the room, when someone came and hit her on the head. Vikram asks are you hiding anything? Alvira says nothing. Sahir says my ammi helped you after going through a trauma. Vikram says he is doing his duty and getting insulted. He says he can’t leave them alone. Sahir asks Alvira bot to worry. Kurti Apa keeps a fruit plate on the window and says whoever you are, just spare my Zeenat. I will do whatever you says. She asks to accept the gift. She comes back to Zeenat and see the plate empty with only one pinned fruit. She smiles. She talks to Zeenat and says this Kurti Apa will not let you lose. I will get her out of the house before you wakes up. You will rule on this house once you wake up. This is my promise.

Arzoo is in her room and thinks of Nausheen’s words. She thinks her life have become complicated. She thinks she forgot to make designs. She sits to make design and searches for her sketch book. She sees Sahir’s sketch book and says he is a big secret baaz. She opens the book and sees sketches of a woman. She gets shocked and says designs are different, but face is same. She wonders who is she? She says she is Zeenat. She thinks Sahir used to love Zeenat very much and wonders did he love her even now. Sahir comes and asks what she is thinking? Arzoo says nothing. Sahir counts the numbers. She asks what are you doing? Sahir says 5 questions are written on your face. Arzoo says you doesn’t have answers for my questions. She says she wants to know about Zeenat. When did you meet her and how was your relation with her. Sahir says answers will not be there for puzzles. He says my past is a puzzle and there are no answers for it. Arzoo stops him and says if you don’t want to say then it is okay, but I can ask you about yourself. She asks him about his design book. Sahir refuses to sketch. Arzoo feels bad to hear him lying. She says I knows that you are lying and says what will happen to our relation.

Anam asks Alvira to control her anger and says Sahir’s life was saved now. She blames Arzoo for the happenings and asks her to keep the anger for the future.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plz give us written update early.. its too late.. we r waiting for this after finishing the epi.. do it as like as before u do..thank you

  2. Too much suspense… Please reveal the truth fast. Love you SaAz… thanks for update H Hasan. Please update fast everyday.

  3. Its pre longing too much for truth to come out..story is going in circles. .

  4. love your show sahir is hot and handsome

  5. As Arzoo said that when Sahir is ready to reveal the truth to Arzoo. Please take you time , some parts of Sahir life need to be explain, not only to the viewer and to Arzoo

  6. Is humsafars really ending plzzz is no. Humsafars is my favourite drama

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