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Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triveni coming to kitchen and compliments Nandini on her looks. She says mahurat is till 7 pm and asks her to make for Krish. Nandini says she is making something for Krish. Abhayram comes and says he likes Gewar. Karuna says I didn’t know. Triveni says you although your husband is useless etc, but you should make food of his choice. Karuna says I didn’t know. Abhayram says Nandini will make as she knows how to make Gewar. Karuna asks how do you know? Abhayram says Krish told me. Karuna asks Nandini to make Gewar and says she will make Chorma laddoo for Krish. Karuna asks him to have something. He says he will drink water from her hands. Nandini agrees to make Gewar. Later Nandini is about to make Krish break his fast and is about to make him drink water, just then Abhayram

feigns to faint and eyes Nandini.. He says water…Krish asks Nandini to make Abhayram drink water. Karuna also asks Nandini to make him drink water. Nandini is shocked and goes to him. She acts to slip to make the glass fall down. Krish makes Abhayram drink water, ruining his plan. Abhayram is angry.

Nandini calls Bapusaa to Abhayram and asks how is your health. She says I can slip to make you defeat. She says I will spend tonight with my husband and asks him to stop if he can. Abhayram is very much angry. Krish comes to Nandini and says he is trying to book hotel or resort, but everything is booked. Karuna says I found a resort type private haveli for you both, and says it is their marriage gift. She asks them to get ready and reach mount abu. Nandini thinks if Kundan comes to know about this, then he will not let us go.

Dr. Amit’s dad slaps Vandana for ruining Nandini’s career and insulting her. Vandana goes crying. Dr. Amit says don’t know if we can bring Nandini back or not. His dad says Nandini will be back as it was her mum’s Anandi’s dream to serve the people. Dr. Amit regrets to marry Vandana. Vandana brings her bag and says neither I do. She says I tried to make our life fine, but I failed because of you. She says you love Nandini even now….Dr. Amit looks on. Vandana says don’t deny that you love her. She asks him not to let Nandini go, and says Krish is very immature to handle her. She asks him to accept Nandini back, if she comes to him. She says I could tell everything then I left you so that you can complete your love story.

Krish brings a gift for Nandini and asks her to wear it on first night. Nandini shyly smiles. He opens the gift. Nandini says it is beautiful. Krish says he wants his night to be beautiful. Krish tries to kiss her. Just then a phone comes. Krish says timing is back and attends the call. Dr. Amit asks where is Nandini? Krish says we are going on a two days honeymoon, and asks him to tell if there is something. Dr. Amit says I tried to make Sudha to take back the charges, but she didn’t agree. Krish thinks he will tell later as Nandini is looking happy. He deletes the call from the call list.

Triveni tells Krish that she wants twin babies. Krish says I will give you many good news. Triveni slaps him. Krish asks where is Abhayram. Triveni says I sent him for some work, and asks them to go before he comes. Karuna says he is my husband and asks her not to badmouth about him. Triveni says he is useless. Karuna asks Nandini to take care of Krish. Triveni blesses them. They take Karuna’s blessings and leave. Abhayram is driving the car and thinks it is difficult to handle Triveni. He gets angry as Triveni sent him to buy medicines. He thinks what is Nandini’s plan. Krish and Nandini leave from the house. Abhayram comes just then and collides with Triveni. Triveni scolds him and calls him nain sukh. She asks can you see me. Abhayram asks where is Krish. Triveni says honeymoon. Karuna says we are his parents and have some responsibility towards him. Abhayram gets angry.

Nandini and Krish dance on the song Sun Saathiya………………They get intimate and consummate their marriage. Abhayram comes there and gets angry seeing them sleeping intimately. He burns the haveli. Nandini gets the smell and wakes up while coughing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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