Tammana Happy Ending one shot

Hii friends
Rushi here
I have written ffs Milan do diloka (tashan-e-ishq) , true love (yeh rishta kya kehlata hain ) n currently am working on dil ka rishta (yeh hain mohabatien)

I am a very big fan of tammana serial
It was a very different serial
with awesome storyline and beautifully crafted
but i was disappointed with the way it ended
I was expecting happy ending
so today am presenting the ending I was expecting in form of an one shot

epi starts from where last epi ended that is dhara was leaving in car with her family
tears drop from sanjay’s eyes
salmant tells him he should have expressed his feelings atleast once to dhara
emotional sanjay says there is no use as there is no future for them
he says dhara is so educated n he is just 12th pass dhara is so talented n he is just so useless.
dhara says who is he to judge himself
sanjay is stunned to see dhara in front of his eyes
she says”who u think u are a grear man to sacrifice ur feelings, am I not a divorcee, am I perfect”
sanjay is confused
dhara says”I forgot to be alone sanjay I have got used to u
I need ur support”
she weeps sanjay hugs her n says he is always there to support her
they hug
all look on
subhangi claps

sanjay n dhara are shown getting married

2 years latter.

Sanjay tells deepak today’s day is very important
dhara is shown performing arti
sameer n mridula are distributing sweets
sanjay asks subhangi to get ready fast
subhangi says but Rishi is sleeping
a small baby is shown sleeping sanjay kisses subhangi n asks her to get ready rishi will not get disturbed

dhara is getting ready
sanjay eyes her lovingly
he says her face is glowing she says its all because of her MP husband mr sanjay pratap Singh
he smiles n says am today an MP because of my wife dhara
they hug each other

All reach a place
dhara asks about chief guest
roy sir arrives on wheel chair
he cuts a ribbion

is inaugurated
roy says dhara he is proud of her
dhara says her real journey starts today.

bhaaa thanks god for making dhara’s life complete
a family photo of dhara, sanjay, baby rishi n shubangi is clicked

n they lived happily everafter

liked it? please let me know ur reviews

  1. Sarayumane

    Even i didn’t like the real ending, but i like this a lot

  2. yipee!!! i loved it. i too wanted an ending like this!!! 🙂

  3. Agreed..this was one serial with a difference but ending so abrupt & disappointing.
    Like your version…
    Hope good stories like “Tammana” will end well.

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