Balika Vadhu 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 31st December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Anoop apologizing to Meenu saying I can’t remember anything. Meenu says, but I knows everything and there is no place for sorry between us. She says, I was alone and scared without you. I don’t have words to express my feelings then and now also, I couldn’t say how much happy I am, to get you back in my life. She tells about the memories. Anoop asks, what memories? Meenu says, you took us to babu bazaar. Anoop tries to remember. Meenu says, everything can be brought there. You took me there after our marriage and I had eaten samosas and you was staring at me with love. Anoop says, I remember to go to that shop but I don’t remember to gone with you. Meenu says, it is okay, if you don’t remember. She asks him to sleep as it is late night.


comes in Dadisaa’s room with Sumitra, Gehha and Jagya. Dadisaa says, you will stay here with me until your delivery. Ganga asks, where you will sleep now? Dadisaa says, I took an oath that until I see you and your unborn baby together, I will sleep on the floor. Everyone are stunned. Jagya says, you can’t do this. Bhairov and Basant doesn’t like her idea. Basant says, in this age, you can’t sleep on the floor. Sumitra and Gehna tries to convince her not to take this oath. Dadisaa says, I am determined to fulfill this oath in any circumstances. She asks others to go as Ganga is tired now. She asks the nurse ( which she hired for Ganga’s comfort) to take rest in other room. Ganga hugs Dadisaa and gets emotional. Dadisaa make her lie on the bed and she sleeps on the floor.

Nandu is showing religious places on the laptop to Gehna and Ganga. Basant tells Gehna that he is going outside. He stares at Gehna and asks, do you want to learn it in this age. Gehna says, I want to learn it and says, we can see and listen religious bhagans in this. Also we can hears the aarti of the famous temple. Basant says, I am scared now as everyone will learn it and I will be left alone being uneducated. I will learn in the evening. Gehna tells Ganga that he is eager to learn it now.

Daddu asks, what is prepared in breakfast. Anandi says, baigan ka bharta and dal chawal as it is Shiv and Chote papa’s favourite dish. Meenu is about to serve the dish, but Ira says, I don’t want to have it today. Anoop says, I can eat baigan ka bharta as much as possible. Shiv asks him to leave little amount as it is his favourite too. Shiv and Anoop gives hi fi to each other. Ira looks at them and sees same eating habits. Saachi comes and asks Anoop to shift to some other chair and says, it is mine. Ira scolds her and asks her to sit on some other chair. Saachi says, I will sit but why you got scared. Daddu asks Anoop to eat.

Ira tells Saachi that I have uneasiness. Saachi says, it is related to Shiv. Ira says, Shiv and Anoop are similar to each other and they have same eating habits and even small things. He is like Anoop’s reflection and it makes me remember that Shiv is Anoop’s son and not mine. It gets uncomfortable and couldn’t control my heart. He calls me maa and accepts me as his mom. I am wrong and have to hold on my emotions for the family’s happiness.

Sumitra asks Ganga to drink milk. Ganga says, I don’t have the habit to lie down like this so that’s why I am not hungry. Sumitra is sad and says, I recalled your old days when you took care of everything. But today, everything has changed. Home is not looking as home. Ganga says, I will not go anywhere, I will fight back. Nothing will happen to me. Sumitra says, I won’t let you go anywhere. She cries. Dadisaa listens this and gets emotional herself. She scolds Sumitra for crying infront of Ganga and says she is fine and will always be fine. She asks her not to make her sad. She asks Ganga, to have strength. She says Devi maa will help us and will save your child. Dadisaa smiles with a spark in her smile.

Anandi suggests to Meenu that Anoop can get back his memory if he visits Pichola lake and asks what had happened there? Meenu tells something which shocks Anandi and Mahi. Anandi, Meenu and Anoop are sitting in the boat while Mahi is standing. Meenu asks him to sit. Anandi loses her balance and falls in the lake. Anoop dive in to save Anandi.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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