Balika Vadhu 26th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa telling that they will have the prayers today for Basant. Gehna comes wearing the pink saree with bindi on her forehead. Everyone look at her. Nandu gets teary eyed. She apologizes to her son for hurting him. Nandu says, bhaisaa explained to me everything. Gehna says, people blamed the widow women for her husband’s death. She says, she will live the life happily with her husband’s memories. She asks him to be like his father. Nandu says, ok and asks her to apply bindi on her forehead always. They have a hug. Dadisaa smiles. They sit for the prayers. People start gossiping about Basant’s death.

Ganga brings Gehna. They all look at her with shock and start gossiping. Dadisaa asks Panditji to start the puja. One old woman says, Basant’s wife

is well dressed and accuses Gehna. They ask Dadisaa, how can her daughter in law dressed like a married woman. They ask Gehna to wear widow clothes. Dadisaa says, these talks/rituals are the past things. I did the same thing with Suguna. What shall I do? Shall I send her out to live, ask her to make her own food. She says, I can’t do this. My eyes is opened now. I can’t make my daughter in law die. I can’t do this sin. Old woman says, we live in a society so have to follow the rules.

Dadisaa argues and asks what they will get after ruining someone’s life. She says, it is upto us to walk on the right time. Old woman asks, will you go against the rules. Dadisaa says yes. She says, we can’t make her life impossible. She tells everyone that Gehna’s bindi is the symbol of her motherly love now and her husband would be happy to see her happy. If anyone has any objections then they can leave. My Basant would not be at peace. Everyone understand her point and says we are all with you.

Panditji starts praying. Gehna cries. Dadisaa cries. Everyone offer their prayers. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he has to go to haridwar for Asthi Visarjan. He gets a call from the hospita. Jagya tells his family about the road accident and the injured are taken to our hospital for treatment. Dadisaa asks her to go. Jagya says, I have to go to Haridwar. Shiv says, I will go there and asks him to go to hospital. Dadisaa says, Shiv is also like our son and asks him to take Nandu with him. Jagya asks Ganga to come along with him. Ganga says no. Gehna asks her to go and she will take care of kids.

Anandi says, shall I stay here for longer. Dadisaa says no and asks her to take care of her home. Anandi tells Gehna that she is not too far and would come back if she needs her. Gehna nods. Jagya gives the ashes to Shiv. Anandi asks Ganga to take care of Gehna and Dadisaa. Shiv and Anandi leaves with Nandu.

Jagya and Ganga come to the hospital to see the accident victims. He sees a woman. Doctor informs him that she has glasses pieces pierced on her face. Jagya asks him to take her to the OT.

Jagya comes to the operation theatre and holds that woman’s hand. She feels his touch and asks who are you. Jagya gets shocked. ( May be his ex wife Gauri returns to the show).

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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