Balika Vadhu 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triveni seeing someone keeping an eye on them while they are in market and informs Nandini. Nandini says there is nobody here. Triveni says may be it is my doubt and asks her to choose ladies finger. Sudha runs on the road and calls Nandini repeatedly. She wonders why she is not picking her call. Nandini sees Sudha on the road and asks auto driver to stop auto. Just then she sees Sudha going in an auto and tells Triveni that her sister seems to be tensed. Triveni sees same man following them and catches them. She slaps him repeatedly. Krish and Nandini ask her to leave the man. Krish says may be you are misunderstanding him. Man says I was following Nandini. Nandini asks Krish, if this is truth. Krish says yes. The man goes. Triveni asks what is this nonsense? Krish says I have

a doubt that her childhood husband is threatening her and couldn’t let her sleep. Triveni asks who is he? Krish says he got married to her when she was just 3 months old. Nandini thinks she forgot to call Sudha and then calls her, but the call is unanswered. Nandini hopes everything is fine. Abhayram comes to Nandini and says you didn’t take my threat seriously. He asks her to tell Krish not to spy. Nandini says just like my mum have failed your cunning parents, I will fail you, until krish is with me. Triveni comes. Abhayram changes the track and tells Nandini not to worry if her ex husband calls her again. Triveni picks the knife and

Triveni picks the knife and says I do agree with Abhayram. She asks Nandini to warn her ex husband and says she will handle him. She says if he comes infront of me then I will twist his hand and beat him. She twists Abhayram’s hand and beats him. Abhayram asks why you are beating me. Triveni says she hates child marriage customs. She says I am with you..Nandini, don’t worry. She says if that man comes infront of me then he will not be spared. Nandini smiles. She asks Abhayram, if she is saying right. Abhayram says yes. Nandini hugs Triveni happily. Triveni asks her to move and asks her to give turmeric milk to Karuna. Triveni scares Abhayram and shows the knife.

Premal comes home and asks him mum, why did you call me? Premal’s mum says Sudha pushed me and left. Premal asks how dare she? Premal’s dad says she is very clever. Premal’s mum says we have to do something to seal her mouth. Premal says Sudha will not tell anything as she loves her parents. Mr. Shekhawat and Yamuna come there and insist to meet Sudha. Premal’s mum says she went to beauty went to get head massage done, as I asked her. Yamuna says okay. Mr. Shekhawat says we will go after meeting her. Premal says we thought to go to watch movie, and says we will cancel our plan. Mr. Shekhawat asks him not to cancel his plan and says we will leave. He gives clothes and sweets. Premal and his parents greet them. Mr. Shekhawat leaves. Yamuna says we shall talk to Nandini. Mr. Shekhawat asks her not to call Nandini. They leave. Premal’s mum asks him to do something. Premal says let her come. Karuna asks Krish to concentrate on his MD exam, and says it will be easy for you then. Krish says nothing is important to me than the test. Nandini brings turmeric milk. Krish asks Karuna to finish it. Abhayram takes glass from Nandini’s hand and asks Karuna to drink it. Triveni says I am happy that your husband take care of you. Abhayram says I love my wife very much and looks at Nandini.

Karuna is step her feet on the water. Nandini sees current wire and stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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