Ishq Unplugged 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaan tells Sunny that video got corrupted due to virus in laptop. She asks if he cannot remake it. He says until laptop is repaired, they cannot. He asks what she has planned next. She says she does not know, Mandy yelled at her for Antara even today.

Antara apologizes Charu. She says she does not have to and says her words for Mandy are right. Antara says Mandy is not like that, he is a good man, but gets angry so soon, so behaves childish. Charu says she does not want want her to defend Mandy and says she does not control her and is just stopping her from doing the mistakes which she did. Antara asks she will not get a chance to do mistakes and learn. Charu says no as she is being dragged here, so she should just stop thinking all this and focus on contest and winning it.

All contestants enjoy lunch. Mandy orders custard followed by Antara. Waiter says there is only one. Antara says she does not need it. Mandy says he needs it as he deserves it more. Button comes and says they will be having photo session. Designers will be desinging theri costumes first and whoever gets a best costume will get extra point. Mandy comments what about weird faces, looking at Antara. Antara asks what time it is. He says 11 a.m. Sunny asks Mandy why is he doing this. Antara says let it go. Mandy yells Sunny is his friend and can question him, who is she to stop them. Antara says Sunny is also her friend. Their argument starts. Sunny leaves. Shaan follows her and asks if she saw Antara and Mandy find excuses to try to talk to each other. She says yes, Mandy’s sister calls Antara and soon his dad will call. Shaan says Mandy’s dad is dumb. She says yes. He says he doubts Mandy’s papa is not dumb, they can use it in their favor, she should ask Mandy about his papa. Sunny says this is complicated and she will not. He says this is important and she has to find out.

Sunny goes to rehearsal room and sees Mandy practicing guitar. She claps and asks what happened. He says he is confused in life for the first time. She asks Antara and starts brainwashing him that Antara does not value him at all and just values her aayi. He says that is what, I did not tell her to disobey her aayi, then thinks if he should tell her or not. She continues brainwashing him.

Shaan suggests Sunny to sneak into Antara’s mobile and send Mandy’s dad’s video to him. He says once Mandy is exposed, he will hate Antara forever. Sunny says let us do this.

Antara enters costume room and meets designer keeping her phone on table. Shaan sees that and thinks where is Sunny. Sunny comes and he signals her to sneak Antara’s phone. He keeps Antara busy with his talks. Sunny silently goes and is about to pick phone when Mandy enters and starts verbal argument with Shaan. Shaan asks Antara if Mandy is not her boyfriend, then why is he interfering between them. Sunny acts as taking Shaan’s side and signals that she sneaked Antara’s mobile. They both silently leave taking their costumes. Designer gives Antara and Mandy’s costumes and say they sync with each other. They both say they need different one and leave taking different one.

Sunny looks at Mandy’s dad’s video and sends it to Shaan and waits for video to upload. Antara and Mandy change their costumes and they syn again. Antara’s costume stucks in nail and tears. He calls her, but she shouts to stay away from her and laves. Antara enters room and sees Sunny hides mobile.

Precap: Antara asks Button if he sent his director intership form. Button says he did not send. She asks why. Somone enters record room and steals file.

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