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Balika Vadhu 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st November 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli at night :

Gehna takes Ganga to Jagya’s room which is fully decorated with flowers and heart petals are on the bed , Ganga smiles by seeing the splendid decoration , Gehna makes her sit on the bed , she caresses her head , they exchange smiles and Gehna leaves closing the door .

Living room :

Jagya asks Tausa what important thing you wanted to talk to me ? DS , Bhairon and Basant are teasing Jagya , he talks about constructing a new wing in hospital , Jagya says the idea is good but it will not be enough . Basant says to Bhairon that they will talk about it tomorrow as he is tired now , Jagya denies being tired but he walks out from there . DS , Bhairon and Basant are grinning ear to ear .

Jagya’s room :

Jagya is mesmerized as soon as

he enters his room on seeing Ganga beautifully dressed , she is shy and nervous . The song “Maati rangao” plays in BG , Jagya holds her chin up , she smiles at him and he returns the smile too . He says in the flowing river , you have seen a support less boat about to be drowned , my condition was same like that . I dint knew anything but you guided me and i came to know that you were the one made for me with whom i wanna spend my whole life . I never expressed what i felt but now everyone has accepted us and we can start a new life afresh and if anything is bothering you , i am ready to wait . He places his hand on her cheek , she closes her eyes , he continues i just want your happiness and there will be no force on you . Jagya is about to remove his hand but Ganga stops him , she says my name is entwined with you and it will be a honor to be known as your wife , i only had one fear that the family should accept us and will we able to lead a happy life ? But now i don’t have any fear , the family has accepted us , i am your wife , your companion , i pray to god that i should always be able to support you and i am totally yours . Jagya holds her by arms , he makes her sit on the bed and he sits too , they both are having a eye lock with the same song mentioned . She looks down , he smiles at her . He opens her earring and makes her wear brought by him , Ganga suddenly hugs him instantly , Jagya carresses her hair and they both lie on the bed , the scene is blurred.


Kesar bagh at morning :

Sanchi is having a sound sleep , her phone rings , she wakes up and lifts it . It’s from Ankita , one of her friends . She says i heard that you had to take your case back and your secret was out only because of that Payal . Sanchi says she was my best friend , i never thought she will do that to me , now i dun believe in friendship anymore , i dun want any friends . Ankita poisons her mind again only because of one friend you will boycott all friends ? It’s not right , tomorrow i will introduce you to some very good friends who will understand you , come at my house tomorrow as we will celebrate Diwali as well , Sanchi rejects it by saying just now such a big hungama happened i cant come and i dun have any interest in pooja patra and all but have to do it for my family , she cuts the call . Sanchi recalls her pardafhash scenes and says with bitterness in her voice only 2 people are responsible for my doom I.E Ganga and Anandi bhabhi .

Jagan’s room :

Ganga already bathed , is bringing a cup of tea for Jagya who is still fast asleep , she remembers the previous night and some FBs are shown , she smiles , she says Dactar sahab your tea but Jagya doesn’t wake up , she touches his hand .


Jagan’s room :

He wokes up startled , he yells who is this !? By his sudden reaction Ganga falls and Jagya is on top on her , the BG “Saiyan Re” plays , Jagya asks Ganga you ? I thought it’s someone else , they again have a intense eye lock , he caresses her . Ganga says everyone have woken up and are waiting for us . Jagya says you’re forgetting that i am your hubby now and it’s your duty to listen to me , Ganga shies away , she says your tea is getting cold , Jagya says i dun want it , Ganga says i want to breakfast for you , he says i dun need it , she says i need to do the household chores , Jagya says but i still wanna stare you endlessly , nothing is more important and then .


Voice over : Sorry i dint understood , will edit as soon as the videos are up .


Precap :
The Shekars are doing Puja for Diwali .

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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