Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya says no way di this impossible. How can i marry some i don’t know well. she says impossible was for me to live without parents but i did just for you. I gave you all you wanted. I never compelled you to do something but i will today just for your future. I have decide this fro your good future. She will do a lot for her family. At this stage is hard to find a girl like soniya,. It is beneficia for our business too. He loyalty and business will be merged with singhaniya’s. I want you to think with cool mind.

Scene 2
Roli says to simar that we have almost successful in our plan. Mausi ji says but it is so far. Where will we bring this Mr. india family from. Simar says i am just waiting for the days shaureya will be standing in the wedding hall and soniya will deny. He will have to accept that janvi is his wife. Once he accepts this we will ask for divorce. So janvi will live happily in her lifel. Janvi over hears them. Her eyes are wet. Roli asks are you oaky? Janvi says i never thought this will happen. Roli asks don’t you like our plan ? Are you ready to divorce him. janvi says if it was just about me i would never have asked for divorce. it was just a joke for him but for me a life long relation but what will i be having with a guy who get embarrassed in calling me his wife. Mausi ji says that your crying time has ended. Its their time to cry now.

Scene 3
Sid is with Soniya. She says hope you like the new strategy. Sid says that we can do a little changes to make it right.we can make it life time policy. I will profits us of 10 years in 6 years. But I forgot the file home. I can ask my wife for it if you want? She says yeah sure. He calls roli and asks her if she can drop the file ? She says yes she can do this little favor to her husband and will get to meet his new boss as well.

Scene 4
Shaureya says that i accept that marrying soniya is the best thing for me but i will not change my life style and way for her. This wed lockw on’t be lock of my feet. I will stay whatever i am. Meghna says my sweet little brother you don’t have to change you will stay like what you want. Soniya will be so busy that she won’t be having time for all this. Shaureya says that okay then i don’t have any problem. Meghna says i can’t tell you how happy i am. i just have to make her agree now.

Scene 5
Pari is in office. Prem is discussing the colors with the interior. Shalu says yes i am convinced with the color. Pari says but i am not. I think bright red will suit here.m Prem says that it won’t with our theme. We can change it with brown. Pari says that we can change this design in which all interiors are pink. We can change the whole team. She talks so rudely. Prem says that you should not have talked to him like this. It is not about clothes or housse. It is about what makes the shop more beneficial. Pari sasy so you mean that only you can do business i am just a dumb that can do household only. Prem says i never meant this. Pari says this is my son’s shop and i have a ll the rights. I will decide the interiors. Prem says when did this your and mine cam between members of our family. Pari says i will do whatever we i want. Prem says shalu i can’t stay here for a moment i will leave now. Shalu says to pari look what your stubbornness has done.

Scene 6
soniya is really happy to see his work. soniya says that we have a very important meeting it will take half an hour. sod says my wife is coming here she wants to meet you. Soniya says i would love to meet her. i will ask my staff to take care of her till we are not back. They are leaving. Soniya says i will give you the brief of meeting in the car. They leave.
Roli arrives there after that. She is going in. She goes in the staff is treating so well. They ask her to have a seat. He tells her taht they have gone in a meeting what would you like? Roli says coffe. Suddenly a phone rings and the servant says soniya obroye residence. Roli is startled.

Precap-Roi plan to run away from there. She says i don’t wanna face real soniya. When she is leaving she sees meghna and shaureya coming there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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