Balika Vadhu 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi picking Akhiraj’s call who insists to talk to Jagya. Anandi gives the call to Jagya. Jagya asks him, did you find Mannu and Pooja? Akhiraj tells him that he used his sources to find your children. Jagya says okay. Akhiraj thinks he will try to find Mannu and Pooja, and if not then he will increase communication with him. Jagya tells everyone that he gave Mannu and Pooja’s photo to Akhiraj. Jagya tries to hide his tears, Anandi asks him not to stop his tears. Jagya says I am tired up of acting like a brave man. I have failed, I thought that I am best father and giving best to my children, but it was just my misunderstanding. I lost Abhi and Mannu’s love. Anandi says you didn’t do anything wrong, but gave more love to Mannu and Shivam as you know the truth. Abhi

feels that you didn’t love him much, as you did concentrated on Mannu and Shivam more. Jagya says he didn’t tell Mannu about Ratan as he was scared to lose him. Anandi says Mannu is angry with you, but he is still the same loving, caring and understanding boy. Ganga hears their conversation and is teary eyed. Ganga recalls her conversation with Anandi and a flashback is shown.

Nimboli sees Kundan’s phone ringing and picks the call. Urmila’s mum asks her to give call to Urmila. Nimboli greets her. Urmila comes and takes the call. She asks Nimboli to go and says she don’t talk infront of servants. Urmila tells her mum that she is keeping Nimboli as her servant. Her mum gets happy and asks her not to do any work, and make Nimboli fall in everyone’s eyes. She says she will give her tips to ruin Nimboli’s work. Urmila says she is upset with her and asks to send TV. Her mum says they will send TV in 2 days and disconnects the call.

Akhiraj asks Nimboli to boil water for him. He asks him about Harki. Nimboli says she didn’t know. Akhiraj thinks Harki must do the work for which he sent her. Pushkar and her family come to temple. Kamli asks Pushkar to come with her for the parikrama. Pushkar’s mum explains to her. Pushkar agrees and goes with her to do the parikrama. Kamli senses someone’s presence and looks back. Pushkar asks her to come.

While they were doing the Parikrama, someone follows Pushkar with a knife. The goon is about to stab him when Pushkar bends to pick the prasad and gets cut on his hand. He shouts. Kamli runs behind him, but he escapes on his scooter. Kamli thinks someone wants to kill Pushkar, but who is he?

Harki calls Nimboli and she leaves. Urmila comes to kitchen and add chilli in her food. Akhiraj eats the food and stares Nimboli angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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