Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is putting Maruti to sleep. She thinks of how Maruti had killed Vrikshasur; how he had grown in size while chanting Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap; the Vishnu aura forming behind Maruti after he killed Vrikshasur. She is highly disturbed. Kesari notices her thus and asks her what’s troubling it. She is concerned about Maruti. Vrikshasur was attacking my little son with his branches. Any mother would get scared seeing it. I too got concerned for my son. Kesari points out how bravely Maruti ended Vrikshasur. Anjana is worried about the same. He is becoming famous outside Maruti too. How should I save him from this world? Kesari assures her that he has heightened the security around palace and especially on Maruti. Anjana makes up her mind. I will not let my son step out of this palace

anymore. This palace will be his playground. I will keep him away from every evil eye or problem.

Ravan calls out for Atibal. Atibal appears there. He is pretty swift. Ravan calls him a dwarf, a vegetarian. He mocks Atibal as he is unlike all the other Asuras. All the courtesans start laughing at him along with Ravan. Atibal gets angry as the courtesans continue to taunt him. Ravan holds out his hand so as to stop them. There is no one other than Atibal in this court who can be swift and cunning (just like Ravan). Atibal nods happily. He looks at the quiet faces of the courtesans. Atibal shares that he can read anyone’s mind. I change my form as per the place or thing around me. Ravan gives him the task of going to Sumeru. Find out about the Vanar kid who has killed Vrikshasur and find out which God is backing him. I would love it if it is Indra! I will teach him a right lesson for his mistake. Ravan tempts him by showing him an apple. Atibal enjoys the apple and disappears. Ravan tells his courtesans. Spread fear, terror on earth!

Ravan couldn’t understand that an ordinary Vanar kid was going to break his arrogance one day. The very same Vanar kid will burn his golden Lanka one day and then all his money would disappear. He thought that some God is behind Maruti’s antics. He had no idea that Maruti is his Aaradhya Lord Shiva’s ansh!

Anjana tells Maruti to stay in the palace only. Ask your mother before doing anything. Kesari tells her against putting so many restrictions on their son. She reasons that their son looks big but he is small. We only have to protect him. You can take care of him the way you want to when he grows up. Kesari nods. He gets a message. He shares with her that he will have to leave Sumeru for some work. I have made all the preps for security but still, be careful. Maharaj Ambasur has sent him a message. The Asuras are going to create havocs for humans and Vanars. Another king has got this message. I too have to leave with him. He goes.

Anjana is in thoughts. She puts Anjan in Maruti’s eyes. Maruti wants to go out to play with his friends but Anjana stops him. Maruti will play in the palace only. Maruti sadly points out that he has no friends here. Who will I play with? Anjana signals a daasi who brings lot many toys there. Maruti makes a sad face. I enjoy playing with my friends in the garden. Anjana stops him again. Maruti wants to know why he cannot play with his friends in the garden. She replies that she loves him a lot. I feel sad without you. Do you want to see your mother sad? Maruti shakes his head. He agrees to play inside the palace only. But you don’t be sad ever. She lovingly kisses his hands. He sits down to play with a top. He throws it on the floor. It casts a cut on the ground as it makes a circle. Anjana and everyone look on in shock. Maruti excitedly watches it. He picks it up and there is a big hole in the floor. Anjana is stunned. She tries to divert his attention to a ball but he wants to play with the top only. She suggests him to play with a ball. He nods. She stops him from throwing the ball with much force. He plays slowly but ends up breaking a lot of stuff in the room. Anjana is perplexed. How do I make him understand? You only have to do something now!

Precap: The Kings discuss about the Asura Chakrasur. He has come from pataal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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