Balika Vadhu 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Inspector informing Jagya that he has informed Madhura’s parents and says they had lodged missing complaint with the police. Nimboli tells Madhura that you will go to your parents. Madhura thanks her and says I will never forget you. Nimboli says you are my sister and hugs her. Inspector asks Madhura to come. Madhura waves them bye and goes. Anandi looks at Nimboli. While they were going in the car, Anandi tells Jagya that they shall go to Jhalra and make Nimboli meet Mangla once. Nimboli wakes up hearing Mangla’s name and shouts Maa. Anandi says she is having fever. Jagya says we shall take her to hospital first. Nimboli apologizes to her for calling her bad chudail and says you are good. Anandi apologizes to her also. Anandi asks from where did you get the money and

how you paid for bus ticket. Nimboli shows the money and says she just brought a ticket only. Anandi asks from where did you get this money? Nimboli asks if you get angry with me, and says she got it from inhouse temple as a loan. Jagya and Anandi smiles.

Jagya tells her that he recalled old incident and shares with Anandi. A fb is shown, Anandi steals money from the inhouse temple and says she will return to God as it is a loan. He says kids are parents’ reflection and says you are like your mum. He realizes what he said, but sees her sleeping. Anandi tells him that Nimboli thinks Mangla is her mum and not me. Jagya says it is good that she slept. Mangla’s phone rings. She sees Anandi’s number and thinks I will not pick your call.

Next morning, Akhiraj talks to Magician and says he thought all night about the magic, but didn’t understand anything. He asks him to say how did he do the magic. Magician says it is not magic, but a trick. He says force the viewers to see what you want to show them. Akhiraj says you are superb and asks him to taught him tricks. Magician says okay and promises to teach him tricks. Akhiraj thinks that’s why I am praising you, then I will deal with you and plan accordingly.

Mangla asks Kamli to ask Pandit ji about Akhiraj’s Barsi. She says we will do 13th day and Barsi together. Harki comes and asks who are you to decide. She says barsi will happen after a year only. Mangla says everything is changed now. Harki says you want my husband’s soul not to get peace and that’s why you want barsi to happen now. Anandi calls Mangla, but she doesn’t pick the call. Anandi tells Dadisaa that Mangla is not picking the call. Mangla says I am elder of the house and saying for the betterment. Anandi calls Kamli and tells her that she called to talk to Mangla. She tells everything. Kamli gets shocked hearing about the incident and gets shocked. Harki asks why do you want to celebrate? Mangla asks what you are saying? Kamli tells Mangla that Nimboli was saved last night from getting killed. Mangla asks what happened to her, and asks her to tell. Ganga asks Dadisaa to take rest. Jagya asks her to go. Dr. Anant comes and says you can take her home. I will do the follow up.

The people see the magician’s tricks and says his student is not doing well. Akhiraj makes a sad face. Magician asks him not to lose hope and says you can do better. Akhiraj thinks I can do more better than you taught me. He says I don’t want people to laugh on you and says magic is not my cup of tea. Magician asks him to think again and decide. Akhiraj says I have thought much, and thinks I shall leave from here. Magician says okay and bundle of notes in his hand. He asks him not to use magic in wrong doings. Akhiraj promises to do magic for good purpose all his life and says I will leave now. Magician asks him to hug him. Akhiraj hugs him and says he will teach a lesson to his enemies through magic.

Anandi, Jagya, Ganga and others come home with Nimboli. Dadisaa asks her to go to her room and rest. Nimboli sees Mangla there and runs to hug her, but she feels dizzy. Mangla stops Anandi from holding Nimboli and shows the hand. Anandi is shocked. Nimboli asks why did you leave me alone and went. She says I tried you many times, but you didn’t pick my call. Mangla takes her to room. Anandi, Jagya, Dadisaa and Ganga are shocked.

Mangla shouts at Anandi and tells her to inform Nimboli that she is her mum. She says she is taking her daughter to Jhalra to save her from pain. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. mangla
    …..get lost from nimboli,anandi life…I hate ur role now..

  2. I can’t believe Anandi can be so mad , why she informed everything to Kamli. Mangla is over reacting. Anandi learn something from Mangla be confident an inform everything to Nimboli. No doubt its not easy for Nimboli to accept truth but you have handle her for some time . Bring back your charm inform Shivam about it he is a smart kid he will help make Nimboli to Nandini. Let Mangla loose this time n over your fear n get Nandini back.

  3. Nimboli and mangla will be successful in going to jhalra. AGAIN!! Then probably, there will be drama in jhalra and they will return to anandi.

  4. 02/16/2016 –
    Deenu is caught robbing a woman. Akheraj rescues him, and he decides to become his assistant. Anant comes to treat Nimboli but Mangla stops him. Anandi is not happy seeing Mangla’s behaviour.
    02/17/2016 –
    Mangla is about to leave for Jhalra, but Nimboli stops her. Mangla requests Anandi and Kalyani to allow Nimboli to stay with her for a few days. Later, the family members bid farewell to Nimboli.
    02/18/2016 –
    Akheraj disguises himself as a saint. Mangla and Nimboli arrive at Jhalra. When Kundan sees Nimboli, he tries to act smart with her. But Pushkar intervenes and stops him.
    Mangla advises Harkhi to not follow harsh rituals. Nimboli speaks to Kalyani on the phone, but Mangla comes and snatches the phone away. Kamli gets angry on Pushkar.

    1. Where u get all those precaps????

      I guess this precaps wil continue for 1 month atleast…
      Relieved from reading updates…. Thanx….

      1. These are from Times of India…the show is not worth watching and even reading this written update is also time waster. These 2 line updates are the best to keep informed if anyone was still interested in this show. 🙂

  5. Who is Deenu????

    1. might be someone like Madhura…pops out from nowhere.

      1. hahaha !!!

  6. Stupid serial.used to be great serial once upon a time now dragging but nothing…chi chi

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