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Balika Vadhu 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi waking up in the morning and thinks she have to reach office early so as to attend the conference. She takes out clothes from wardrobe. She thinks to give the resignation letter to Mr. Mittal and says I don’t want any problems in my personal life. I wants to start afresh with Vivek ji. She wakes him and says good morning. Vivek tells the same. Saachi says she will freshen up and get breakfast and tea for him. Vivek turns and sleeps. Saachi thinks job is not important to her than Vivek and she have to make him believe this.

Gehna is drying the clothes. Niranjan comes. Gehna asks is there any work? Niranjan says yes and gives her Nandu’s note book. Gehna tells him that she shall have given notebook to Maasaa or Nandu. Niranjan tells her that Dadisaa

asked him to give the book to her. Gehna takes the books. He tells her that he wants to ask her if she agreed for marriage with her wish or someone forced her. Gehna tells him that this decision is hers. Niranjan says Maaji told me about this alliance long ago, but I refused. I thought a lot. He says I got attached to Nandu so much. I said yes to Maaji saa. I didn’t have a doubt on my decision. I came to know that you have agreed and that’s why wants to ask you. Will you be happy with me? Gehna gets tearful and thanks him for thinking about her happiness. She says don’t feel bad. I don’t know whether I will be able to accept this relation, but I assure that I will try to become a good wife. Niranjan says I can understand your words. He assures her that he will try to prove a capable father and says you can take as much time as possible as far as our relation is concerned.

Saachi brings breakfast for Vivek and finds him nowhere. She checks in bathroom and wonders where did he go? She thinks to call him and sees a letter left by him. She gets sad.

Ganga asks Dadisaa about Gehna. Dadisaa tells her that Gehna is with Niranjan in the lawn. She drinks tea. Gehna and Niranjan come there. Ganga asks him to sit and drink tea. Dadisaa tells them that she wants to talk straight and asks are you happy with this relation? Niranjan and Gehna nod in a yes. Dadisaa gives shagun to Niranjan. Niranjan refuses to accept it. Dadisaa convinces him so he takes it. Dadisaa says we have to do so much arrangements. Gehna wants a simple wedding. Niranjan supports her. Nandu comes and says he wants the wedding to be grand. Gehna tells him that she wants the wedding to be simple. Nandu says ok and hugs her.

Alok talks to Anandi and praises Ira. He tells Anandi that she went to singapore and Meenu is also going to Kolkata. Anandi says they don’t get a chance to go often. I am happy for them. Maa will meet her friend in Singapore and will attend her friends’s daughter wedding. Meenu is going to her brother’s house. Alok says Ira and Meenu needed a break. Anandi smiles. Alok says you have to take care of house responsibilities alone. Anandi says you all are with me naa. This house is mine too. Alok leaves.

Jagya is in his car and talks to Ganga. He says he will reach Jaitsar in 15-20 mins and will come home directly. Some lady comes infront of his car. Jagya puts the breaks suddenly. The lady falls on the ground. Jagya gets out from his car and asks the lady if she is injured. The lady asks him to save her and says they will kill her. She points out at the goons coming from the other way. She tells Jagya that they will kill her.

Jagya asks her to sit in his car and takes her. Jagya asks her not to get scared and asks who are they? The lady tells him that they are goons sent by her husband to kill her. Jagya asks why? What is the matter. The lady introduces herself as Sona and says she don’t know where to go and seeks help. Jagya says I will take you to Police. She refuses to go to Police and says she will die. Jagya asks her to calm down and gives her water. He agrees. He says I will take you to the staff quarters. The lady thinks it is a safest place.

Gehna talks to Bhairavi. Dadisaa comes and says she has grown up. She tells that she has a request. Gehna asks what? Dadisaa says Nandu understands you well and listens to you. You wants to marry with simplicity, but think about Niranjan. He don’t want to hurt you. This is his first marriage so don’t you want it to happen with full rituals. Gehna asks do you want it to happen grandly. Dadisaa says yes and blesses her. Gehna hugs her and gets emotional.

Jagya tells Sona that the place is safest. Sona says you don’t know my husband and the goons. Did you ever come across a person who forces his wife to become a pr*stitute. Jagya looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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