Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dancing on the song Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali. Sharmila tells Surili that mehendi ritual shall be done. Surili tells the guest that Rajni is here and will have mehendi ritual now. Maggie thinks to take revenge for insulting Balwant because of Rajni. Shaan asks can we get married without these functions. Bubbles comes and says ghost. She says this marriage can’t happen. Amrish sends her to her room. Maggie takes her wine bottle. A guest tells Rajni that mehendi will be applied to her just like haldi. Rajni applies mehendi on a woman’s face. Sharmila says Rajni doesn’t know that mehendi is applied on the hands. Shaan tells Rajni that mehendi is applied on the hands. Maggie brings the kesar milk. Sharmila thinks something is fishy. Maggie gives kesar milk

to everyone and then gives to Rajni. Kuhu comes and says she also needs kesar milk. Rajni gives her glass to Kuhu, but Maggie takes the glass back and gives it to Rajni. Everyone starts dancing. Someone takes Rajni to dance, and keeps down. Kuhu sees Rajni dancing and thinks to do something special. She looks at the glasses. Maggie says it is enough of dance, lets drink kesar milk. She turns and sees Kuhu mixing the glasses for game. Maggie gets tensed and thinks if she tells the truth then Surili will get angry. She lets everyone have the milk.

Maggie thinks nobody is acting like drunk. Gyan gives her milk glass, and asks her to drink. Maggie says she is not feeling like drinking. She throws the glass in flower pot. Surili gets influenced by the kesar milk (wine) and calls Amrish. She says your name should be Amrish Puri. She insults Amrish. Dhyan asks what happened to you? Surili says I will end your game. She slaps Gyan. Dev asks Shaan to do something. Aishwarya laughs. Amrish says it is a happy moment today and asks everyone to dance. Shaan asks them to stop and asks where is Maa? Rajni tells him that Surili is on terrace. Everyone panics. They knock on the terrace door. Shaan sends everyone to go to garden area and asks Rajni to open the door. Surili walks on the terrace railing and sings song Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna. Everyone panics as she stumbles.

Amrish asks Surili to come down. She steps her foot down. Everyone shouts. She takes back her foot and asks how to come down? Amrish asks her to come down through the stairs. Shaan gets shocked as Rajni’s battery gets low. Surili tells everyone that Amrish have selected a magician for Shaan, who is troubling them. She enacts Dharmendra’s role and address to his family. Shaan tries to energize Rajni and tells her that Maa’s life is in danger. He keeps her hand on his heart and says Shaan needs you Rajni. Rajni opens her eyes and says command accepted Shaan. Shaan is boggled. Gyan asks why she is behaving like this, and asks if there was something mixed in milk. Maggie gets tensed. Surili blames Dev for coming in their life and bringing Rajni in Shaan’s life. Shaan and Rajni come to the terrace after opening the door. Surili asks them not to come infront else she will jump. Rajni forwards her hand to hold Surili.

Surili talks to someone and tells Shaku is coming. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Haa haaa…….

  2. Hahah dramatic robot drama 😛
    I wonder who is this Shaku now 😛

  3. Rajni is my favorite..she’s the cutest robo..
    I watch this serial because of her..
    The episode was good…

  4. Rajni is too the epi.

  5. Nikita Sharma

    ridhima pandits acting is fabulous

  6. Cute and smart robot , eagerly waiting for their marriage episode ….

  7. Shraddha sharma

    Plz update today’s episode fast….

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