agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 7)

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So let’s start.
@ college.
First day at college.
There’s a big rush in the campus. The freshers are creating a rush near a the notice board. As they are checking their names on the list.
Manya and kriya have also arrived.
Mantu: let me check our names. You girls wait here there’s a big rush out there.
Kriya: but where’s rey?
Amaya: he will come. Mantu just check his name too.
Mantu: yeah ofcourse.
The girls are waiting. While the mantu is checking thwir names. He returns.
Mantu: we are all in the same class.
Amaya: great.

Kriya : good but where is rey? Till now he’s not here.
Amaya: mantu… i guess someone is missing rey a lot.
Mantu: yeah . I can see that.
Kriya: nothing like that why would i be instrested in him.
Amaya: when we said that you are intrested in him?
Mantu: yeah when did we? We just said that “someone” is missing.
Amaya: you took that someone to you. That means you are eager to see him.
Kriya: no re. I was just saying that because we will get late for class.
Amaya: its okay. I understand.
She smiles and give hifi to mantu.
Kriya: stop it guys. Lets go. (She moves)
Amaya: wait na.
Mantu: you guys carry on. I’ll wait here.
Amaya: its good idea but i messaged him.
Kriya: ohh come let’s go.
Mantu(removes his camera): wait girls. Let me take a picture.
Kriya: ohh who’s?

Mantu: of the crowd. First day na. So let me. Just 1 min.
Amaya: ohhk take it fast.
Mantu: done. By the time you speak its done also. Come let’s go.
They all enter the class. Amaya and kriya is sitting near each other while mantu is sitting behind amaya.
Mantu: this rey he’s always late.
Amaya: yeah. Usually he’s not but today?? Don’t know why.
The lecturer enters everyone greets him.
He starts with the roll. Calling out. The attendence is taken. But rey is still not present. He enters the class.
Prof: why are you late?
Rey:sir actually….
Prof: what actually…
Rey: i was been ragged by the seniors.
Prof: ohh k. Get in.
Rey comes and sits near mantu. The bell also rings. They move out of the class.
Rey: guys let’s go to the canteen.
Amaya: yeah let’s see how our canteen is.
Kriya and mantu complies.
They sit on the corner table.
Mantu: so rey. How’s your first day ragging?
Kriya: what did they ask you to do?
Amaya: chill guys. He was not ragged.

Mantu n kriya: what??!!!
Amaya: yeah. This trick was mine which he used. Right rey?
Rey: of course you are.
Amaya: when i joined hss. I used to use this trick to fool the professors. He just used it.
Rey: yeah. I was late so to enter the class i had to do this.
Mantu: and what if the professors would ask you to tell their names or identity.
Amaya: simple. Just say that you don’t want to fall in trouble by suspending the seniors.
Rey: yeah.
Amaya: rey do you remember your first day in hss?
Rey: hahaha. Yeah i remember.
Kriya and mantu curious to know.
Mantu: what had happened?
Amaya: actually i was new in the school. So no one much knew me and this school was so big so i ragged rey.
Kriya: seriously?? She laughs. Was he so innocent.
Amaya: yeah. That to he agreed to do what ever i say. For the first time i thought he would not but he did.
Rey: yeah. Then when i entered our class. I came to know she was not senior but junior.
Mantu: then?
Rey: then we became best friends. For almost a week we ragged students of different streams saying we are seniors.
Kriya: it would have been so much fun.
Mantu: poor students.

Amaya: yeah seriously. Rey was so innocent. Then he became smart staying with me.
Rey: ohh please.
Amaya: ohh k forget it.
Mantu: we are sitting here without having anything.
Kriya: yeah. Let’s get something.
Rey: wait girls let us get.
Amaya: yeah go go.
They move to the counter.
Amaya gets a call.
Amaya: i told you several times not to call me. Why the hell are you calling me? Are you insane? She cuts the call. And comes back.
Rey and mantu have come back with eatables.
Amaya: sorry guys i need to go. You guys carry on.
Kriya: going? ? Where??
Mantu: yeah where but?
Amaya: boxing practises. They are preponed. I need to go bye.
Rey: should i drop you?
Amaya hurriedly : no no bye i will go.
She goes from there.
Mantu to himself: something is wrong. Since a month i have known her. Sometimes she acts weird. She doesn’t share her problems also.
Kriya: guys there are no lectures today. So I’ll just go and come.

Rey: ohh k I’ll also go home instead of wasting my time here.
Mantu: yeah me too. I’ll go to the studio. Rey: ohhk cool then .
Kriya goes. Followed by rey.
Mantu: hey rey to which club does amaya play for?
Rey: brazer boxing club. But why?
Mantu: just like that.
They move a part .
Its evening
Mantu is waiting outside bbc( brazer boxing club) . There are only a few elderly people there. Mantu: let me go in and check. Mantu goes to the receptionist.
Mantu: is amaya gone?
Recpt: i dont know ask the coach here he’s going.
Mantu: is amaya gone sir?
Coach: you are?
Mantu: abhimanyu. Amayas friend.
Coach: i think you are mistaken. There are no practices for amaya these days. They have a break.
Mantu:ohh thank you sir. To himself: where has this girl gone? She’s not here but why is she lying? Is she alright?
He goes from there. A beautifull lake side view is shown. Mantu is walking there. No one is there. Execpt the birds coming back to their home and the cool breeze. The notices someone sitting alone. But ignores it. Then realizes the closing time in this area is 5:30 . But its already 7 . I am the only person who comes here at this time. Should i go to him? May be he doesn’t know that the closing time is 5:30. Let me inform the person.

He walks to the person: hey listen. The closing time is 5:30 . I think you are new here. The person is still lost in thoughts. Does not give a reply so mantu goes to him. He then comes to know its a girl. Who’s face is covered with her hair and her head supported by her hand.
Mantu: excuse me ma’am. The area is closed. Please leave.
The girl sees him. You??
Mantu: you are here?? Amaya where were you?
Amaya: you? I mean i told you that i have practisises. So i left.
Mantu: you are lying. Liar.
Amaya: who said i am? And by the way you are a liar.
Mantu: liar and me? Don’t tru to change the topic.
Amaya: hmmm. I am not changing.
Mantu: you had no practises. I had gone there.
Amaya: are you spying on me?
Mantu: no. We were worried. Kriya she was worried. She called you several times but you.. did not even pick her calls.
Amaya: but. I should have privacy in my life.
Mantu: my telling lies you get privacy? Then let it be. I won’t ask you any more.
He suddenly notices her hand bleeding.
Mantu: whay is this?
Amaya: nothibg while trying to hide it.
Mantu: your hand is bleeding. Show it. He drags her hand . Its badly injured. Arw you insane?
Amaya: in agust leave my hand.

Mantu removes bandage from his bag. He triea to put it. But amaya stops him. He forcefully bandages her hand. She is not in the mood of listening to anyone but for the first time she’s forced by someone.
Mantu: come now its getting late. I’ll drop you.
Amaya: no need I’ll go myself.
Mantu: i am not asking you. I am commanding you.
He drags her to the bike. She unwillingly sits. After sometime he stops the bike near a local restaurant.
Mantu: get down and come with me.
Amaya: i am not hungry.
Mantu: i know bu i am.
They sit on the chair.
Mantu: wait here I’ll just order and come.
Amaya: hmmm.
Some guys sitting on the next table passes comments on amaya. She just gets up and walks near them. The guys are happy and are still passing comments. Amaya picks a glass bottle from their table and hits it on a guys head. All are suprised by her nature.
Guy: are you insane? You fool he’s bleeding there.
Amaya: what do you dogs think of yourself. That just because i am girl i can’t hit? Or you are that man who claims himself powerful by dominating women?
The guy tries to hit amaya but to his suprise he gets a blow on his eye.
Mantu: stop it amaya. Are you trying to murder them.
Amaya: you stay out of this. She continously kicks the guys. She is not ready to listen to anyone. The people gathered are just having a galla time.
Finally amaya is stopped by mantu. Who holds her and picks her up by her waist and take her out.
Mantu: are you mad? What if they could have hit you? What do you think of yourself? They look dangerous. You are putting yourself in trouble. Why are you silent now? Speal up. I am not talking to my bike. Amaaya talk to mean. I need an answer.

He turns to look at her but finds her lying on the ground.
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  1. Read your all episode loved it
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  3. Very good but reveal the past of Amaya at least to Mantu

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  4. Todays episode was nice. Eagerly waiting for amayas secret. But no.kriyaansh scenes. I hope you will increase them.

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