Badtameez Dil 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Badtameez Dil 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,abeer asks mehar to remove dupatta from her face, mehar says no i wont, abeer says wait and sings song for her, mehar removes duppatta from her face.
6 Days to go:Mehar sees a note on mirror, saying i love u, taiji calls mehar.
5 days to go: mehar sents breakfast for abeer with heart on it, abeer looks at mehar n blows a flying kiss, mehar blows back a flying kiss.
4 days to go: abeer tries to get close to mehar n mehar runs away from him, taiji calls mehar and gives her some instructions abeer hides behind pillar and teases mehar.
3 days to go: mehar sleeping beside taiji, and video chatting with abeer, abeer singing song for her.
2 days to go: kuber says to taiji 7 days are gonna finish, taiji says yes now we have to send abeer somewhere

out and this will give us time to think what next to do, kuber says i will send him for work, taiji says will he listen, kuber says i know we aren’t doing well now but i will emotional blackmail him,taiji says very good n i will make sure that mehar n abeer never get close n never let them have a baby n this is only bcoz of mehar n her family since they are responsible for my husbands death.servant informs kuber n taiji that abeer is suffering from high fever.
Kuber taiji n madhvi with abeer, kuber calls doctor, mehar rushes to see abeer but taiji stops her n takes her out and closes the door n says mehar u take care that u don’t come close to abeer n abt his health i and madhvi will look after him u go now.mehar leaves.
Abeer feels bad, mehar n abeer video chatting, mehar says abeer go take rest, abeer says no i don’t feel like, mehar says u want anything abeer, abeer says yes u, mehar says abeer just one day, abeer says u know dad wants me to go out for work with nisar, mehar says thats good abeer but pooja, abeer says no its not important that i attend pooja, mehar says we waited 7 days just 1 day more, abeer says yes yes u don’t want me u just wanna be perfect daughter in law, mehar says abeer this is not true i miss u too n i promise when u will return u will get a sweet surprise, abeer says ok till then i will manage with a kiss so one kiss,mehar says first go finish dads work n then why one i will give u lot of kisses.
1 day to go: taiji wishes abeer luck for starting new work n says this is mehars good luck n may god give such daughter in law to everyone, kuber says enough of this abeer leave now n here is a pen for u for ur first contract sign,abeer says wow u giving me gift looks like mehar is really lucky for me, taiji says abeer stop praising mehar n take everyones blessings,abeer does so,abeer says taiji can i meet mehar, taiji says yes go take her blessings too and laughs n says go meet her, abeer walks to mehar n holds her hand n says take care, mehar says u too,abeer says bye will miss u n wispers will kiss u soon, mehar says me too n now go fast n come fast ur surpise is waiting, kuber says abeer quick or else u will miss flight, mehar says take care bye, abeer leaves mehars hand n goes.
Next day during pooja, taiji says to herself mehar u praying to spend whole life with abeer but trust me i have made all arrangements to break ur marriage.after pooja,taiji asks mehar to distribute sweets among the people in the temple,mehar takes Prasad n starts distributing it, taiji n madhvi get busy talking to panditji, madhvi n taiji come out n see mehar is missing, taiji n madhvi search for mehar.
Abeer n mehar reach home, abeer says see how quick ur husband is, mehar says taiji n ma must be worried give me ur phone let me inform them, abeer says first tell pooja done, mehar says yes, abeer hugs her, mehar says abeer someone will see leave me, abeer says no one will see us i have sent all servants out, mehar says ur work how did u come so soon, abeer says nisar is handling all there n i am here for u,abeer picks mehar n takes her to room.
Taiji searching for mehar , sees the pen kuber gifted abeer on ground.

Precap: taiji rushes home, n sees door open. Abeer n mehar get close to eachother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Taji I will kill you..superb abeer I like this serial pls don’t end..guys I heard that this serial will be telecasted on hotstar from mid oct.. It’s happy news but it should be true……

  2. amazing precap…bt i wish taiji is baar ye moment na spoil kre …nd kash BD ko koi or time slot mil jaaye bcz roz hotstar pr dekhna …nt possible

  3. Why can’t Starplus make ”mere agne mein ” to half-n-hour rather than one hour show …n telecast badtameez dil on that time

    1. Agree with divya love this serial

    2. Divya, u r absolutely right. I agree with u completely…

      1. i totaly agree with you and why do the repeat telecast of 2 pm changed?????????

  4. I can’t download hotstar app from play store(there i find that “hotstar is not available in ur country)how can I watch badtameez dil after 26th instant.Natasha,farha,riya,my friends plz help me by suggestions

  5. good idea plz send a sms to star plus

  6. Lub u very mehbeer and don’t worry Guy’s
    bd is not going off air

  7. Is it true..

    1. Yupzz swety they just shifting the time slot to 11,:00 pm

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