Badi Devrani 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bilasi alleging his shop staff Kishor that he is leaving job for Vibhor and not for money. Kalyani asks Kishor if he is leaving job for better pay or for Vibhor. He says he has whole family’s responsibility, so he needs better pay job and not leaving it for Vibhor. Kalyani wishes him all the best and he leaves. Bilasi starts shouting at him and kalyani asks him to stop making drama repeatedly. Bilasi says whatever it is he will not let Vibhor stranger take his son’s property share.Prabha asks when whole family has accepted Vibhor, then why is he stretch issue repeatedly. Bilasi yells Vibhor has not earned a paisa in life and now is using Poddar family name for his business. Vibhor says he will not use Poddar surname. Bilasi leaves. Kalyani thinks Bilasi

is a big dramebaz and may break family’s unity.

In his room, Bilasi thinks whatever he tries, he is unable to harm Vibhor. Kajal enters and brainwashes him that whole family is against him and favor Vibhor instead. He says though she is bengali, she is his bahu and not a stranger like Vibhor, he gives her permission to do whatever she likes. They have to eradicate Reeti first, then everything will sort out. He says she is right and asks her to bring him lassi and rasgulla. She leaves smirking that her plan is working.

Vibhor tells Reeti that they have a lot of work to do. Prabha enters with ganesh idol and says Vibhor his dad’s business prospered after bringing this idol and now she is giving it to him. She asks Reeti to establish it in office as she is laxmi of her hourse. vibhor asks what is he then. She says she is everything for him and gets emotional. Megha enters with her prepared jewelry design, but stops seeing Prabha. Prabha asks if she does not want to talk to her mother. Megha says she is not her mother and will never accept her as mother.

Kajal hears Kalyani’s talks standing near door. After finishing talking, Kalyani calls her and asks why was she hearing her talks. Kajal says she was not and says she came with a complaint that she favor Reeti than her and says she can take even her test to prove that she is better than Reeti. Kalyani asks if she will give exam of lying, hearing someone’s talks, proving someone wrong, etc. Kajal says hearing someone’s talk. Kalyani says did not test Reeti but was testing her belief and says she will test her later. Kajal leaves smiling. Kalyani thinks Bilasi brought a bahu exactly like him.

Reeti praises Megha’s designing skills and says what is the use now as she is getting married in 1 month. Megha asks who told it. Reeti says Prabha fixed her marriage. Megha angrily goes to Prabha’s room and asks who is she to fix her marriage. Prabha says she did not and asks why is she misbehaving with her mother. Megha repeats she is not her mother. Vibhor enters and asks why is she misbehaving with mother. Reeti says Megha is grown up now and knows how to behave. Megha says Prabha fixed her marriage without her knowledge. Prabha says she did not. Vibhor says even if it is true, she should not misbehave with his mother. Megha says she is even her mother. Prabha gets happy.

Precap: Reeti goes to Bilasi’s room and requests him to attend pooja. He drags her out of room and asks to leave. She requests again to attend pooja for family’s unity.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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