Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandhani turns to find the driver coming at a great speed she jumps and realizes that there is something wrong in her feet. The car returns but Madhiam comes and pulls her up then they follow the driver but he gets away. He takes her to a hospital where the nurse says that he has to take good care of her he gets angry and says that he does not care what happens to her because she is not her girlfriend. When the nurse leaves Nandhani asks him that what was he doing there and he says that he was going for a party and there he found her and then says that he is leaving as he is getting late for his party.
Naviya brings something for Nandhani so that she can get well. Dhruv says and makes everyone realize that they should do something for Manik because he was there childhood friend but she met him later on eve then she is doing everything she can to fulfill Manik’s dream.
Mukti and Dhruv get in a heated argument and end up leaving the place Nandhaani tries to call them but Naviya says to her to stop doing it for sometime because sometimes things are not in their hands and work better if left untouched Nandhani finds this correct and agrees to this
Nyonika throws her phone seeing this Harshad taunts her and she says that their plan to kill Nandhani failed once again. Harshad requests her to leave him out of this , Nyonika says he cannot walk out like this and if she gets caught she will take him to jail with her and her problems are his problems. He tries to walk out but she says that she has had enough and tonight he will do only what she says.
Aryaman comes and asks Nandhani as to be her okay. She says that she is fine and why did he call her there and show up. He says that he got out getting a bottle and his car got stolen so he had to chase the thief but he got away. Then the police and all of the things took a lot of time. He asks her if she is okay and she says that she is.
Madhiam is practicing in his room and Austad Mukesh comes and says that he will come tomorrow and play a traditional instrument to teach the other students. Madhiam says that he does not want to do this but Austad Mukesh does not listen and leaves.
Mukti is taking pictures of her guitar suddenly Naviya comes and says that she made a promise that she will not sell it. Suddenly Abir starts crying and Naviya is not able to make him stop crying. Mukti repeatedly shouts at her to make him stop and then when she has no choice she starts to play the guitar seeing this Naviya gets happy and when she stops Naviya makes her realize that she should not stop doing Music because it is her passion.
She goes out and starts crying saying that she wants the music back and fab5 back in her life.

Precap: Harshad comes asks Nandhani if she was in an accident last night. He then says that Aryaman’s car is red and the car that hit her was also red so it was him because he saw the same car in the parking lot of the Collage. Then everyone begins to question him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wheres manik

  2. Today’s episode was good, heart touching!!!
    feeling sad for Mukthi.
    Hope Manik will be shown soon..

  3. My madhyam !!! He is just sooo cute … N u know what plumpyy the same problem is with me also …. The exam and marks problem … My mom n bhais have warned me zillion times to stop watching ky2 but u know i just can’t … It’s my life yaar n u all too … And u know in my last exam i got 85 out of 90 in hindi… I cried like hell that day …. It was the most depressing day for me … My friends and teachers were soo frightened that why m not stopping … Let it be … It was like a nightmare …n now back on ky2

  4. K bye good night all … Tc m gonna sleep

  5. very nice epi

  6. Yeah aisha!! Its d worst nightmare!! Im not even smiling! I feel lyk i forgot hw to smile!! N d epi too…mukti ws cryin badly..n d song…i cud nt control…i too started cryin.. Actually m still cryin…my eyes paining coz of it…okay i loved d epi!! NavNi were awsm!!! Maddy!! Phirse shirtless!!! Gosh! Yuviii!!! Thnx a zillion!! U made me smile!! Agn! Ur my ultimate strngth my love!! Love u infinite yuvuuuuu!!!! Aryamann…y was he acting like dat in d precap..i dont believe harshad nor aryamann…his behaviour ws kinda weird…

    1. I agree I don’t get ariman feelings so idk what’s up with him and harshad I don’t even trust him once you never know what’s he up to but maddy was super hero today’s ep ): mukti I miss manabir were was alia today her and dhrv are adorable 🙂 #ky2lover

  7. Whatever dhruv is absolutely correct
    but I can understand mukti’s feelings too and can’t perform without manabir…… but she should also understand manik’s wish and m sure that even cabira must have wanted that only……….mukti should not run away from music its her happiness her lyf……and most importantly her solace…….

  8. And last part I was lyk ????y it happened I too want Fab 5 back…. I miss them lyk hell!!!! Those flash backs those memories of Fab 5???????mukti made me too cry…..it was such an emotional episode…. like seriously charlie di nailed it…. hats off……
    Yar milte hai pyar milte hai
    Hamko yarro nasib se
    Ek duje ki adate bante dil ko chute karib se
    Har hassi be aansu pe de de jo pehra
    Ek din kyu chale hain jate chod ke tanha
    Yeh dosti….. milti nasib se
    Yeh dosti….milti nasib se
    Yeh dosti…. milti nasib se
    Yeh dosti…. najuk hain narm hain
    Yeh dosti…. yaaro ka karm hain?????Missing Fab 5 very badly….

  9. And that jerkshad??????that blo*dy creep how can say that!!!!! I just hope that they trust aryamann especially nandu… she should trust him…… I hope nothing goes wrong…..I agree with aryamann he’s just trying to ruin their frndship……… they should believe him otherwise everything will go wrong……

  10. Hey where are my dear friends plump,pari and others. Wht is happening in this comment page. I think my mom will soon ask me to stop watching kyy. Cuz she thinks that I can’t giving attention to my study for watching kyy and always giving my attention on manan. What shall I do? But I can make mom realise that kyy is effecting bad on me.

    1. Guys guys guys, the last line was incorrect. That should be “I can make mom realise that kyy is not effecting bad on me.” I have forgotten to put “not” after “is.” Sorry for the mistake.

    2. Others???? I thought u have only two

      1. No no, I was talking about all the friends of comment pg. Everyday when I came in this pg I see many comments today there were only few comments so I asked that. And I believe that in this pg we all are friends. But This two person pari and plump are close to me than other.

      2. Ohk….. btw when did u started watching kyy??

      3. first I start watching kyy in August 2014. After one month of kyy. But I start reading written updates later.

  11. ahhh haaaaaa for me manan is my dream land wen i get tired of study and routine i watch kyy and feel freshhhhhh!!!!!!! U guyzzzzzz keep studing becoz nthng is important than it and how can u leave manan its our part no one can make manan seperate frm usss soooooo chill outtt 🙂 and keep studyyy
    miss u guyzzzzzzzzzzz i was lil busyyyy hey nash ur pari is here

  12. Hi pari ! R u an oldie …. I mean u changed ur name ?? K let it be … N guys its true no 1 is coming here like before man !!!

  13. guys i have a doubt….i thnk manik hav sent madhiam or is manik’s face hidden behind madhiam???i mean hw come he sing wth same voice, attitude all of tht???iam reallly confused

    1. Nope there’s no such track as per my info maddy is bad boy with good heart and totally opposite from manik they both have same similarity which is their voice……. and our rockstar will be shown soon………he’s not dead he’ll come soon…. as per sources…. its true

  14. shifa(shakira)

    helo guyz.where is manik

  15. Yeah pradi…yuvi has said k maddy is a bad boy wid good heart…

    1. ri88.
      i was really finding a definition 4 him

  16. I’ll miss u too nash…yep i’ll b comin here…i gotta inform my IF frnz too..god so much of work to do…anyway i hav u guyz na so m gud:)..u all r my lovelyy sweetiee cutiee frnz…i love u all a lott…cant b measured as its nt any science or watever…u need not hav brain fr dat! And and and…pradi…same halat mera…charlie di nailed it…that ws so painful..she just let her heart out…!! That screams..tears…that pain…that flashbacks…that song…m agn teary! I miss fab 5 badly…miss u fab 5 n always comes first in frndship…i hav 1 chapter n 1 poem based on music in english…that poem…d only thing in my mind ws fab 5! Music brings memories…true…agn wen i ws reading d poem..i cud remember nothin xcept fab 5…all d memories hit lyk a pang on d chest…i ws cryin…fab 5!!! ManBir!!! Manik!!! Cabirrr!!! I miss u badly!!!!!!! *So much love*…

  17. See i wrote evrythin wt i wanted to say in dat one cmnt…stupid me! Guyz do u kno that oct 3 ws krissann’s(alya) bday??? I gotta kno frm IF..

  18. shifa(shakira)

    plumpyy when u r dasara holiday strt.kyy2 rockz

  19. omg omg omg when mukti was cryng evn i felt lyk cryng :'( misng fab 5 badly..i wish cabir also cms bck widout him fab 5 z incmplt.. & guyz plz trst aryaman & frgt dat jerkshad he z such an idiotic prsn.. & last bt nt d least.. plumpy hw r u dr?

  20. shifa(shakira)

    sara!!!.kyy2 rockz

  21. gys hv u seeeen precap???ausom…manik is back..oh please it should nt be her imagination…iam sure its trueee..so aryaman knws the real truth..oh iam glad

  22. Sara!!!!!!!!!! Tu phirse aa gayiii!!!! Heheh..i miss u soo much u kno!! Oh im fine..actually super happy coz u came!!!!!! Hw r u? Evrythin’s goin well? Hw’s 8th std? I still remember ur “lolz” n sa_a…hahah…i ws fooled each tym by u…sana ek cmnt karti thi n u continued wid that…mujhe pagal banake chodi thi tu!! Heheh…love u so much sara!!!

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