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Badi Devrani 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

During jagrata pooja, Manbhari starts dancing under Bharav’s black magic’s influence. Daadi thinks she god maata/god on her. She makes Manbhari sit on chair and asks family members to touch her feet. Everyone touches her feet, but Bilasi does not and later agrees on Daadi’s insistence. Reeti this it is superstition and she will get her family out of it.

Bhairavi with Kajal enters Manbhari’s room, sees her sleeps, and throws black magic powder on her. Manbhari wakes up and says she cannot see anything. Bhairavi says she will only see what she wants to. She asks her to come and sit on chair. Manbhari sits. She asks who is she. Manbhari says she is Manbhari. She asks what is her age. Manbari says 22 years.

Servant gives Vibhor’s courier envelope

to Reeti. Reeti opens envelope, sees Vibhor and her pic and thinks he is looking very handsome. she thinks where to keep it, enters Vibhor’s room, keeps it on table and picks tape to fix it on table, but sees pic missing. Vibhor enters and says if he does not tell her anything, that does not mean she should enter his room often and asks why did she come. She shows pic under his shoes. He picks and sees it. She says it is good and some memories are forever. He keeps it on table and keeps her MBA degree next to it. She gets sad. He says her MBA degree is more memorable and says he remembers her insult even now.

Bhairvai continues her black magic on Manbhari and asks her where is she now. Manbhari says she is in her village with her parents. Bhairavi asks who are there with her. She says Prabha. Bhairavi asks what is she doing and what is happening village repeatedly. Manbhari asks her not to shake her as she become mother just now and came to village leaving her son. Bhairavi asks son or daughter. Manbhari says son. Bhairavi asks where is her son. Manbhari says she will tell some other day as jiji/prabha warned her not to. Bhairavi shows her mango and says if she tells where is her son now, she will give her 10 mangoes. Manbhari reminisces she giving birth to son and Prabha a girl and midwife telling Prabha not to get sad seeing her daughter. She gives her son to Prabha. Prabha accepts it and asks her to promise her to keep this secret to herself.

Bhairavi continues and asks Manbhari where is son now. Manbhari says she will not tell and falls unconscious. Bhairavi says now she realized that Manbhari was dancing during jagrata as she is Vibhor’s mother, not Prabha. Kajal says that means Vibhor is not poddar and is swaroopchand. Bhairavi asks her to tell slowly as they will have to use this bramhastra/weapon against poddar family to make her owner of this house.

Precap: Kajal says Reeti that her mangalsutra design is very good and asks if she can lend her to wear on her friend’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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