Badi Devrani 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi doing black magic on Vibhor and getting his fever down. Bilashi starts praising her. Daadiji sees her sweating and asks reason. She says she took Vibhor’s fever into her, so she is sweating. Bilashi continues praising her.

Bhairavi shows lemon with needles stick into it to Kajal. Kajal says she easily got family’s trust today. Bhairavi says trust is needed to defeat Reeti and make Kajal as owner of this house. Kajal asks what is this lemon for. Bhairavi says she will use black magic and kill Reeti by sticking needles into lemon and will make all family members obey Kajal. Kajal smirks.

Reeti thinks how can fever get high and down spontaneously and thinks what to do

Bilashi praises bhairavi in front of Daadi and Prabha and

says her black magic can solve any problem. Daadi says she will ask Bhairavi to do black magic on him then. Bilashi reminisces seeing Bhairavi doing black magic like a chudail/witch and coming in front of him and he promising her not to harm him and he will not come in her way in return. Bilashi gets afraid and leaves.

Reeti meets Prabha and tries to tell her what happened, but stops. Prabha thinks she wants to speak about Vibhor and says she will explain Vibhor and he will not disobey her. Bhairavi hears their conversation.

Bilashi dreams about Bhairavi’s black magic and gets up worried. He hears her chudail laugh and gets afraid. His wife gets up and asks why is he sweating. He says he is fine and says he is not afraid of anyone. He hears Bhairavi’s chudail laugh again and sleeps wearing blanket over him.

Vibhor speaks to his friend over phone and tells he is fine now. Reeti comes in and feeds him medicine. He asks her to leave. She says she will take care of him whole night. He coughs while drinking water. She wipes water from his chest and sees wound on it. He says she induced it with needle. She starts thinking, goes to her room, checks needle and sees its color changed and even some chemical on it. She reminisces Bhairavi giving it and she pricking it into Vibhor hearing landline bell and realizes that Bhairavi did this drama purposefully. She then calls doctor and describes him about needle’s color change and chemical on it and vibhor getting fever after being pricked by it. Doc says he will send medicine and she thanks him. Bhairavi hears her conversation and thinks she is more intelligent than she thought. She is a danger for her and her daughter and will make them leave this house, so before making her daughter owner of this house, she has to kill Reeti.

Precap: Bhairavi gives papaya to Prabha and says it will clear her stomach ailment and only she should eat it. Reeti hears that and thinks something is wrong.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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