Badi Devrani 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Divya tells when Antara did MBA???Reeti tells that she had email id of online tutions…Reeti tells [email protected] tells okay..Vibhor sees Reeti..Reeti tells she have some work..Reeti goes..Reeti tells her idea worked..Bilashi tells Vibhor to come he will teach how to work in shop..VIbhor comes..Bilashi tells Vibhor came and will sit in shop..From now-onwards all the money Vibhor have to pay will be cancelled..
Bilashi tells that from now-onwards Vibhor’s life is between shop and house..Vibhor tells he will do MBA..Bilashi tells is he stupid and idiot??Bilashi tells Sitaram Vihani plan is this he known..Vibhor tells Ghansham that he wanted to do MBA..Ghansham tells how Vibhor will study???Vibhor tells online..Ghansham sees Daadaji..Ghansham agrees…Vibhor gets happy

and thanks..Bilashi gets angry and tells Vibhor is stupid and his hundred mistakes will be forgiven..Ghansham tells first time Vibhor said something from heart..Daadaji tells yes Vibhor deserves atleast one chance..Bilashi tells he will not tell..Bilashi goes..Daadaji and Ghansham laughs…Reeti reads message of Vibhor saying that he dont have money to pay..Prabha comes and calls Meena..Kaushalaya tells to take help from reeti..Reeti tells she will do all the work..Kaushalaya tell let her do..Prabha tells Reeti that Vibhor’s father had fallen tea..To go clean and put this bedsheet..Reeti tells she will do it..Kaushalya tells that Prabha is not bad from heart…Anotherside Vibhor waits for the mail..Reeti bumps into Vibhor..Reeti’s phone falls..Reeti tells Vibhor to pick up as he known he is a gentlemen.Vibhor picks up and gives to Reeti…
Reeti changes the bedsheet..Reeti text Vibhor by email id [email protected] sayng that she will teach if the person is intrested..Reeti proper’s the curtain..Ghansham and Prabha comes..Reeti goes..Prabha sees the bedsheet and tells that still the bedsheet is not properly ironed..Prabha tells that still stain is there…Prabha tells that its her mistake that she gave to work to Reeti..Ghansham tells to let it be..Reeti listens and gets upset…Vibhor sends a message saying Thankyou to Reeti…Vibhor text saying “TEACHER MAM,,HE IS READY”…Payal comes and tells Reeti that Daadiji called her..Reeti tells she is coming,,Daadiji tells Prabha not to be worried As first time she gave work to Reeti and she did..Meena comes..Daadiji tells Meena gone then why she came???Kaushalaya tells that Meena wanted to go her village as its her sister daughter marriage..And want holiday for Twenty days..Meena tells she want her money..Bilashi tells twenty days holiday??Bilashi tells They will not give..Meena tells that Bilashi is Blackmailing..Meena goes..Kaushalaya tells let it be as she want holidays..Bilashi tells he will find thousand Maid Daadiji tells to bring atleast one maid..Bilashi agrees….Reeti tells she will do all the work till maid didnt came..Prabha tells she have one work..Daadiji smiles..Reeti tells what to do as Vibhor may be waiting…

Precap::VIbhor tells his mood is off because of the online teacher..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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