Badho Bahu 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

A guy brings Pragya inside Ahlawat House (lifting her in his arms). Lucky and Rana look at him pointedly as soon as he keeps her down. How did our sister fall unconscious? What did you do? How dare you bring her in your arms before everyone? Malti ji asks about Pragya. Komal stands quiet. Rana and Lucky hold the guy by his neck. Raghubir ji tells them to free him so he can atleast speak. Pinki comes just then. She is pleasantly surprised seeing Teji. Kamla ji asks her if she knows him. She nods. he is the same cousin brother I told you about. Kamla ji asks him how he found Pragya in this state. I don’t understand it. Teji shakes his head at Pinki. Pragya wakes up. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to call doc. Komal adds that she has already called doc. Raghubir ji asks Bharpayi what happened. Bharpayi

blames Komal for it. She always follows Didi even though she always tells her not to. She started running seeing Bhabhi. She came in front of the car and passed out out of fear. He (Teji) isn’t at fault. Bhabhi is to be blamed for it. Lucky questions Komal and so does Kamla ji. Thank God that Pragya is all fine. Who would have married her if anything had happened to her? Malti ji seconds her. Not everyone is like us who can bring a DIL like you. You always mess up things. Pinki too scolds Komal. Ahlawat ji tells them to wait for 2 minutes. Komal wont do anything like that intentionally. She is smart. You always blame her for everything. Raghubir ji says it is strange. No one is hearing anyone out. Everyone keeps on talking. Wil you listen to what she has to say or not? He asks Komal to speak. Komal says Pragya stays busy in studies. She does not get much time to eat. I got her lunch as she dint eat anything. She got upset seeing me and started running. Ahlawat ji says see how much she cares for you (Pragya). Pragya says I don’t like it at all. I cannot eat so early in the morning. Ahlawat ji scolds her as she might have died in the accident. Raghubir ji also seconds his brother. Have you ever seen a Bhabhi caring for her SIL? You must eat something in the morning. Change your habit. This isn’t right. Pragya agrees. Ahlawat ji and Raghubir ji thank Teji for saving their daughter. I apologize to you if you felt bad by anything that we said. Teji holds his hands. They are to bless and not to apologize. Everyone is impressed by him. Kamla ji calls Pinki and her entire family auspicious for her. She asks Bharpayi to take Teji to guest room. Get him snacks. Bharpayi nods. Kamla ji sends Pragya to her room to rest.

Raghubir ji asks everyone to sit. A while ago, Sarpanch came. He is concerned about our food storage. Mice ate whatever was left. It will take time if we wait for Government to give supplies. Why don’t we donate some? They all like his idea. Raghubir ji says this time we wont do it just like that. We will do Tula-Daan (giving equal amount of grain as of the weight of someone). This is what we did when brother got married. We have two newly married couples. We can do something similar this time. Everyone agrees. Kamla ji asks Malti ji to come. We will check how much supplies we already have. We will ask for more if something is less. Malti ji looks pointedly at Komal before going.

Teji is getting ready. He has a towel around his chest. Pragya peeks at him from the window sweetly. He calls someone saying that his purse got stolen. I need some money. His friend disconnects the call. Pragya watches him getting ready and is all shy. He calls out to her. She fumbles. He says my name is Teji. I make everyone crazy. Do you need help? She tells him his name. She gives him mosquito repellent coil. He is highly confused. Pragya rambles on and excuses herself. She hits her head reproaching herself for not finding any sensible topic to talk to him about.

Bharpayi cleans kitchen. She tells Komal she has cleaned kitchen and has kept food separately. Komal checks the bowls. Malti ji comes there. This Tula-Daan is more like insulting my family!

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to note down everyone’s name and weight. We will take out equal amount of grains then. Pinki checks her weight and cries. Rana asks her if she is fine. Why are you crying? She complains that she has gained weight. Everyone smiles. Rana tells her not to worry. You can grow fat but you will always be like an angel of my choice. Kamla ji teases him. Rana and Lucky check their weight too. Malti ji taunts Komal seeing Lucky’s weight. He has lost weight since he got married. Lucky looks at Komal.

Rana and Lucky go from there. Kamla ji asks Komal to check her weight too. Komal stands on the machine. Kamla ji’s eyes widen in shock. I am speechless. You should see and note down. She starts laughing. Get everything out as per everyone’s weight. We have no time. Malti ji agrees. Everyone leaves for their rooms except malti ji. malti ji wonders why her husband had to do Tula-Daan. We were mocked at at home today. Tomorrow entire village will see. Hope it would have happened after Lucky had left for Chennai. She follows Komal to kitchen. You wont eat anything till Tula-Daan ceremony happens. Komal says it is tomorrow evening. I will have to eat everything. Malti ji points out that her weight will be checked before entire village.

Precap: Kamla ji tells Komal and Pinki to get the grains out. Komal does all hard work herself. She tries drinking something but Bharpayi stops her. Chachi has told me not to let you eat or drink anything. Lucky sees them. Komal finds the sofa (of her room) full of Lucky’s stuff. Should I sleep on the bed then? She sits on the bed. Lucky turns in his sleep and keeps his hand on her lap. She looks at him lovingly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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