Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi goes to temple. She says I am sorry God I have to give you this food but I have to do this to teach abeer a lesson.
Abeer says what is this? This is so heavy. I can’t have this. Khushi says I had to make it in a hurry I will make what you like from tomorrow. Pratpa says eat it Abeer. Abeer eats the breakfast. He starts coughing. He says it is so spicy. Kamini gives him water. Pratap says Khushi rub his back. Khushi does that. Kamini says he doesn’t eat spicy. Khushi says parathas are good with spicy. I will remember from tomorrow. I and papa eat spicy. Abeer says but I can’t eat this. Khushi says this is my first cooking. You have to eat it. It’s ritual. I will never forgive myself if you don’t eat this. pratap says abeer eat it. Abeer has to eat it. Abeer leaves after eating. Pratap gives Khushi money and says this is a ritual because you cooked first time. Your papa called and he wanted you and abeer to come there. I think he is really missing. You should go. Khushi says okay.

Abeer comes in room and says blo*dy.. Khushi says you will feel more spicy. He says where are you going? Khushi says I am going to my dad’s. He says you are not going anywhere. I am your husband. She says you are not God. I am not your property I can do whatever I want. Abeer pulls her hand. Aber says you have started arguing a lot. You won’t go. Khushi says your word isn’t an order for me. My name is Khushi but I came to bring sadness in your life. If you want to live peacefully let me go. Choice is yours.

Kamini says where are you going? Pratpa says why do you even come here Kamini? Your son is happy in his life why you come here to be insulted every day. Don’t say you like the breakfast here. From tomorrow I will send you a parcel but don’t come here. Abeer says dad please at least in front of us don’t talk to mom like this. Khushi is going to her place. Pratap says you will go with her. Abeer says come one dad. Pratap says it’s a ritual. Khushi says is there a problem in going with me? He says yes. Abeer syas dad you asked me to be serious in life that is why I want to go to office today. Pratpa says you will start working? Abeer says if you want me to go with Khushi I will do that too. Khushi says no you should go to office I will go myself. Pratap says I would love to see him working. But he will do the rituals too. After office he will come to your place. pratpa says see her off ot the ca.r

Khushi says for your dad you can go once to office as well. He says you gave me this 100 Rs in cafe. It would be sufficient for your auto ride. Khushi says I will be more happy to take this note. You don’t earn I don’t want to spend your dad’s money. So this is what you earned. It will be sufficient for me.

Precap-Pratap says abeer where were you? Abeer says i was at travel agent’s. I wanted to take Khushi on honeymoon. Pratap says here is 20 lacs cheque.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Asmita...

    What happen to Kartik…

    Why this yuvraj from tashan e ishq is with survi

    1. Cuteprincess

      hey I think you missed a few episodes…

  2. Survi died tht’s her daughter khushi who lived with her mentally ill father karthik now married to abeer(yuvi)

  3. Asmita leap huya Hai jis me ruhi ki death ho gyi and ab yeh khushi Hai jo ruhi ki beti Hai and Kartik khushi ke papa Hai or khushi ki shadi abeer se ho gyi jo new entry Hai

  4. Zain Imam always has a evil mom in the shows

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