Badho Bahu 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boys and girls dance on Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna. Lucky leads them. He points at Marjorie during the song but Pinki mistakes it to be for her. She also joins him for the dance. Rana cannot take his eyes off her. Komal smiles shyly to herself. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end.

Kamla ji asks ladies to play dholak. She pulls Payal for a dance. I know you are most excited about it. Kamla ji almost trips while dancing. Ahlawat ji and Raghubir ji smile. Payal dances merrily on Ye Galiyan Ye Chaubara. Komal and her family get emotional including Payal. Jamuna ji hugs her daughter. Environment gets all emotional. Payal tries to hide her tears. Malti ji asks Marjorie to dance too. It is Indian wedding. Marjorie shakes her head. Malti ji makes Payal pull Marjorie for a dance. Marjorie dances on

Bole Chudiyan. Lucky watches her mesmerised. Everyone is impressed to see her dance nicely on Indian song following lyrics perfectly. Lucky’s friend asks Lucky what he will d now. Lucky says I will come back wearing sehra only. You just wait and watch now. He dances on Tennu Leke Mai Jawanga. Pinki feels all shy thinking it to be for her (Pinki and Marjorie are standing together which is why the confusion).

Rana imagines him dancing with Pinki on Tumhe jo maine dekha. His friend shouts in the end as Rana was about to kiss him. Rana steps back startled.

Payal asks Malti ji to dance this time. She objects saying this isn’t the age to dance but Payal insists. Raghubir ji dances around Malti ji on O Meri Zohrein Zabin. Kamla ji and Ahlawat ji are dancing as well next to the romantic couple.

Lucky notices Marjorie missing from there. He leaves. Pinki follows him. Rana watches her leaving too. Pinki stops Lucky. I want to talk to you about something important. She shares that something is written on her hand. I want you to read it. She feels shy as she lifts her hand. Lucky leaves from there upon noticing Marjorie heading in another direction. Pinki holds her hand up. I love you is written on her hand. She is taken aback to see Rana in Lucky’s place while he is pleasantly surprised. She rubs mehendi over his face and stomps off angrily. Rana turns while touching his face and notices Hanuman ji’s photo. He immediately folds his hands in apology.

Vardaan sits down next to his mother. Malti ji tells them to see Komal all they want today. She will leave for her home tomorrow. Jamuna ji shares an emotional moment with Komal on Sajan Ji Ghar Aaye (mother-daughter duo part). Lucky joins everyone downstairs. Viren enters. Everyone dances merrily around Komal and Viren. Marjorie and Lucky leave.

Lucky asks Marjorie to come. I have a big surprise for you. She asks him why he brought her here. He says you are my best friend. I told you I will tell you the day I find the girl I like. I will propose her today. She asks him about the girl. Mere haath me plays as he checks himself out before telling her. He kneels down before Marjorie and proposes her. I love you Marjorie. She is stunned. She keeps her hand on his shoulder. I cannot do this. Lucky gets heartbroken. Marjorie says we are just good friends. I never thought of you that ways. We are good friends. I am sorry I don’t love you. I am sorry if anything I ever did made you feel that ways but I have no such feelings for you. I should leave. Sad song plays in the background as she walks out of the room. Lucky stares at the ring in shock. Tears well up in his eyes (very nicely emoted).

Next morning, Komal comes to the practise area. Raghubir ji joins her while she prays. Komal apologizes to Raghubir ji. Such a big problem came on your house because of Vardaan and me. He denies. There is no problem. God has another name – Sankatmochan. Sankatmochan takes care of every problem and pain of his true devotees. Wrestling is not a game. You are wrong to think that ways. It is a way to live life. Wrestling tells you all that you need to live life. Strength is not to defeat everyone. It is to help the needy. We should be able to challenge those who do wrong. I am proud of Lucky for accepting Zalim Singh’s challenge. He sends Pappu to call Lucky. Komal is concerned for Lucky as Zalim Singh is very clever. I wont forgive myself if anything happen to Lucky because of him. Raghubir ji reasons that they are following the right path. Why worry then? Leave everything to God. She nods and prays to God to save them.

Precap: Zalim Singh comes for the wrestling match but Lucky is not there. Zalim Singh says your son ran away like a coward. This medal does not suit your place anymore. He is about to take it off from the wall when Raghubir ji tells him to stop. My sons are not here but it does not mean that their father cannot fight! Raghubir ji and Zalim Singh look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks pooja di for the updates. Your updates are always nice and the extra efforts you take to write things in brackets…i appreciate that. It is equivalent to watching the soap.
    woah! waiting for precap. Raghubir ji is so supporting and sporting…both 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton dear. I am glad u like it 🙂

  2. hey….me new here…nice episode…waiting for cmng episds

    1. Welcome on board Sumi 🙂

  3. Pooja di ur updates r so fab always r u di

    1. Pooja

      Thank you sooooo much Samyukta 🙂 I am doing great…u tell.

      1. I’m also fine di ur update r always superb hamesha

      2. Pooja

        awww…thats so sweet of you to say 🙂 your comments are equally good to ready you know 😛

      3. ??????????

  4. Thanks for recap. I like this drama so much. When i see the wedding rites, make remember my etnich custom. We have similiar thinks like dancing and singing in wedding ceremony.

    When i see relationship betwen Payal and Badho, i feel happy. In many serial, description about relationship betwen sister in law and youngsister in law always bad. In this serial i knew that Payal love her husband sister. She fell happy in Badho wedding ceremony. Its so cute

    I like Prince’s acting. His acting in this episode was natural.

  5. Prince u r awesome . in this epi when marjorie says no to lucky I was like how can she do this . I was feeling very very bad . after some time I realise oh it’s just a serial . prince u r doing great job .

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