Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raja wakes up in the bed to find Bindu with him. Rani comes calling him, and meets Bari Rani Maa. Rani tells her she doesn’t want to speak to her. Bari Rani Maa boasts no one has ever been able to cross her. Rani stops her saying her parents and Dadu couldn’t win over her because they only watched her over as an elder, but she foresee her as an old tree who can’t stop the ways of newer streams. She pushes Bari Rani Maa. Raja comes downstairs, Rani runs towards him and cries hugging him. Raja doesn’t hug back. Rani apologizes Raja, as she was punishing him for the mistakes he never committed. Raja stood upset. Rani says she has now understood her love, and can’t live without him. She boasts he only belongs to her and hugs him. Bindu had come to the staircase wrapped in the sheet. Rani asks him to be his wife again, and demands her mangal sooter back. Raja was unable to speak. Amrita says she will get her mangal sooter back, it’s a right of a wife and Raja would return this right to her in front of everyone. She asks him to get her daughter in law back home tomorrow, she hugs them both as they have already taken many testimonies. Rano holds Raja’s hand behind Amrita, but he withdraws it wondering how he must tell Rani what mistake he has committed.
In the room, Raja shatters a bottle. Bindu comes to insist that Raja still loves her. Raja says he only loves Rani and watches the broken bottle with blood all over the floor. He takes the attention of Bindu to her hurt foot and removes the glass of her feet. Raja apologizes for what happened, and wish it hadn’t. He considered her Rani while drunk, he was clueless about how it happened and he committed a huge mistake. Bindu smiles about the success of her plan. Raja joins his hands to Bindu as he doesn’t love her. Bindu questions till when he would name their love as friendship, she has handed everything in his hands. Raja pushes her away, he is ashamed for what happened but he only loves Rani. He doesn’t know how he would share this with Rani, and leaves the room.
In the store room, Raja hurts himself with a hunter. He curses himself for betraying Rani and calls himself a sinner. He has ruined three lives, himself, Rani and Bindu. He won’t be able to hide this truth from Rani anymore.
In the morning, Rani opens the door to Raja and notices him upset. Raja was about to speak when Meenu comes to greet Raja. Rani calls him inside, and wasn’t ready to listen to him. Raaj Mata comes with the aarti thaal, while Amrita was also there. Raja wish this smoke could make everything better. Rani forwards her hand for her right, and reminds him of her mangal sooter. She asks if he has forgotten. Meenu teases that she must be thankful he only forgot the mangal sooter. Amrita hands him an envelope, it contained two tickets so that they can get away from all the tensions of palace. Raaj Mata tells Raja that Rana ji and Gayatri also went here for their first vacation.
Gayatri tells Raja to go now, Amrita would stay with her until he returns to take her in the evening. She calls him from behind, reminding to bring mangal sooter.
In the palace, Raja comes to Bindu and cheers watching him. Raja holds her back, joins his hands to apologize again. He kneels down and wants her not to ruin three lives because of a single night. Bindu inquires what would happen to her. She grabs his collar saying she can neither forget him nor last night. Bindu cries in the room when Bari Rani maa comes in advising Bindu to go to any extent to get her love.

PRECAP: At Raaj Mata’s house, Rani asks Raja to tell everyone that Bindu is lying and making up to create distances between them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i just read the update i dont have any controll on myself otherwise i gonna hit my t.v………..badest track writter if u want to end the show then simply do it na,,,,,,y u r putting crap in the stroy to decrease its veiwers……..really sad………waste of time to watch etretr……… 🙁 🙁

    1. i think now rani also have to seduce jeevan equality is equality ahhhhhh……….if raja romance 2 girls then y rani cant do top in this tooo go rani i think its your turn now………

      totally disgusting……….
      now rani will b vengefull hope she will too romance jeevan nothing left now everything is done in a walking distance of rani …………towards rajmehal

    2. Totally agree. I think they have totally corrupted the story! Very bad writing. Have decided that I have had enough of this! Goodbye to ETRETR!

    3. i really missing jeevan alot…………………………

  2. Rishti

    so nothing happened at night!!!? it’s all bindu plan to separate Raja and Rani..in spoilers they said viewers can see some ram leela..I thought it’s raja and rani.but they shows raja and bindu? really it’s disgusting…

  3. indera sanichara

    Writers why don’t someone kill that old hag Bar Rani Maa she out live one generation already and she is still destroying so many lives. We want to see her gone please. Rani forgive Raja and put a hard slap on Bindu that she must remember all her life.

    1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahaahahahhahhahhahhahahahah yes bari rani maa is eternal i think no one can kill bari rani maa……… lolxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Rishti

    now I’m going to re write this story
    Raja wakes up in the bed and surprised too see rani beside him and think of yesterday moment with bindhu how could she came in middle he sit clueless suddenly rani wakes up smilingly and wishes Raja good morning as raja in deep thought he doesn’t respond rani shakes up little then raja came into senses and sees her questioningly

  5. Rishti

    back to yesterday scene
    lovely sensually touches raja but he dreams about rani and murmurs her name.Before that received qualified advices from raja mata ,Rani planning to meet raja so she entry into the room through window?( she is brave girl na) and see bindhu seducing raja and hearing raja calling her name tears fell down from her eyes .she shouts bindhu turns shockingly she gave tight slap for being with her husband and pulling bindhu out of the room

    1. hahahahahah rani dress was of red color in raja imagination and in real rani was in green and white ………..all the blo*dy hell is done…………in the show nothing left….

  6. Rishti

    Rani then go near to raja care ness his cheeks and removes his shoes makes him to sleep properly while sleeping unknowingly he grab rani hand and confess I love to her.she overwhelmed by his love and planted a kiss on his forehead while doing so he hugged her more tightly she simply resting her Head on his chest ( that grip is so tight she cannot came out of it added that she didn’t want to came out).flash back ends???

  7. Rishti

    Raja is much delighted hearing from her and they both duo do nok jok .

  8. Disgusting Poor rani???

  9. what writters think raja emotinal scene will change veiwers mind no way ridiculous mistake by writter…………hate yaar really hate all this mess

  10. Rishti

    chill guys!! it’s just a story if they wouldn’t write well,we people make a new story line.?

  11. Rishti

    in pre cap
    raja and rani go to honey moon

  12. I hope raja slap bindu

  13. I am very, very upset. Goodness gracious!! I am very, very convinced nothing happened last night between Raja and that horrid Bindu. Nothing happened. It is an evil scheme of Bindu to make Raja feel that something happened so as to cause further conflict between him and Rani and break them up so she can get him. Damn!! I want to slap Bindi so hard. Writers, for goodness sake please correct this soon. Let the truth come out that nothing happened and Bindu is caught out as a liar and evil schemer and then they throw her out of the palace. Please, I can’t take this anymore. Ok….folks …let us be calm…(deep breaths, deep breaths…) nothing happened last night. Raja’s drink was spiked. He passed out and Bindu simply make it look as if something happened. Writers….again…correct this….preferably by tomorrow, please. Don’t send up our blood pressure! Life is too fragile.

    1. Rishti

      Jess just cool yaar!! we all know final touch raja and rani unite.

    2. Lol.??…..I know but still..gosh…you know, it’s so annoying to have to look at that.

  14. Rishti

    if you people are okay with it!! I will write a new story line for you friends I can’t assure you it’s is too good.but it’s just a chance..

  15. awful i cannot believe that finally after a good episode they put this crap in
    i cant be bothered to watch this anymore writers are awful need to be fired not the actors
    why do thay have to show bindu a woman be so awful and jump on men
    if i was that actress i would have refused the story line

  16. I believe nothing happened between Raja and Bindu, she just want Raja to feel that he slept with her so that he doesn’t go away from her. Nevertheless, she is a wretched young lady, shameless, without scruples. How low can she go? Writers, you all need to be slapped, by all of us in this forum, collectively. Can’t you all understand , we DONT want anyone near of perfect couple….we certainly don’t want another Rageshwari in the picture!!! Soooo…..i also add my anger and dismay at tonight’s episode. So shameless Bindu is, she came down with the bed sheets, just so that others can see. I hope she doesn’t say that she is pregnant in a few weeks time!!!!!

    1. Well said. I agree

  17. I’m seeing a new side to Rani these days. Her temperament has changed because she’s wounded inside and this is what is fuelling the fire. I salute the tone she used to snap at the wrinkled prune……and another thing, what the hell is wrong with badiranima, spying on people in intimate positions? Like I said in the past, writers were supposed to find a man for her, preferably the gardener, to put some romance in her life, if she fancy herself sitting on the throne after all these years, why can’t you writers do that? I’m sure when the storyline dip below at times, this scenario will keep us viewing ,we wouldn’t be bored. Sigh…….

    1. Lol….good one ???

  18. bc pagal writer zlad hi show band kar doge.zladi ye track change karo aur raja rani ko unite karo

  19. guys another bad news raja going to ditch rani and goes to honeymoon with a mystery girl . what the hell is happening .

    1. If this is true what you said, not good. Isn’t this story supposed to be about Rani finding out about her parents murderers and prosecuting them with her grandmother’s guidance? If this happens to be the direction the writers intend to go at this point in the serial, why was so much emphasis placed on keeping Rani in the dark for all this time? They could have just said that her parents met their deaths and although it was rightfully wrong, she will have to carve her own story, her own destiny and then carry the story forward.
      Writers going to take forever to allow Rani to take revenge for her parents death!!!! Does she have to see her husband romancing other women in order for her to learn to use a sword? It would be so nice to remain with the settings of the same era and not venture too much into modernization, in this way the crisp background would remain intact and that’s the charm of this serial as it is. When I saw the promo for this serial back then in season one, my daughter looked at me and said, I know you are going to look at this serial! True, I have enjoyed all periodic serials of eras gone by and I don’t want this one to leave me dissapointed.

  20. Stop immoral twist Bindu and Raja, ETRETR is Raja -Rani, or bay bay.

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