Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera wakes up hearing alarm sounds and sees his father ready in front of him and then whole family. She says let us go and get marks card. Servant says lunch is ready. Meera realizes it is already afternoon and says nobody can stop hunger and sleep. Dad gives her marks card and she sadly says 32%.

Daadi sees Rekha applying makeup repeatedly instead of helping family arrange things and loudly asks Mona that people are coming to watch her mother. Rekha yells. Balraj says he is still alive. Daadi says then why is he still standing instead of arranging things to greet girl’s family, it is better she would have gone with Ramraj to see girl. Babli says she will accompany her.

Rohan and Mona select clothes for Abhishek and reject all clothes, saying they want bade

bhaiya to look best. Abhhishek selects same clothes and says he will look best

Meera says only 32% and imagines sister and then dad scolding her and each family member’s reaction, thinks she will write screen script today. She goes to dad and says she can hear her scolding. He says he did not tell anything. She says he must be worried about family lineage and gives water to relax. She says sister Ria that she thinks she should become teacher, but she wakes up in the afternoon, then how will student study, if she can become doctor without studying. She then says mom must be thinking of getting her married.

Pant family gets ready and waits for girl’s family eagerly. Their tu tu mai mai starts. Panditji brings girl and family. Pant family starts introducing themselves. Madhu says she is Abhishek’s elder chachi. Ramraj says he is elder chacha, Balraj is younger one, and introduces daadi. Family starts tutu mai mai again to sit on sofas. Abhishek handles situation. Girl asks if he handles situation like this always. Dad says it is elder’s given sanskaar. He asks where is Abhishek’s father. Rohan says he eloped. Babli from balcony says she is mother. Girl’s mom asks daadi that panditji told she has 4 sons. Rohan says even he escaped. Daadi says he jokes. and says her elder son Yograj stays in other city and comes often.

Meera’s mom says she will find a boy for Meera and get her married soon. Meera says she needs time. Ria says she told them Meera is not yet ready for marriage, what will she tell her friends that her sister got 32% marks. Meera says she will tell them. Dad says she wanted to do bakery, then cookery, interior designing, open NGO, then many other plans, he will be happy if she opens even PCO, when will she have a stable plan. Meera says she has decided to marry. Ria says again confusion and walks from there. Meera tells dad that she has made up her mind about marriage.

Precap: Girl’s dad tells Abhishek that he will agree for marriage only if he leaves Pant family. Meera says she is going to Devpur.

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