Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


At rajat’s house, dhai ja comes to rajat. Rajat asks about cady. Dhai ja says she has cried and slept. Rajat feels bad that priya isnt comfortable with him. Dhai ja says rajat to give priya some time. Rajat feels bad that priya has shared her feelings with ram but not with him. Dhai ja explains that priya & ram are wife and husband and they has love between them. And 3rd person shouldnt get involved in between wife & husband. So he should give some space to priya. Rajat agrees. At Vikram’s place, door bell rings and vikram opens the door. Drunk rehan thanks vikram for giving bail for him and ignoring rahul. Vikram clears rehan that rahul’s life has got shattered after he has come into their life. Vikram throws rehan out and shuts the door. At kapoor mansion, ram, soumya and reshab will be having breakfast. Aayesha thinks soumya is complaining ram. So aayesha gives explanation but ram doesnt understand. Soumya and reshab asks him not to bother aayesha’s words. Ram asks soumya whether pihu has slept well or not. Soumya and aayesha says yes. At vikram’s place, vikram and his 2 kids will be having breakfast. The kids will be asking for rahul but vikram gets irritated and yells on them. Neha comes there and defends the kids. The kids leave angrily. Vikram hurts neha with his words saying not to come there if she is getting hurt with his words & kid’s behavior. Vikram leaves and neha remains glum.

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Priya wonders that aayesha can scold khush. And asks soumya to tell about this to some one at home. soumya feels bad that pihu has got scared with this. Priya says yes pihu hasnt looked all this and she is very sensitive. Soumya says aayesha never behaves well with khush. Aayesha doesnt cares of him. Priya feels bad for khush. Priya thinks of talking to aayesha once. soumya says aayesha has no feelings for her as sister as she isnt leaving kapoor mansion though she has come back. Priya agrees. Priya thinks of talking to pihu and explain the situation properly. Priya asks soumya to take care of pihu & khush all time. As ram cant be with them all time. Soumya assures that she would take care of both the kids. Priya thinks of going to school and talk to pihu.

At rajat’s breakfast, rajat tries to cheer up cady. Rajat says they would go for a movie in the evening. Cady has no reaction. Rajat pulls cady’s legs that 2 guys are falling for her and she should feel proud. Cady leaves. Rajat feels bad that he doesnt know how to talk to girls. Dhai ja asks rajat not to worry and she would take care of it. At aayesha’s room, aayesha will be in hyper about soumya that she is provoking ram against her. Mama ji tries to explain that she should take care of khush for a safe place in kapoor mansion. Aayesha will be confident that pihu will never complaint ram about her. Aayesha says she has a wonderful plan. Mama ji says not to use her brain. Mama ji leaves when aayesha insults him not to bother her.

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At ram’s office, neha comes to ram. Neha asks ram to be her friend as well. Ram says he is friend of both. Neha will be confused about rahul and rehan. Ram says they are in anger right now. They should get involved in some work to forget these angers. About vikram she should give some space to him. Neha gets hyper and asks why he is bothered about the past now. Ram says why these ladies doesnt bother about past. And again ram leaves this. Priya in her flat, Priya thinks aayesha isnt doing the right thing. And she should explain pihu about the situation in kapoor mansion. But before that she should meet ram and later she should talk to pihu. Priya thinks of handling this matter carefully.

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