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Hi all. Fatarajo aka RANDOMFAN here. Some may know me, some may not. I am going to write a story on my current fav ongoing hindi show which is Baazigar. And yeah my fav changes over time 😛 I have this story for Baazigar in my mind for quite a long time but I am quite confused.

The thing is that I am not sure that should I make it a fan fiction or a one shot. And don’t worry whatever it is it will be different from the ongoing track, it will have some similarities with the current Track but the storyline will be completely different from the current one.

But I am confused that should I make it a one shot or fan fiction. If I make it a fan fiction it will be of 5-10 episodes (will be based on no. Of comments) . If I make it a one shot it will be quite a long one, and I may also take time to publish and I may get late also.

Here is the promo for the one shot or fan fiction.
A guy in suit is shown sitting on the bench. And he is none other than successful business typhoon Arav Trivedi. Two person is talking about love and Arav sees this who seems to be expressionless and it is outside an NGO and he says love? and He looks on until he sees something which makes him smile. A girl is shown wearing a yellow Saree, and she is playing with the kids. She is Arundhati. Arav comes to Arundhati and looks on at her lovingly. Arundhati looks.
Later, it is shown Arav and Arundhati happily getting married and taking rounds and just then the fire extinguishes. Arundhati is stunned, and Arav composes her that nothing will happen. Just then Arav gets a call and he is stunned. And he quickly runs and leaves Arundhati’s hand. Arundhati looks on more surprised.

What is this twist in Arav and Arundhati’s marriage? What actually happened?

I hope you all liked the promo. It may seem similar to the actual show but believe me, it will be not the case.Do tell me what should I make it a fan fiction or one shot. If more wants one shot then one shot, if fan fiction then fan fiction. But if very less people or no one comment I will make it a one shot only.

And if I make it fan fiction I Will publish the intro next Friday, 29th July as I am free after that and if I will make it a one shot I will publish it after 6th or 11th August as my one shot is quite long. I know that you all maybe thinking why am I slow , this is because I write 3 more fan fictions. But I really wanna write a story for Baazigar as this story was in my mind for quite a long time , the time the show began and I started watching it.

Please do comment to help me out and feel free to express your opinions. Thank you 🙂

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Will make it an os only will publish on 11 aug night or 12 aug morning

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