Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 65 (last epi)

Hi guys!!okay I’m so sorry but this will be my last episode,because they say that u need to be a registered member to continue from first August..n I can’t seem to register so here goes the love letter to all of u..
Dear,all didis and bhaiya’s thank u for reading and supporting me in all my 65 episodes,this being my 65 th episode..its been a great pleasure to receive such beautiful comments from people like you,and all those who I know from the start,Tanya,jo,bhoomi,nita,ayushi and so on..so thank u so much and I’ll miss u!!but I will still be reading and commenting on your amazing ff’s..

The episode starts with dev hesitantly telling sonakshi that she has alzhimers..
Dev:*holding her shoulders*sona sab teek kardunga..
Sona:mudje marne de..yehi meri last wish hai..
Dev:sona tum kistara ki baatein karreheho?huh?tume Kuch nehe hoga I promise..
Sona:I’m only telling the truth dev..it’s better u leave me now..than..later..
Dev:I’m not leaving u anywhere..
Sona:fine..I will go by myself..
Dev:sona!tume kya Hua?
Sona:dev,im facing the reality which we should have understood many years ago..
Dev:sonakshi can u not be so dumb and listen?
Dev is shocked as well as sona..
Sona:you called me dumb?really?i have an IQ of 146 godammit..146 and I’m dumb?tumi ekdum impossible!
Dev:no no Sona I didn’t mean that..
Sona:I’m leaving..
As she says this she packs her bag and leaves..as dev bends down.
Sona:dev,mudje contact math karna..agar call ki aur Maine nehe utayi,to samajna main margayi..
Dev assumes that Sona has come to the Bose house and rushes there.
Asha opens the door..
Asha:dev?kya Hua bache?why did Sona cry?

Dev :sona yehi aagayi?
Asha:ha par..why was she crying?

Dev:sonakshi has alzhimers and she feels she is gg to die so we had a fight over that..
Sona comes out..

Dev:dev?tum yaha?just get out!

Asha:Shona ki holo?yeh tumara pati hai..
Sona:pati?kis Tara ki?jo apni beewi ko dumb

Asha:beta he didn’t mean that..
Sona:how do u know?aap wo nehe the na..

Asha:par beta I know…
Sona:aap dev ko bohot jaanthi ho Ma..usise
Shaadi Karo na!

Dev:sona is this the way u talk to ur Mom?
Sona:oh please dev tu mudje math sikha!
Dev:tu?u always call me aap?

Sona:the world won’t explode if I call u tum for one day!
Dev:sona why r u reacting like this?

Sona:think for your self dev dixit..akadu!get lost!
2 months later..
Dev meets Sona(collides on the road)
Sona has shaved her head…
Dev:sonakshi?jaan,Jaan..tumare Baal?
Sona:mr dixit?pls don’t call me Jaan!who are u to me?
Sona:get out of my way,I need to go home..
Dev tries to stop her but she dosent stop.

8 months later..
Sonakshi is rushed to the hospital..
Dixit and Bose family rush.
He barges in..
She is lying unconscious…
Dev:sona!why did u even leave me?
Sona dosent reply.
Suddenly the line which goes up and down goes straight and the peep peep sound comes..
Dr:kya Hua mr dev?
Dev:sonakshi?straight line?
Dr checks her pulse and announces that sonakshi died..
Heartbroken,the two families promise to never keep in touch with eachother again..
Asha and bijoy lost sona..and ishwari lost dev..dev was alive..but only physically..as sona’s body and dev walk in different directions,Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(sad plays)..

-the end-

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