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Baazigar 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padma seeing all the family members unconscious. She says wow Aarav, you played a good trick. She hears Aarav’s car horn and acts to be asleep. Aarav comes and wakes up everyone by sprinkling water spray on them. He asks them to get up, if they all sleep like this, who will dance in my baraat. Kailash says my head is heavy, don’t know what happened. Padma says I think your son did some mischief, Aarav mixed something in the milk. Aarav asks her if you know truth, why are you asking. She thinks its good I did not drink it. He says just you understand me. Aarav’s mum says we don’t have time, we got late for baraat. Aarav says baraat went and came back, how could I miss mahurat. She asks what, and bidaai? He says bahu has come. She asks where is she. He calls out Arundhati to

come and take blessings of her Saas and Sasur. Someone wearing a red bridal dress comes there.

Aru cries. Ashwin pacifies her. Aru recalls Aarav’s words and cries. Tanvi and others taunt Aru as her marriage broke up. Ashwin scolds them and says relatives support in such time. Kailash asks how could you go without parents and family. Aarav asks him to first do his bahu’s mu dikhai, and then he can scold as much as he wants. Aarav’s mum lights the ghunghat. They all get shocked seeing some man. Aarav says my wife got changed, and laughs. Kailash asks where is Arundhati. Aarav says at her home. Kailash scolds him for crossing limits today. He takes a mobile to call Arundhati’s family. Aarav calls out Mr. Kailashnath, why are you all shocked, this is his name right, Mr. Kailashnath….. He says plan changed a bit, I broke the marriage. They all get shocked. Kailash asks broke marriage? Aarav announces it again. Padma smiles.

Ashwin says Aru is my pride and respect. Tanvi says but, your self esteem has…. Ashwin says Aru did not hear a word against you. Tanvi says don’t feel bad, that guy said Aru is responsible for all this, maybe something happened. Aru says Aarav is not like this, I don’t understand why did he do this. Ashwin asks her to come.

Kailash asks Aarav what is this nonsense, I wish it would be better if I was childless, seeing your cheap deed. Aarav falls to his feet and says forgive me, actually even Mr. Bachchan did not say this emotional dialogue in K3G. He laughs and says you know how much I m scared of you. Kailash says I know, I left all my dreams, I regret that you got a nice girl like Arundhati, and even then you could not change, you did not do right with Arundhati and her family. Aarav says its destiny, ups and downs, its not in our hands, think your son broke marriage, your name in society got down, what will you answer the people, was there any problem in your son or Arundhati, and keep your anger for better times. Kailash fumes. Aarav says good night, do whatever you want to do, have food and leave. He goes.

Ashwin asks Renuka to take Aru inside, I will go to Aarav’s house, I have to talk to him, they ruined our respect. Aru’s mum says I will come along, even I have many questions. Renuka consoles Aru.

A guy Rishi comes there and greets Kailash. He says Mama ji, I got to know, I will talk to Aarav. Padma says Rishi, its good you came. Rishi says Maa, I will manage. Aarav’s Dadi asks him did Aarav say anything to you. Rishi says no Nani Maa, no one can know whats in his heart. Rishi goes to Aarav and knocks the door, asking him to open the door. He says lets talk, please. Aarav opens the door. Rishi asks what am I hearing. Aarav says I don’t owe an explanation to anyone, how was your Thailand trip, I think you enjoyed. Rishi asks whats the problem between you and Bhabhi. Aarav asks when did she become Bhabhi. Rishi says we believed her a part of this family. Aarav says oh, that’s a problem, she can be my Bhabhi, and your wife. Rishi stops him and says shame on you. Padma and Aarav’s mum looks on. Aarav asks Rishi to stay as younger brother, and not try to become elder one. Padma asks Aarav is Rishi troubling you, they don’t know it happens whats destined. She makes Aarav ready.

Aarav’s mum says you loved Arundhati, why did you do this Aarav. Aarav says wow, beta and pyaar in one sentence, shall I call you my stepmum, or my father’s second wife, this son and love do not look good from you, please just….. Padma says they want to know why did you do this, tell them.

They see the news, about the strange baraat, Aarav stays in news by his behavior. Aarav asks them to see highlights and news if they missed everything. Padma, Rishi and Aarav’s mum get shocked. Kailash comes there and says I don’t know the reason why you broke marriage, I just know you did a bad thing to break marriage, and you proved to everyone that I could not become a good father. Aarav says chill, I knew this since childhood. Kailash says enough, I won’t let you do more mistakes, you will come with me, apologize to Bharadwaj and marry Arundhati in same mandap, till this is done, you can’t get away from my eyes. Aarav says wow, you have great confidence, when you did second marriage, did you ask me? Then why shall I answer your questions? Aarav’s mum stops Kailash. Aarav says like father, like son, if you keep me locked at home, don’t worry, you take this tension about these 25 kgs drugs, the headlines will be Kailash’s house had 25kgs drugs. They get shocked.

Aarav says someone has given the bill to Narcotics department half an hour before, all the best. Kailash fumes and throws the packet. Rishi tastes it and says Mama ji, its sugar. Kailash says maybe Aarav forgot I m his father in relation.

Aru is still crying and recalls Aarav’s love. Hamari adhuri kahani………….plays……………

Arundhati’s parents go to talk to Padma. Padma says now his mood has changed, and insults them. Aarav tells someone that he did this to teach a lesson to Aru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Vatsal u r too good well I saw vatsal in ek Hasina thi that time I found him ok ok never expected he will do such a great job here. I think Arav did this for revenge and he is a little pagal like who sells his mansion to buy a ring for the girl you are gonna cheat on? Interesting show.

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