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Mastaangi 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anaita almost faints and Veer asks if she remembers anything and she says there are some memories of me chasing Karan for a long time since the previous last time, don’t know how old these memories are. Veer asks if she feels good about it and she says No because he never looked at me once and remembers when Karan told her that he loved Udita. She says that she could bear it all and didn’t like to kill the two of them. Veer tells her to relax and think about something good, any good memory and recalls when she first met Veer and he took her scarf, and all their memories together of fighting and arguing. Veer asks if she remembers anything and as she smiles she says Yes and says You. She says that you are an idiot, and I like such idiots you keep me happy and do always things for others. Veer holds

her and asks if she wants to die and she says No I want to live such moments again and be with you and falls asleep on his hand.
Bhaya drops Ria and she starts walking she sees something on the ground, it’s a photo of Anaita. Zubair is standing behind her and says that it’s Anushka, covers her in a piece of cloth and says that she took your life in the previous lifetime and will kill you again and kidnaps her.
Sohani and Jignesh are happy to see Anaita propose to Veer and Sohani says that Anaita proposed in such a way that it didn’t look like a proposal. Jignesh asks when she is going to propose to him and Sohani looks angrily at him and asks of what he said and Jignesh says that I was talking about Veer and Anaita and says that how Veer will propose to Anaita. Veer comes and says that say what you want to say to me. Jignesh changes the topic and asks of what the drug is, Veer says that it’s a truth serum and he wanted to use it on IRS but he got away so I tried it on your friend. He says that sometimes it good to talk to yourself. Sohani says that by doing so Anaita told you all about her feelings and he says that don’t pull my leg now. They see Anaita get up and Veer heads back to the room, Sohani says that Love is in the air and Jignesh says that your superman is here Shushu. The high five but Sohani slaps him for calling him Shushsu.
Karan is with Bhabi and says that I did wrong I should have gone to drop Ria, but what could I do Anaita would have been there and I would have lost control. Bhabi says that girl so much for you and you can’t control your anger. Karan agrees and decides to call Ria but she doesn’t answer and Karan says that she always picks my phone on a half call but is not answering. Bhaya comes and Karan asks if Ria said anything when he dropped her and Rajiv says she didn’t say a word and Karan decides to go and meet.
Jignesh is waiting on the couch and says that where are you Sohani and why are you taking so much time. Sohani comes and says that I was getting coffee and asks him to drink some, he says that I will drink poison if you give it to me. He tries to give her a kiss and Sohani bumps him and some of coffee falls. Jignesh apologizes and Sohani says that drink it and tell what you were saying and Jignesh mentions a summary of what has happened in the last week and says that my head is hurting with all these twists. Sohani says that I know it’s a secret but won’t tell you, he asks of what she is talking about and she says that I won’t tell you that I have placed truth serum in your coffee.
Bhabi says to Rajiv that he is so worried and yet is going after Ria, Rajiv says that what poor guy Ria did so much for him and he got mad at her for such a small thing. I have no problem in dropping Ria but he should have come with me. Bhabi says that he is not mad at Ria while Rajiv says that it is not about talking look how he reacted. Bhabi says that Karan has gone and will apologize to Ria but she is worried about Karan confronting Anaita and things getting worse while Rajiv tells her to calm down.
Jignesh is asking for water and asks of why he is thirsty and she says that you have already drank four glass of water. He asks of why she is recording this and she says that I can’t tell you that I am recording your statement. She asks of what he likes in her and after a pause he says your photographs, she asks if he likes her eyes or jawline and he says I like the baby fat on your face. She asks about her dressing sense and he says that is very loud. She asks if he likes her upgraded fashionable phone camera, he nods no as she doesn’t know how to access it. She asks of what he likes in her photos and he says your silence while Jignesh says that you told me to tell the truth.
Veer wakes Anaita up using a water spray and says that I know a lot about you and you told me yourself. Anaita asks of he knows and he says it’s none of your business, Anaita says I told and it’s none of my business. Anaita says that let it go as I know what I have told you and that is that you are an over smart, stubborn and an idiot person. Veer laughs and Anaita asks of what he gave to her and Veer says poison, Anaita says that if it was poison I would have been dead by now and Veer says that you are dead you are a ghost. Anaita says I wish, she goes to the window and says that the person I loved the most I took his life and Veer says that you are egoistic and Anaita says that I hate myself. Veer says that I know who you love now and she looks at him asking of what he knows.
Jignesh comes in and says that we annoyed you so much but you love Veer Sir so much that, Anaita says that what are you saying and Sohani says you said it yourself only for Veer. Anaita says that she would never say such a thing while Veer says that stop as she would start saying that she needs to suicide. Anaita says Yes, I have to die you picked me from the terrace and gave me drink and I don’t know what I said, the truth is that I killed the two of them I don’t deserve to live and should die. Veer holds her by the color and says enough if you want to die than go as I won’t come to save you again and again, that was a different lifetime a new life has been given to you fix all of this. It’s easy to die like a coward but a true fighter is that who lives and fights problem.

Precap: Zubair says to Ria that you are wearing the nuclear bomb which has motion sensors and if you go 6 yards from this place, then boom.

Update Credit to: Sona

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