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The Episode starts with Nikumbh asking Yamini not to be afraid and fail her mind which is scaring her. She says but all tasks were different, but this. He says trust me, you can do this too. She says I can’t do this. He tells her a story of his childhood, he has a locked room in his Dharamshala and mum said it has a witch in that room, my ball went in and no one dared to bring it. He says he opened the lock and went in to take the ball. He says then…….. relax nothing will happen. He ties her a cloth on her eyes. She asks are you mad. He says less then you, you trusted me and came without telling family, so just trust me. He says then the truth was out, there was no witch in that room, it was a storeroom, mum used to say that to stop me.

He says I was afraid of that witch all the time, but when

the truth came out, I lost my fear, we make fear, fear does not scare us, we scared ourselves. He says we are going to do the task now. You have few items here, you have to find me. He hides. She removes the ribbon and asks where are you. I can’t find out, I m afraid of darkness. She goes ahead looking for him and he follows her talking to her. Everyone are in the room. Nawab Sahab says I thought the guy is smart, but this time he crossed the limit. Azam says yes, I will call him. Nikumbh says don’t worry, everything is fine here. Yamini is very scared, so we have to do this task.

Shaheen tells Azam what is Nikumbh doing, why can’t you stop him. Azam says am I in traffic. Nikumbh guides Yamini to go straight and towards the room. Yamini says no Nikumbh, come back, I can’t do this, I want to go home. Dadi waits for Yamini. Yamini says Nikumbh you are doing wrong, you are troubling me. He says you can do it, take right from here. She goes somewhere else and he runs after her. She starts crying and says Nikumbh I m afraid, where are you. She comes in the storeroom. Nikumbh asks where is she. Yamini calls for help.

She sees a skeleton and shouts. Azam says don’t force me, I can’t interfere in Nikumbh’s work, I can’t go. Shaheen says will you do this if I was there instead Yamini. Azam says no, this task is important for Nikumbh. Yamini asks Dadi to come and take her, and cries. Nikumbh asks Yamini is she fine. The narrator says Nikumbh has crossed the limit, Yamini is scared of darkness, this night is test for them. Their friendship will be strong from tomorrow. Nikumbh asks where is she, I coming to take you.

She says help me. He says don’t worry, I m coming. Nikumbh falls and his leg gets hurt. She says please on the lights. Azam waits for Nikumbh’s call. He says what Nikumbh does, Shaheen scolds me for that. He is happy as Jamal says Shaheen likes you. Nikumbh says fine, I m ending this task. He walks towards the switch board and thinks about her. He holds his head and …………….

He stops hearing she is in storeroom. He says good, follow what I say. He says trust me, you can do it. He says I trust you Nikumbh, you tell me the way, I will do it. She says I can see old things here and shouts seeing a black car. He asks her to find the way out herself. She asks how. He says try to understand, you have to find the way. She thinks of her dad who always controlled her. Raghavendra used to shut her in darkness to punish her for going against him. Nikumbh encourages her. She shouts enough. She says I will find the way and win over my fears. Nikumbh smiles.

Nikumbh sees Yamini coming and smiles. She says I can do this, I can become Shakuntala. He is shocked to see her walking towards the empty space where she can fall. He comes to her and stops her. She hugs him and he holds her. Ruke ruke se hum hai………….plays………….. He moves away from her. They look at each other. Baawre…………….plays……….

Yamini says she wants to thank Nikumbh for what he did for her. She buys with Shaheen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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